[BUG] No resources gained when alt tabbed out of the game....

Discussion in 'Gameplay Bugs' started by Talizzar, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. No clue why but I guess the timer gets messed up when the game is not the primary application on the screen?

    Is this by design or what?
  2. I had not noticed I often tab out and read forums and stuff while capping bases that are totally unopposed :S guess I could have been missing out.
  3. How you manage to Alt Tab out of PS2 and run Firefox/Chrome properly is beyond me. I can hardly open up Windows Media Player without lagging.

    I would assume it's by design, otherwise you would get people sitting in their warpgate for hours on end, every so often going into ps2 to fill up their C4/Tank mines.
  4. As often as I tab out of the game, I honestly don't pay any attention to resources... maybe this is why sometimes it won't AFK kick me as well?
  5. There is an idle kick.
  6. Well you're not missing much.
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  7. I would assume said person would have, say, a 5 minute timer to go back and press the spacebar.
    I have actually thought about trying it, as I find it ridiculous (and understandable) how it takes so much time to get 7.5 blocks of C4. But, apparently it doesn't work.

    Also, epic name. Wish I'd thought of that.
  8. By having a good computer ? I have an i7 @ 4GHz with 12 GB of RAM and there is no problem running multiple software along PS2 and alt-tab at will.

    The main thing here is to have enough RAM to not provoke paging.
  9. That would explain it. I'm running 4GB of RAM atm, and since PS2 requires 3.7gb -/+ It's pretty used up.
  10. I run PS2 windowed and read the forums while derping around and doing guard duty with my Prowler.
  11. I've also seen resources not add when looking at the stats window via the tab key. Have only verified this on infantry resources.
  12. I concurr.
  13. I've noticed infantry also doesn't increment while on the map screen.
  14. while this is an issue, i do have a question.

    why should you be earning resources while AFG? (away from game)
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