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  1. For the Attention of Sony Online Entertainment,

    My in-game nick is Guardian99 or for a more human touch my actual name is Rob. I am the leader of the OCB outfit and currently the Administrator of the Terran Republic Alliance Miller or TRAM for short. This alliance encompasses a large number of the more prominent outfits on the EU Miller server and is steadily expanding to represent an increasing number of TR outfits that play on this server.

    At this time the outfits involved are;

    (Formerly) Eye Of The Storm (EOTS) (Due to heavy member losses they have ceased playing)
    Armoured Farmers (ARMF)
    Battle Marines of Chaos (BMC)
    Better Red Than Dead (BRTD)
    Blood Legion (BLTR)
    Combined Liberation Forces (CLF)
    Deimos Corps (DEIM)
    Fanteria Dello Spazio (FDS)
    Freelancers Union (FU)
    GOON Brigade (Goon)
    INI Elite (INI)
    Millennium Marines (MM)
    Mox Guild (MOX)
    Outcasters (OC)
    Owld Crabbit Bastards (OCB)
    PC Gamers Magazine (PCG)
    Pure Clan Poland (PCPL)
    Red October (RO)
    Ruffnex (RNX)
    Sound of Violence (SOV)
    The Art of War (TAW)
    The Griffon Guards (TGG)
    The Unmentionables (TUN)

    The purpose of this open letter is to point out some of the changes we would like to see take place in the game which we feel would add a significant benefit for both the Players of the game as well as SOE.

    A prominent concern of many players in most games as well as for the players of this one is the problem of hacking. We have heard of a marked increase in hacking from outfit leaders, our members and in game chat. Some of this has been associated with the apparent banning of hackers on North American Servers and the apparent inaction of any reports for European hackers. Some have mentioned that certain hacker forums therefore advise those banned on American server to relocate to European servers. The vast majority of these will of course choose the most populous of the EU servers aka Miller. Other possible explanations for the marked recent increase in hacking on Miller could be attributed to the apparent inaction towards hackers on our server. As hacker numbers increase more people will start to believe that it is either 'safe' to follow suit, or they desperately want to remain 'competitive', and there are always those who take up hacks in order to counter the other hackers because there is absolutely no way for honest players to counter getting shot from below the floor of your spawn room. We are becoming increasingly concerned about this issue as it is clearly affecting our members' PS2 enjoyment in a negative way and we are starting to see a drop in activity and increasing resentment.

    Further to this I would like to point SOEs attention to links regarding hacks, however, I am not going to as I think everyone is already aware of how readily available they are to the pond life that use them. A Google search for hacks for Planetside 2 makes the point sufficiently well.

    We do realise that there will always be hacking and that it can never be completely removed, however myself and the other alliance/outfit leaders that have signed below and every single one of our members would love to see some sort of action taken to resolve this problem and reduce the possibility of hacking, before it can irrevocably damage the future of the game. The recent post on reddit has gone some way to doing this.


    Further the in game messages by admin also add a more reassuring touch. Though whether they act as an effective deterrent is yet to be seen.

    At this point I feel it is important to point out what, from a gamer and clan leaders perspective, gives a game longevity. Firstly, ease of ability to organise and maintain your Clan/Outfit. Outfits rely on a greater or lesser degree of organisation to last into the long term. This means that there has to be two factors for outfit leaders to remain motivated. Firstly, the appropriate tools for outfit leaders to properly administer their outfit easily in a timely fashion which I further discuss below and secondly some kind of reward for actually making the effort to organise their troops beyond just creating an improvement in game play which again is discussed below.

    With regards to in-game content there are a number of actions that the Alliance members would like to see. Firstly, an extremely useful tool for outfit leaders would be a greater level of information on the Outfit list about members, including recent activity so that we can tell who is and isn’t active allowing us to better administer our outfits overall, quickly and easily. I have spoken to a number of Outfit leaders who when wishing to spring clean the membership are unhappy with having to try and manipulate third party websites namely www.planetside2-universe.com in order to achieve this. The ability to create more ranks rather than just edit ranks for members would also be useful as it allows you to delegate duties more effectively in game. Expanding the space for the message of the day would also be useful as 160 characters disappears quickly when you want to mention your website and Teamspeak which are permanent fixtures and then add in events and other information. A final tool is to add in an outfit search tool for players so that they can quickly browse the available outfits and their membership size amongst some other things.

