PERFORMANCE boost | increase fps dramatically | [video]

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  1. In this video i go over some simple engine tweaks to increase performance in planetside 2. This method really does work and i guarantee you will see acceptable fps gains after doing this method.

    YOU CAN change other settings such as overallquality and lighting quality but stability is not 100% assured when changing these settings. IF you are playing arround with other settings i suggest making a backup of useroptions however if the worst comes to worst delete the file and start the game up, this will redownload the file.

    any questions feel free to leave a comment and ill reply as soon as possible

    song used in the video is Magnifikate - Rock This
  2. You left RenderDistance = -1000?

    Fairly sure it is meant to be (+)1000. Negative values mean infinity (i.e render everything).
  3. G1n

    no it does not, if your computer tried to render "infinity" in ps2, it would blow up, probably only nasa computers can handle infinity draw distance.

  4. It was an error on my part, the info on the video says enter =1000 i just left the - in on the video, i corrected my mistake by adding an annotation on the video.
  5. what was the point of this?
  6. PERFORMANCE boost | increase fps dramatically | [video]

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