Planetside 1's Faction weapons/vehicles/bases (videos)

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  1. Like many PS1 veterans I have been feeling a growing sense of apathy towards PS2, and a growing nostalgia for PS1.

    I recently stumbled across TheLegendary Narwhal's youtube channel where back in 2012 he lovingly invested a lot of time and effort going over all the aspects of planetside1 on the run up to the beta of planetside 2.

    I figured I would share them with the forum, specifically for the benefit of the newer members of the planetside community who have not yet had a chance to experience PS1. (forgive me if it's already been posted)

    To reiterate THESE ARE NOT MY VIDEOS.

    So without the makers permission... *cough*... i share the love that is planetside1:

    For the entire playlist: (- the CR5 orbital strike @ the bottom)

    Sorry some of the videos are not embedded, max limit is 5 embedded :(

    Enjoy & peace out <3

    TR weapons/armor & faction vehicles:

    NC weapons & armor

    VS weapons & armor:

    Common Pool vehicles + NC faction specific


    Base layouts & Map overview:

    Base defence part 1 of 2:

    Base defence part 2 of 2:

    Base Assault part 1 of 2:

    Base assault part 2 of 2:

    Last but not least video by 4n71r14d: Command rank 5 ORBITAL STRIKE
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  2. Awesome compilation. Thanks for posting this. Ahh the memories...
  3. Oh god you can get movement blocked by friendlies, that must have been annoying
  4. Good job !
    PS1 > PS2 ;)
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  5. Yeah, well PS1 was not without its faults; any vet can attest to that! My biggest gripe about PS1 (aside from SOE keeping it subscription based) was the grief system, it really punished you with collisions etc. The lockouts were terrible at times. :(

    Still as I’m sure anyone can appreciate, the game was/is far more complex and offered so much more in the way of choice, for the individual, groups, and each faction. Whilst that meant a steeper learning curve, it resulted in a meaningful progression, and very engrossing gameplay as each player adapted, developed and specialised; you know, good game design. :D
  6. These videos really shows what a bland and inferior product Planetside 2 is.

    I guess the complexity of PS1 was a bit over the top for most casual players at the end but if the gameplay is good it keeps people playing and they will learn eventually.

    As it stands right now in PS2, a complex gameplay would probably make even more people stop playing.
  7. yep
  8. I'm getting all misty eyed watching these. I was lucky enough to play the game at it's peak before BFRs and "The Bending" made it all weird. THIS is what the current game should have used as it's foundations and expanded upon, not clone generic shooters that are already out there for quick cash.
  9. *sigh* I never realised how much I missed the getting in and out of vehicle animations until I started watching these. :(
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  10. OH MAN , I miss getting to actually defend these bases, you could atcually do that in ps1, god the meta game in ps1 was or is so much better than ps2...
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  11. RAS

    are they walls and bases that you can defend ? wow what an amazing idea
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  12. RAS

    Are they generators in a place that makes sense ? wow what an amazing idea
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  13. RAS

    wow are they spawn rooms in the ACTUAL BASE and 300 meters away from what your defending ? Wow what an amazing idea
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  14. RAS

    did i see a spawn vehicle that was hidden by a cloak bubble ? wow what an amazing idea
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  15. RAS

    Why can't the guys who came up with these ideas help re-make ps2 instead of the following

    the guys on stage are the current devs btw , the rest is what we feel like about ps2

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  16. I know.... :(
  17. PS1 ranking your BR was fun because what you unlocked with your certs you actually looked forward to because it was a significant piece of equipment or style of game play you had been waiting for then when you reach BR25 game still gets more fun because you feel like a complete soldier and ready for anything but at the same time limited in some way.

    PS2 you fight to unlock stuff that all feels and works the same and once you unlock everything the fighting becomes boring and pointless.

    I actually enjoyed using weapons like the MCG and hotdroping a tower or defending a base with just you and your squad while an enemy squad or platoon tries to hack it and being able to die, respawn and defend the same base without getting spawn gimped by ESF or MBT's
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  18. They moved this to off-topic? Bah! Cover up!

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