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  1. Hey everybody! I thought it would be a good idea to answer some questions people have about Planetside 1.
    So ask away!
  2. What are the biggest differences between PS1 and PS2?
  3. The flow: Tactics are a lot different than Planetside 2's "Take base and repeat until bored" style.
    The need to recharge your bases after a major attack via warpgate energy that you collect with the ANT means you could wear down a base, stop the ANT supply runs, and take the base when power dies. If you completely capture a continent you lock it so enemy forces can only get in with drop pods or a warpgate (Warpgates are transport over the 9 or 10 continents in PS1) so you had a goal.
  4. planetside 1 you paid monthly for and then had capped certs at max level to use in distinguishing a playstyle...all into vehicles, all into infantry, spread yourself thin across the board, whatever.

    while planetside 2 is technically free, id like to think of it free in a basic state. If you want all the trinkets, you have to pay to play, not pay to win, that takes certing up to get the good side grades. But premium membership, and buying better guns, it's like paying the $60 you would for any other pc game. Ill give SoE my money if it's going to give a better experience.

    there is an inventory system like all mmorpgs instead of class system. so if you wanted to carry 2 AA rocket launchers, to have 2 loaded, and fill your inventory with just could. makes for sweet combos and tailoring your style completely

    more cover in a same style map setting as ps2.

    you have a main base on separate planet called your sanctuary, where you warp out from, at the middle of the warpgate, same as ps2, but it warps you to a different planet. oshur, hossin, amerish, indar, esamir, etc.

    later on in ps1's life big mech robots were introduced called BFRs, in which you have to cert almost all your certs into to use

    meh, same thing, same as global tactical shooters go..i still have the centerfold poster teasing you about ps1's impending release from a pc gamer issue.. and while i was playing everquest at the time, i had complete faith in SoE to do the right things and it worked out for the most part. I hope im not going to regret having the same faith here.
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  5. I know BFRs are going to start being brought up in this topic, so I'll just step in now and explain why they're such a controversial issue.

    In a nutshell, BFRs showed up, and they came in two flavours, shooty and jumpy. The first was more or less okay, strong, tough, but like any vehicle it didn't like being caught over-extended.

    The second variant, however, was a serious problem. Unlike the gunner variant, it could only really do one thing at a time, but whatever it did it excelled at. Its weapons were the best at whatever they were designed to do. On top of that, it was second only to the Gunner Variant in terms of durability, was piloted by a single person, and...
    It had jump jets. It could move fast enough to overtake a plane out of the sky, and basically could just hop over a nearby mountain if things got too hairy.

    Eventually, Sony nerfed them, but did it too hard, which upset people who actually liked the BFRs, so now no one was happy. Today, the damn things are actually more or less balanced, but the damage was long done.

    And, now that I'm done writing this, I predict everyone between now and my posting this will have filled this topic with responses to the OP along the lines of "No BFRs" "Doesn't have BFRs" and the like.
  6. Would you consider Planetside 1 more of a FPSRPGMMO?, and Planetside 2 more of a FPSMMO?. Do you think Planetside 1 still beats Planetside 2 in gameplay, and variety for the player?.
  7. PS1 for the win. The amount of tactics possible, my favorites being stealth air drops (The Phantasm is a cloaking dropship with 5 seats.) and draining the base (Destroying the Generator and make the base neutral as auto repairing stuff drains power.}. And PS2 still does not have that variety even after all the nagging during the beta and tech test.
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  8. PlanetSide 1 was much more of an MMORPGFPS than PlanetSide 2, which is firmly an MMOFPS. PlanetSide 1 definitively beats PlanetSide 2 in terms of gameplay, and variety. However, PlanetSide 2 clearly beats out PlanetSide 1 in terms of netcode, aesthetics, and the like (aside from render distance and rendering capability.)

    PlanetSide was a cyberpunk-esque science-fiction MMO, which bound FPS components, and RPG components. The mixture was very unique (I believe, neocron, although I didn't play, was the only other.) A similar representation would be Deus Ex, which met many of the same essentials.

    PlanetSide 1 allowed characters to level in two trees: Battle Rank and Command Rank. Where Command Rank gave you static rewards at each rank, Battle Rank provided you certification points allowing you to pick and choose how to evolve your character.

    You could choose certifications, and certification packages, which varied from vehicles, to weapons, equipment, and abilities. You could spec completely through support, without ever really needing a weapon. You could also be primarily a driver or flyer. The combinations possible were extensive, to say the least. With a maximum of 20 Battle Ranks, you were limited to the point where you had enough leeway to select a role, but you couldn't be a one-man soldier. You needed teamwork in order to survive.

