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  1. Firstly, congratulations to SOE and the dev team on the launch of Planetside 2. I hope it succeeds and turns out to be a profitable venture.

    However, I am curious as to when Planetside 1 will be going free to play, as already alluded by Smedley last month, as I am curious to revisit that game and hope to get more good fights and times out of it.

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  2. I second that, PS1 is undoubtedly still the better game of the two.
  3. That was fast.
  4. same question here i was more excited by PS1 going F2P than the launch of PS2...
  5. Yes, now this is out I hope to see some more info on ps1.
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  6. I've got a feeling it was pretty much a throw-away comment by Smed, he'll probably be pretty horrified that its taken on some sort of canon-lore aspect.
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  7. Yeah... I have a feeling that they will just shut it down if there's already a response like this... No need to be competing with yourself if you can help it from a business point of view.
  8. I feel a lot of players who never played planetside 1 are eager to try the game out and see how it is different from the current game. My hope is that when it does go f2p, although it may pull a few players away from PS2, it will be enlightening for new players to experience the old and maybe even encourage greater support around the return of some old game features. I don't think the two games will compete because the way they are now, they are fundamentally different, and offer varied experiences that will appeal to different player niches. Admittedly there is some overlap, but I doubt it is significant relatively speaking.

    Still hoping for an offical mod response, tweet or post on the date.
  9. they should make ps1 f2p for the people that can't run ps2
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  10. They will not because that would make people realise how shallow ps2 is.
  11. Only the vets will play planetside 1.
  12. At least then some of them might stop complaining about how everything Planetside 2 tried to do was wrong because it wasn't exactly the same as Planetside 1 :p
  13. You do realize the majority of the changes that everyone has been raving about are taken straight from PS1, right?
  14. lol no they don't and I wouldn't bother trying to educate either. Plenty of new players interested in seeing where PS2 came from too if a similar thread from the beta forum was anything to go by but as pointed out above I suspect it was a throw away comment. Makes no sense. I mean PS2 was PS:Next before they figured out they couldn't understand what the heck was going on with the PS1 code. I doubt there is anyone left at SOE that could crowbar a shop into that code.
  15. no just some of them. Please refrain from assuming every ps1 thinks the same.... :rolleyes:
  16. I agree. When?. I'm pretty much playing Battlefield MMO with Planetside 1 theme. Really hoping PS1 becomes F2P soon.
  17. Yup, when will PS be F2P ? good question,hope we get an answer soon.

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