New idea-Get rid of A2A rocket pods entirely

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  1. And like I explained in my post, which you have conveniently ignored...

    Any good pilot knows how to counter A2A.
  2. Bursters, nough said...
  3. I would like for you to explain to me how countering A2A is easier than countering a chain gun. Its a lot easier to dodge chain gun bullets than the lock of an A2A missile.
  4. This is incorrect on so many levels, I shall try to address them:

    You say the deciding factor in a dog fight is going to be the secondary, no - if you are a half decent shot with your rotary - there won't be time for A2A.

    You say that dog fighting isn't just following each other, and it's possible to both be facing each other - if you have put yourself in this situation, you deserve to be shot down, regardless of the weapon used.

    You say the only thing that an ESF pilot with A2A missiles can't kill easily is heavy armour, that is exactly the point - they have given up that privilege in order to help clear up the skies. And remember, to a good pilot - that's all A2A missiles are, a little bit of extra help in the right situation - the TTK on the rotary dominates that off the A2A.

    Fact is: A2A gives me a big flashing 'Lock-on' sign that lets me know i'm being tailed, and gives me 7-8 seconds to rectify that situation.

    I will get no warning if a pilot has got behind me, if he is using his rotary (and has a decent shot)
  5. Ok how long until duder gets forum banned for that one. I'm guessing it will be very long.

    And hard.
  6. Situational awareness and safe flying would eliminate 90% of the deaths you suffer from A2A

    By safe flying, I mean that with flares, you should have 7-8 seconds after being locked and fired upon, to react to the potential threat, soalways make sure you have an LOS that is going to take less than 8 seconds to get to, and use. The quicker you get to the LOS, the more time you have to start a 360 turn to find and evade the threat. (Though really it should only have to be a 180 degree turn, because you should have a good idea of what is in front of you)

    Things like BIO labs are THE best LOS to use, because not only can you go around, you can go under, and if you are a skilled flyer, you can do some crazy manoeuvres to immediately lose your tail. The amount of times i've taken some moron who insists on trying to lock me on a trip through the bottom a bio lab, and see him suicide, is literally countless.

    Even if you are in a chase against someone else, and you get locked, you should always have, in the back of your mind, an emergency escape plan. Constantly assess your surroundings, big open areas are dangerous and the more open the area, the bigger risk you are taking.

    When it comes to situational awareness, things like flying on the front lines are very useful, because the chances of something coming from behind are drastically smaller, flying in enemy territory is very dangerous, not only because of the amount of potential danger, but the fact you are going to have no idea what direction that danger is coming from.
    Another good example of situational awareness is remembering your surroundings, if you are getting locked onto, make a split-second scan to see if the target is in front of you, by process of elimination - if he isn't in front of you, there's a very good chance he is behind you - so react accordingly.

    Although really, I can give you all the tips in the world, but experience trumps it all - soon you should pick it up just by natural reaction.

    Yes you will get caught out every so often, and like I say, that's usually by a coordinated team using A2A together. But by using situational awareness, safe flying and above all staying calm - you drastically reduce the chances of getting caught out.
  7. Alright show me your so called EASY dodge tatics video I WANT TO SEE YOU DOWN somebody with lock-ons...when they can do decent piloting without lock ons yourself and getting the jump on them. Even fight one V one. You use the rockets yourself thats why you don't want them gone.
    watch at 1:19:30 I kill a mossy with one hand and there was nothing he could do. default controls.
  8. 1. Fully certed it barely takes any time to lock and fire an A2A there is plenty of time.

    2. If you don't know how to fly backwards, you can't dog fight very well, and shouldn't be commenting on this forum post.

    3. Having aircraft kill heavy armor is just redundant, you already have all kinds of **** to take down heavy armor, but the only other effective way to kill air is Burster Maxs

    4. 7-8 if your at lvl -25 on the certifications.... its more like 4 seconds at no upgrades. if you can manage to sneak up on another ESF and do half its dmg in 4 seconds(EDIT: with a chain gun), the other ESF deserves to die because he is a *******. Before you will see the lock on sign, you will hear the ship, which you can hear without the A2A missiles.

  9. I almost broke my jaw from the yawn this post induced.
  10. I can only explain the theory behind my flying, my FPS is very bumpy in-game so recording really isn't an option for me.
    Would love to make a video, but my framerate is not exactly ideal, recording is impossible.

    Props on taking down the Mossy with one hand, he was a very bad pilot - if you mean the one that crashed? or the one that tried to go face-to-face with you?

    The guy who crashed was very bad, mostly evident by the crashing :p But he could have humped that bridge all night long to break your locks, and come straight back at you with rotary, killing you while you got one missile off.

    The guy who went face-to-face, like I said, if oyu put yourself in that position in the air, you are taking a HUGE risk, no matter what gun anybody is using.

    The main thing I do NOT understand is, you are clearly a good pilot, you are avoiding locks, dodging locks, LOS'ing locks - albeit you are still flying very dangerously - you are clearly capable of reliably avoiding lock-on A2A missiles yourself, yet you are so against them?
  11. 1. Flares avoid lock-ons for 5 seconds. So ok more like 6-7 seconds in total to react, give or take missile travel time.