    Secondly, some sort of XP award, possibly specifically for a SL/PL Skill Tree, as in Planetside 1 so that other players are not disadvantaged by not earning these certs, for leading squads and platoons as they are a key element of the game and take up the time and effort of the Squad and Platoon leaders. Those that take on these roles are the players who are going to play the game into the long term and attract others to stay as well and therefore be long term investors into the Planetside 2 community as well as paying into SOE via memberships and Station Cash purchases.

    Thirdly, the crash issues that seem to plague our membership after many of the larger updates is seriously damaging the commitment of our members to the game. The outfits within TRAM saw losses in active membership following the major update in Late January which lead to game crashes on a regular basis. This is gradually recovering, however, it has taken it’s toll in the long term in confidence of players in the game. As it stands, the amazing new content that we would otherwise enjoy, is outweighed by crashing, instability, bugs, and in some cases the choice to ignore player feedback and implement features or content that the gaming population en-mass have stated they are not interested in. We are losing confidence in SOE, in Planetside 2.

    Lastly, the Meta Game needs to be expanded significantly. There really is no big picture in the game as such aside from to an extent Esamir with the significance of Eisa Tech Plant Strategically. Currently the three races chase their tails around capturing and locking Amerish and Esamir periodically while Indar remains a simulation of the Trench warfare from World War One. Greater benefits needed to be added for the capture of continents the current 10% bonus/reduction for vehicle, air and infantry resources goes almost unnoticed due to the minuscule effect it has on your capabilities.

    Further to this I have heard from players of the Planetside 1 title that there used to be a logistical requirement in order to supply bases with the necessary resources to rebuild turrets, spawn vehicles amongst other things. This would mean that bases like the crown would no longer be a long term strategic draw on forces and would further encourage team work amongst squads, platoons and outfits. Not all players may agree with me and this is simply a suggestion to help improve the building blocks of the game.

    An addition to this could be to diversify the purposes of the bases. At the moment many of them are simply links from one place to another. If like a tech plant limiting the ability to spawn Heavy tanks at the front line other bases restricted the ability to spawn Galaxy's, Liberators, Lightnings and the races other respective vehicles (though I would suggest excluding Sunderers and flash's). This would add an additional strategic element to the game making more of the bases valuable to hold onto and make the game more of a challenge to keep control of the respective requisition bases.

    The key point from the content related issues that we would like for Sony Online Entertainment to consider from this is that outfits benefit the community and game. We organise outfits because we enjoy seeing our members and other players benefiting from the fruits of our labours. However, leaders can get tired and fed up with taking extraneous actions currently required to administer their outfits if it take long periods of time to carry out actions that should take a matter of moments.

    This leads to the outfit leaders becoming disillusioned and tired of playing the game as it becomes a job rather than an enjoyable game. Good Outfit leaders aren’t a regular thing it takes a high degree of commitment as there is always strife and division to be over come within an outfit. As a result I will guarantee you one thing, if you start haemorrhaging good outfit leaders this game will suffer significantly as organisation is such an essential element to the game. The loss of outfit leaders will more than likely lead to the loss of players as they will find game play less organised and will potentially cease playing and paying as a result. This means membership payments to SOE will dry up which will lead to any hope of having the game last more than a year drop massively. Therefore, the return that SOE makes will be damaged and the time taken to develop the game could be wasted. Further, still confidence in the ability of SOE to deliver a game of good quality and listen to the consensus of the membership will be damaged as a result meaning future game sales will be damaged. I would use Splash Damage as a key example with Enemy Territory Quake Wars being followed up by Brink which I know within my clan and others has irreparably damaged consumer confidence.