    Characters could also, eventually, acquire three implant slots. Implants provided unique abilities, such as the capability to view infiltrators at a very short range, or shielding from sensors. These implants could compliment your chosen role, or they could give you an edge in areas where your role couldn't keep up. If you had no support certifications, you could pick up a regeneration implant, which allowed you to heal over time.

    Finally, characters could further develop themselves by choosing their loadouts, and inventories, to match their play style. If you were an infiltrator, you could choose to have grenades, or a weapon, medkit, a REK (hacking tool,) ACE devices (which allowed you to put down mines, or explosives, or turrets,) support tools, or any combination of the above--so long as it fit in your inventory.

    Your character was HIGHLY unique, and you could play any role you wanted to, and there's a good chance you would be useful. Very few roles were redundant or unneeded in an outfit or squad.

    Hacking and ANTs, unlike PlanetSide 2, created an aspect of the game that really changed the way in which people worked. It wasn't just run and gun, you needed to coordinate and work together to get things done.

    There are many, many differences between the two games. The second, PlanetSide 2, is only the same in name, and factions.
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  9. PS1 was a superior player experience

    for me personally it was and still stands as the most fun i have had in an MMOFPSRPGbbq

    it was not all about the graphics, it was about the character and the player working towards how you saw your place on the battlefield, i liken it to being asked as a child 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' and my answer might have been fireman/assassin, in PS1 you could be that fireman with his set of skills. however in PS2 you could only be a fireman, and then if you went assassin you forget all your skills as a fireman because you are not wearing your fireman hat.

    for example: it just seems stupid to me that in PS1 you could skill yourself with a medical applicator and use it all the time, whether you had one on you, or you found one on a dead enemy, you had that skill

    in PS2 you can only use that medical applicator if you are wearing your little helmet with a red cross on

    the pigeon holed and narrow class system of PS2 makes it less ...... fun!

    the backpack system from PS1 was also great fun, working out what you would need to protracted base captures and setting it as one of your 10 saved loadouts was great, you might have a backpack loadout like many of us did for wall defence (bases another point) in that wall defence was a stack of plasma grenades to watch the enemy glow green for a while, or simply highlight that cloaker in a glowy green ball of goodness :)

    the game play was actually better. it was also beautiful in its simplicity a cycler was a cycler it was the same as your buddies and if you won with it and he didnt then you could wave the more skill flag in his face

    the simplicity of all guns being the same meant easier play and less nerd rage.

    the bases were actually far superior in PS1 (not perfect) but actually more fun

    the lattice system kept the font lines in a more orderly controlled fashion which adds a large amount to the game play itself for action and fight longevity, it meant more structure to pushing the enemy off the continent which meant that you could actually feel like you WON, which is missing from PS2

    vehicle in PS2 however are better, range of ammo is a great thing and frankly 2 man MBT is better imo for satisfaction

    maxes were better in PS1 i.e you could not get killed by pistol fire however do like the multiple weapon arms options

    the sanctuary was a real thing in PS1 which is really missing from PS2 there are so many reasons why they should have kept this and the HAART shuttle (dropepd you into the action where you wanted to be, rather than this aweful hot spot system)

    the hot spot system is terrible in PS2, loads of fighting going on somewhere but you would not know it, in PS1 all fights were shown as spots so you knew the general lines and you could pick where to drop (not within the enemy circles of influence)

    PS2 does graphics better and shooting better, but these are to be expected with the advancement in tech. what it refuses to do it make a more captivation story and general long term appeal to the player which will be its ultimate downfall and player numbers will plummet when the intial rush wears off
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  10. RKB

    Yeah I want the sanctuary back. It felt great to fight a several hour long battle to finally push the enemy off the continent. Jamming them into a corner for 5 minutes isn't anywhere near as enjoyable.
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  11. Anyone else remember capitols? Man, it was fun when the enemy was down to the capitol and the four shield bases, the watching as your entire force on the planet got together under one commander and wiped them out. Man, I wish people would take/give orders in PS2...
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  12. We all have kind of nostalgic flashbacks when thinking about old games we used play when we were young. It is natural that you think of things more positive than negative though there were problems like there are problems now.
    But since everyone keeps complimenting PS1 I´d like to play the counterpart here. I had my fun with PS1 and think back positive as well but things have changed and I think you should not compare them since there is a difference of round about 10 years involved.

