Next Double Cash Day?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Raynef, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Raynef

    I had a friend tell me that he read somewhere that SOE tries to hold atleast one double day a month and at the most two triple days a year. Never really got a hard confirm on it but he managed to guess 2 cash days and the amounts right. Just was curious what was justifiable for those type of events, I've been sitting on 60 dollars of SC cash unredeemed for 2months and slowly running out of weapon/unlocks to use them on.

    I don't need a exact date just possible days/holidays that revolve around such events. ie. Christmas/Black friday. I could have sworn new years or valentines day would have had some silly working into the game. Any help is appreciated
  2. Gary

    Unfortunately we cannot find out out when the next one is... You could expect one at national holidays, Christmas, Easter specials etc. However they are not a guaranteed. The Devs have been known to tweet things that hint towards them but no official word is given until every close to the actual event.

    Looking over previous years they also change when events are held so Valentines this year held no special event, next year it could!

    Just need to keep waiting unfortunately.
  3. evansra

    I am going to use this as a vent for my gripes about a few things.

    1, Double and triple SC sales are bad! as it stands i want to support this game but will never spend another penny because i feel riped off if i pay 3X what somone else pays. in game discounts fair enough but overall i think prices should be lowered at the POS, i know the devs have no control over this but god damn this game could be huge.

    2, The idea of releasing a new weapon OP so people will buy it then nerfing it a month later makes many unhappy customers, especialy with the trial system, how can you test somthing that will not alwase work that way?(i understand in this game things have to change but i can only see obvious mistakes getting by you to be "corected later".

    Thats my 2 cents, peace
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  4. Fallout10mm

    May 27th looks like the next possible station cash day.
  5. Gary

    1. Sales happen everywhere in the world. No difference to a digital sale then a 70% of sale in a shop. You either get lucky with your purchase time or you hold out for the sales like people do every year. Hold out like a lot of players who want to invest are doing and wait for the sale! Then buy in bulk! You can still invest and get the most for your money! I would also be willing to wager a 2x sale will be before the 3x sale so impatient people use the codes they have on that and then buy more at the 3x sale! :p

    2. Anyone who plays MMO's knows not to invest into a newly released item, They have not been prone to Live testing and are probably not as balanced as the Devs once thought. They are most likely going to be changed. You can invest to take advantage of this state if you wish or wait to see what happens with the weapon.

    Also the trial system locks a weapon for 30 days after that you can trial it again to see how it performs.The VR room is around the corner literally due out very soon! This will allow you try any weapon you want, with any attachments and cert investments you want without paying a penny and you can try them and test them out as long as you want! All certifications will be unlocked to the max rank even for suits and abilities, Weapons and vehicles!

    You also agreed to the fact SOE an and will change things for balance and other reasons and this does not entitle you to a refund. You agreed to this and a no refund policy in order to play. This does not mean no refunds are ever given, They are understanding and in some situations refunds may be awarded but everything is on a case by case basis.

    They are listening and doing what they can to help out :)
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  6. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Just keep watching for announcements. Next promo will be posted in advance!
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  7. Gary

    Updated the Bug inbox btw, got a query about VPN's I understand your Inbox gets spammed quite a bit so just letting you know in hope of a response before i try the next step :)
  8. Shasbot

    Probably Easter. That's all anyone can say.
  9. Bungee

    Im going to guess the next double station cash day will be 1 week after you give up waiting and buy them at normal rate.
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  10. Desann

    all I know is I have been waiting since the last one in December. I will be buying a SC card when I see that 2x-3x day.

    And I agree, prices should be lowered on everything. I will not pay $5 for a camo kit, not gunna happen. Or $7 for a decoration on a vehicle. MICRO-SALES!!! If things were $.50-$1, I know I would buy more. I wait until things go on sale to buy them.
  11. Kastrenzo

    so it's doubles now? no triples?

    I missed out on the december one because I was broke, spent almost every penny I had on Christmas, and a new computer that dented me like $3000

    I've been getting by on single SC Cards since Xmas, I can only ever afford to buy like one gun or item every couple weeks, and my VS and especially NC characters are in need of some new stuff
  12. Bucketnate

    I would happily take one of those off of you :)
  13. Kastrenzo

    I'll never support the Maggot NC war effort

    Plus Community Sucks.
  14. Andy79

    Since it seems to be impossible to buy a physical station cash card in europe, a purchase with creditcard has to be made here I guess ? Sigh I hate entrusting CC details to the internet.
  15. Nintyuk

    The thing that annoys me more is the fact that Currency conversion isn't calculated right for buying SC. If I could buy SC in dollars I would be spending £1.22 less per 1000sc E.G. 1000sc is $2 more in the UK. That just makes me even more reluctant to buy SC when it's not on sale.
  16. Amanirism

    If you're Dutch, you can pay by iDeal I think. Also, I think there was a way to pay with Steam Wallet cash.
  17. Ronin Oni

    Easter, Independence day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Xmas are all sale times. There's a couple other holidays they will do specials for as well.

    More than likely we'll see a 2x (not 3x) for Easter.

    To anyone hating on the "sales system".... have patience. Standard SC price is only for people who can't wait.
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  18. PaperPlanes

    There has basically been double SC since early February with people selling the Nvidia codes on ebay. Most of them sell for the same value as double SC, just this morning I snagged 2500 SC for 12 dollars.
  19. Ronin Oni

    Hold onto those codes a couple weeks and get (probably... they could get a bone stuck up somewhere and not do a deal for some reason :p ) 5000 SC on/around Easter.
  20. Adamar09

    [quote="Kastrenzo, post: 1372593, member: 55624"and a new computer that dented me like $3000[/quote]

    There's no way to say this without sounding like a ******, but whatever. If you're buying a ridiculously overkill computer that leaves you broke, considering holding back next time?

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