"On the first day of christmas..."

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  1. On the first day of christmas the Vanu gave to me.....
  2. One beamer beaming.
  3. a huge rocket pod nerf
    auto high ping kick
    Anti hack systems
    Lashers for my Vanu MAX
    Skyguards that dont suck
    Base turrets that can win 1vs1 against a tank
    A decent tailgun for my liberator
    A faction smart enough to realize you have to take down generators before you cap the points @ a biolab
  4. Two Prowlers prowling.
  5. On the 12th day of Christmas Vanu gave to me...
    12 nades a-bouncing
    11 Medics rezzing
    10 Flashes crashing
    9 Novas pulsing
    8 Comets flying
    7 Pulsars blazing
    6 Parsecs whistling
    5 Airborne TANKS!!!!
    4 Plasma pods
    3 Sundys
    2 Burster arms
    and a box of some D batteries.

    PS: NC and TR get coal.
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  6. Continuing from Shadestrike:
    Three Bolt Drivers
  7. Four Reavers Reaving
  8. Five Auraxian 'Nades
  9. NICE!
  10. on the first day of christmas i touched myself....and every day after that sooo.
  12. Six light assaults assaulting.
  13. My own little na-nite treeeeeee
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  14. G1n

    I stole from a beggar.
  15. 12 rocket pods
    11 sniper rifles
    10 ESFs
    9 magriders
    8 engineer turrets
    7 grenade spammers
    6 team killers
    5 Lock-on Rockets!!!!!1
    4 aimbotters
    3 burning flashes
    2 C4
    and a stalemate at the Crown.

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