    2. I know perfectly well how to fly backwards, but I would never ever ever do it against someone who i know a) has A2A missiles and b) I have the slightest chance of out-manoeuvring them. The whole point of dogfighting is to never give the opponent an opportunity to shoot at me, or at least drastically reduce his chance to shoot me until I can turn the situation to my advantage. Going face-to-face is asking for trouble.

    3. Well that's your opinion I guess, I like the idea of ground-pounding (although would prefer it in the form of bombs, but that's a whole 'nother debate)

    4. Explained in point one, flares give you an outright immunity to lock-ons for 5 seconds. And if you need to be close enough to someone that they can hear you, in order to take your shot, you're not doing it right ;) Edit to expand on my point: In those 6-7 seconds of immunity, you can be damn sure I will be hugging the closest LOS and will break those locks until you finally decide to 'come at me bro' and that will be the make or break moment, for both of us.
  12. I hate seeing skill-less ******** in my games which is EXACTLY what this is, and two pilots who know backwards maneuver the lock-it rockets will win EVERY TIME... and its the kill after the bridge that I'm talking about its a bit after what I said. I don't mean ground lock ons btw those are balanced.
  13. You'd be amazed how many people don't take these simple things into consideration, for most people (by your yawn, I assume you are one of them) it is just second nature.
  14. Like I say, if you put yourself in a face-2-face situation in the air, you are asking for trouble - but to expand on that...

    Say we are both in the backwards manoeuvre, the scenario would go as follows:

    You lock-on, fire, I flare - altogether 2-3 seconds of time for me to unload my first clip, and after those 2-3 seconds it takes you to lock and fire, you switch. Already I have the upper hand in the situation.

    In a world where we both are absolutely perfect shots, my rotary has just absolutely trumped your missiles - probably before you fired your second missile. Edit: This is the perfect example of Skill > skill-less.

    Now at different ranges, this is obviously different. The further away it is, the more the missile will have the advantage because aiming at longer ranges is of course more difficult with the rotary. And thus, it is a situational weapon used by people who want a slight advantage in certain situations in A2A combat.

    I really don't see the problem.

    But like I say, face-2-face is just outright dangerous and should only be done if:
    a) left with no other choice (rare)
    b) you know you will win
  15. First, I'd like to say, that I was a bit to agressive with my previous responses, nothing personal mate, just irritated by the issue.

    In response to the hearing thing: I guess that comes down to your setup, but personally, I've always heard my enemies engine before they shot, and when I take dmg without hearing an engine that tells me that its ground to air.

    I don't think I've been completely accurate with what I mean, so lets create a scenario, I have A2A, you don't. When I'm locking on, as you said, you would pop flares and head straight for the nearest LOS, and would not attempt to return fire. This puts me in a great position, I have complete control, and if there is another friendly ESF in the area, you're as good as dead. So when I lock on to you, either a) you are forced back into a defensive position, giving me the advantage, or B) your effective HP is lowered to half, because I have one garenteed rocket before you can get in a position to fire on me, giving me the advantage. Lets say YOU engage ME, then commence your average dogfight, maybe you get a couple rockets in there, but I'm not an idiot and would try my best not to give you that opportunity. So this basically gets back to why I think the weapon is an issue, its not a game of "Who's the better pilot" Its a game of whether or not I get lock.
  16. This assumes that you both spotted each other in a face-to-face situation, which, by following your rules of safe flying, is extremely rare. As far as backwards manuvers go, I only brought it up because you seemed to think that you could only do very specific things in the air, and I was pointing out that its much more dynamic than you might think, I was wrong, you seem to know what you're talking about.
  17. I just watched it - and lo-and-behold, the guy did NOTHING to evade the lock-ons, except pathetic slight movements. He was also out in the middle of nowhere, flying like a total lunatic leaving himself with no options, he was caught with his pants down, he put himself in a very bad situation, so you're right he couldn't do anything against you... but that's not because of the A2A, it's because he is **** lol

    But he wouldn't have been able to do anything against you if you had shot him down with main gun, and ironically the TTK would be quicker, you were close enough to kill him with one clip - and you know it, giving him even less time to react.

    While it is very funny you doing it one-handed, and it does show the lack of skill involved in A2A, the fact is, A2A is easy to use because it really isn't all that good against a pilot who knows what he's doing, as you actually proved yourself lol
  18. Rocket Pod spamers are crying because there's something that can actually prevent them from farming ground targets.

    Get over it, everything has a counter. If you've decided to grab a weapon that's effective against ground targets then you'll be at a disadvantage when facing someone that decided to grab an anti-air weapon.

    Homing missiles are the only effective ESF counter in the game right now.
  19. Sure, they're great for picking off suicide divers but those libs and hovering ESFs with rocketpods can drop bombs from high altitude all day without worrying about bursters.
  20. Which is why its completely ridiculous to put them on ESFs, but that's off topic, we've actually been discussing this in this thread, if you would like to make an input of any value, please do so. Don't be the typical: "I LIKE THIS WEAPON YOU ARE JUST CRY BABY CAUSE I'M BETTER THAN YOU". That gets us no where, actually think about it please.

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