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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Shehadi, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Shehadi

    I have a 12 month membership, and on the turn of the month I have not received the 500 station cash. Does it appear in my account after exactly 30 days? or am I just being ripped off here due to some glitch
  2. Gary

    Do you have your subscription set to automatically renew? If no then you will not receive any station cash. The 500sc per month is bonus for auto renewing.

    If this is the case you could contact support and see about reattaching a bank card. (set a calendar date on your pc 2 days before it is due to be billed again so if you stop playing you know to cancel) This might allow you to get the station cash again.

    If you have it set to auto renew then contact support anyway to find a solution. You can contact the support team with the link in my signature
  3. Shehadi

    im sure I set it to auto bill but just in case, I really have to contact customer support to fix it?
  4. Seron

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the game came out on the 20th of november. This was also the first day you were able to buy a Membership (at least i think), so you're still a couple days away from your 500 SC.
  5. Shehadi

    so it doesnt start at the beginning of the month? everry 30 days?..because if this is true I can rest easy. People however have been telling me that you get it on the turn of every month, not every 30 days
  6. Shehadi

    and to add to it no customer support has responded to the ticket in the link! If I could just talk to a support specialist or something, or any employee for that matter
  7. Gary

    You could try sending a personal message to one of the TSR-reps. You can identify them on the forums by the RED names. If you provide them with a Ticket reference number i'm sure they will be more then happy to help you. However as with any contact with support you will have to wait in queue for your turn.

    If i remember correctly i myself got the 500sc at the beginning as soon as i registered for the monthly Membership Plan. I have it set to auto renew but have a warning on the PC calendar a few days before and on the day before the membership is set to auto renew in case i change my mind or simply stop playing but forget to unsubscribe.
  8. JonboyX

    I subbed on the 19th (a day early) and got my first 500SC immediately when I logged in game - on top of my Alpha Squad SC.
    I'm expecting the next 500SC to come in when the next monthly billing cycle would go through - i.e. probably the 19th December.

    I'm on a 6 month sub; but I'm expecting it to come through on the same date each month as this is their 'carrot' to keep you from switching off auto-renew. tbh - it's a dishonest practice as they're just hoping you forget, but no different I don't suppose from gym memberships etc.
  9. Kurreah

    You will get it on the date that you started the membership each month. Not every 30 days, because not every month is 30 days, and not at the beginning of the month.

    So if you started your membership on the 20th November, you will get your SC on the 20th of each month.
  10. Shehadi

  11. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    If something goes horribly awry and you don't receive your monthly Station Cash, submit a ticket thru our support system and PM me the incident # so I can take a look.
  12. Shehadi

    I may have just been wrong if you really do give station cash on a specific date and nnot at the beginning of every month
  13. Illtempered

    Can anybody else corroborate this? I subbed before the 20th of November, by about a week if I remember correctly. I subbed for 12 months, but as of yet, have only received SC for purchasing Alpha Squad.
  14. Seron

    after reading this on their support pages i'm not sure anymore. I myself am on a 12 month premium membership started the 20th of november (launch date) and haven't see any SC except the 500 sc at the start of the membership

    Can Support please clarify this? Are we suppose to write tickets because we didnt get the 500 sc at the start of december or is it suppose to come in on the day you started membership?
  15. Gary

    I have not recieved my monthly station cash yet but im assuming its because of this...

    1. Game was released 1 month ago but not at this time. I think it was around 6 or 7 on the evening.
    2. This means you still have your 1 month membership active till around that time unless your purchased it after
    3. CHecking my account information did indeed confirm i am still on my first month.

    Now for those who did not get station cash in novembert when you started your membership be absolutely certain you allowed for auto renewal..

    Regarding your concerns about If you purchased a recurring membership you will receive your monthly allotment of Station Cash immediately, and thereafter at the beginning of every month of membership you purchased. For example, if you purchased a recurring 3-month membership, you will receive 500 SC at once, another 500 at the beginning of the second month, and another 500 at the beginning of the third.This means if on the moment your purchased your membership you did not receive you 500sc You should open a ticket to get the bottom of it.

    Regarding your issue about only receiving your first 500sc wait until around 8pm or 9pm tonight and if you have not received your second lot contact them via a support ticket!. Currently you have not received your second lot of station cash because you are still on your first month of membership. You purchased this at the earliest of around 6pm i think on release day. If i check my account it says i will be billed today. When that changes i should get the 500sc :). You can check your account info at the following link

    If it turns out you need to make a support ticket you will find a link in my signature. :) Hope this cleared some stuff up for you!
  16. Seron

    ah, thx for checking that, Gary.

    Ill wait for it to appear later then :)

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