    In PS1 if you wanted to take a base there was one single console you had to hack and hold for a few minutes. You could cap this base with lets say 10 coordinated players against an army of 100 if you were able to block the entrances to the console room. - In my opinion this was ********.
    Now in PS2 there are more capture points you have to take. In particular you have to take the smaller outer bases in order to have a stand against the big mainbase. The capture battle kind of evolves during this process and thats awesome.

    If you wanted to get in battle you couldn't literally simply jump in since the drop pod was only available every 10mins. And it was not simply a choice you get but it was like catching a bus. If you were 1min too late you had to wait for the next turn.

    You were bound to a maximum BattleRank of 20. You had a specific amount of skillpoints you could spend and thats it. You had to decide what to take and was in a way pre-determined. Now you are much more free in the way you cert yourself. You can cert up skills of each classes as well as weapons and each vehicle. Thats what I call variety.

    And last but not least: In order to play you had to pay 13$ a month - without any bonus at all.
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  13. RAS

    ps1 beats ps2 hands down and its 10 years older , this is why us vets are screaming at soe to have all the good stuff from ps1 put into ps2
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  14. Ill say this about ps1:

    You really felt like you where part of something bigger. Capping a base had meaning, made you feel proud. The latticesystem together with capturemechanics and AI defenses created a continental map that had persistency.
    Capping a base meant YOU would own that base probably for some time, it would act as a staging area for supporting the assault on the next base. It couldnt be ninjacapped in minutes while you where off attacking the next base.

    The inventory system gave you great freedom to play in whatever way YOU want, limited only by what certs you had acquired. Specialized medic? Anti-vehicle? Pilot?
    And since certs where limited, you really had to decide what kind of role(s) you wanted to portray. And since certpoints where given with BattleRank, it gave BR a purpose and meaning aswell.

    I can go on and on. Planetside (at least with todays standards) suffers in many areas, most technical. But when it comes to originality, longetivity and interesting and intruiging gameplay, it still stands unmatched. I can understand some of the design choices and changes made for PS2, I even find some of them an improvement.

    But forsaking the CORE elements of PS1, those central so important keyfeatures (small and big) that in essence MADE UP planetside 1....Thats....Thats just sad.

    I DO enjoy the gunplay of PS2, and it looks and sounds really nice. But in all honesty, the only thing that keeps me from uninstalling PS2 and installing PS1 again is the lack of players in the original. All i can really wish for is that PS2 is converted more into its origins the coming year, otherwise this game will be dead before next winter.
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  15. PS1 like the girl next door with good grades. PS2 like the blonde bimbo everyone wants. As you grow older you appreciate the former more :p
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  16. No. I found capitols to be an ignorant copout. Players in PS1 were always capable of following orders. Trigganator and Pedro on Emerald, NC, were certainly capable of being commanders.
  17. And as you get older, you focus on your idea of that girl, not the girl herself, and completely forget about all of her flaws and shortcomings. Because after all, that girl next door, back when you were a pubescent teenage boy, she was perfect, right? ;)

    Disagree. PS1 was good, fun. Not as great as everyone remembers, and doesn't hold up to modern standards. But then, I like the QoL improvements modern games make. And I feel the Combat in PS2 beats the combat in PS1, hands down. And combat is the most important thing to me in a PvP game. But as always, everyone has different opinions and everyone values different things.
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  18. Nah uh. No rose tinted glasses here. I still play. I'm only saying PS1 looks bland and plays great. PS2 looks great and plays bland is my point here. Its better when I play with my buddies.

    I guess I could use another metaphor: PS1 is narrow and deep. PS2 is wide and shallow but it doesn't quite have the same emotive ring about it.
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  19. I know. I was just trying to counter-metaphor you to prove a point.

    But it's all relative, and not everyone likes the same thing. Honest to god, I'll never go back to PS1. It was super fun at the time, but I got bored and left. Came back later, wasn't the same as I remembered it. Really didn't enjoy my time when I came back.

    But I'm enjoying the hell out of PS2.
  20. Ah yeah for sure its all a point of view and actually your metaphor would have the ring of truth about it if I wasn't still playing and enjoying the original since it what happens with most things. It's good that people can think and feel different things about PS2. Means it has more avenues to explore than actually most vets give it credit for.

    Im sure if SOE made a game that appealed to everyone equally it would just be pongHD.
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