    It has often been shown in other community based games such as EVE Online that communities and therefore the game itself can suffer greatly when the leadership types quit or get tired of leading. TRAM and the Vanu and NC equivalents illustrate that a strong and potentially thriving community is being established and in the future hopefully a stronger cross faction community. The lack of outfit leadership tools has started to take its toll on many outfit leaders and it is becoming a regular a topic of conversation at every alliance meeting. We are concerned about the long term future of Planetside 2, we want SOE to value its existing community and stop assuming that a lost player can be replaced. We need SOE to push for quality over quantity, rebuild our confidence in the ability of SOE to deliver a good game, and genuinely listen to the consensus of the membership.

    This letter is meant as constructive criticism from a community which enjoys this game and would like to continue to see it thrive. However, at this time a large number of our members are feeling a great degree of discontent and disillusioned with the hit and miss progress of the game.

    We hope this letter can open up a greater degree of communication between some of the community leaders of all factions and Sony Online Entertainment. We would welcome some sort of meeting to discuss these matters further.

    Yours faithfully,

    Guardian99 (OCB)
    Ostekake (BMC)
    Katana (MM)
    Bargus (Goon)
    MrWideStrides (CLF)
    Darkard (OC)
    Lethak and Zbug (DEIM)
    Sleepmakeswaves (TGG)
    Xsage (TAW)
    Germanius (RNX)
    Mordus (FU)
    Sharpe (BRTD)
    Jakhara (PCG)
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  2. Well written! Would be nice to see some more changes to block hacking so I don't have to pull out more of my hair.
  3. /signed

    I don't understand how so much "content" exists in the roadmap that doesn't address these far more fundamental and important issues.
  4. I totally agree the metagame is getting somewhat tiresome and needs a good old revamp
  5. /agreed

    Almost the entire TR faction on Miller has signed this letter. This willl be hard for SOE to ignore.
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  6. /signed - *OCB* Lordtrenchard - TR Alliance Miller (TRAM)
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  7. Good post. Glad to see more people talking about necessary changes.

    You might wanna fix a bit of the grammar, though. Normally don't like to criticize grammar but it's a lot more important in a formal and long post like this ^.^
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  8. Linking that vid will get this thread locked/moved/deleted regardless how good the attached message is. Be ready to re-post. I do agree that hacking is a problem, and they should unban Geist, that was a dick move on Smed's part.
  9. /signed Maycontainnuts *8)

    Wonder if the devs will even recognise that most of the outfits that signed this are some of the longest established Planetside outfits.
    Some very good points made here.
  10. Content guys work separate from the code monkeys required for big changes. I think most of the coders are busy with optimization and crash fixes, until they get a solid handle on those two issues meta game progress with be slow.
  11. /signed by TR from Woodman. Hacking on Euro servers is getting annoying. Lots of speed and fly hacks, especially.
  12. /signed Hadouken - Thank you guys for a great TRAM event this saturday.
  13. /signed: All that has missing from the game and what made PS1 very unique is mentioned in this letter. As good as PS2 is: It has just half the amount of blood in its body than PS1 had. The whole thing isnt fully thought trough. The devs just took a quick look on PS1 and thought it would be enough to port a BF-style clone into the demanding body called PS2.

    Somebody should bring this thread to Higby !

    Supported !
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  14. So this dude got a full-on ban and lost his account, while scumbags like NivX and Karinah on Mattherson are still running around, hacking day and night?
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  15. You're just touching one of the points in the letter but yeah.
  16. /agree and fully supporting it
    This is a desperate last cry for help before people leave the game, and PS2 will be a barren wasteland playground of hackers playing against each other.
  17. I support this open letter, it's exactly why PS2's population is dwindling. Why do you need focus groups when you have everything laid out?

    Too bad I can only give one +1.
  18. Some outfit leaders all share the same feeling; it's a painful exercise to keep their players interested in the game, and it gets harder every day. They need to organize events at frequent rates to break the eternal Indar stalemate

  19. I think that was the point of including it. When we see a thread like this get deleted it sheds more light on the real problem.

    If threads get deleted do hackers really exist?
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  20. A deleted thread cannot be consumed by the public, nor commented on, thus ultimately reducing the effectiveness of the message.
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