Planetside 2 for Mac

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  1. Does anyone out there have a mac? I have one and i applied for beta. Then i found out that it only ran on PC. Anyone else have this situation? If so maybe SOE will make a version for mac!
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  2. Can you not install windows on your mac...
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  3. John Smedley said that there will be a Mac version, the question now is when..
  4. Or the question could be when is now, or when is if, if there is an if is it present when the now becomes present then i for one am undecided...
  5. D0gSoldi3r; Do less drugs >.>

    But dualbooting Windows 7 on todays machines arent that hard to do, so atleast you'll be able to play that way until a Mac client gets released.
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  6. I definitely have a mac, and am really hoping that they make a compatible version. This game looks amazing and I'd love to play it.
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  7. why the hell do you write like that?
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  8. He sniffs ginger, it leaves side effects though... :p

    MAC isn't open platform, there is a lot of pain and sweat that developers have to go through to get that approval from Apple to publish stuff to MAC platform. This way MAC users get quality product, however it costs software warehouses a tad too much. This is why they still do stuff on PC as it's open and no one bothered about quality of product you releasing, except for the end user (which is us) :)

    This is why there was a lot of fears about Windows 8 and their built in software store, which is first step to potential closing platform. They just fear that with Windows 9 (or whatever it going to be) there can be rule placed saying no publishing unless it's via the store, which would make Windows just like MAC, and it would cost a lot to software/game developers to publish their stuff as they would have to go through lots of quality checks in Microsoft before their product is allowed to the end users. This would let us to get top quality products (no crashes and good performance) at the cost of price for this product going up drastically.

    This is why I am looking forward to Linux games, looks like a few developers decided to have backup plan and started to work on implementing their games in Linux.
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  9. This is completely bogus. There is absolutely NO requirement to use the Mac AppStore. You can publish any program you ever want without ever resorting to it and you sign your application with a publishing certificate if you so choose.

    The Apple platform, when it comes to programming, is just as open as Windows - and in fact, more so because you can actually get your grubby hands on many components that you never have access to on Windows - such as the kernel itself.

    In short: there's no difference in publishing applications or games for either platform. Just as easy, just as free.
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  10. Ok, I may be wrong here, but this was main reason why we dropped our accounts with Apple, sold off all MAC based equipment and replaced by Windows machines in 2010. It's great to hear good news, which by my nature I would verify first if that had any current interest for me (sorry nothing personal, just don't trust internet too much), but that still doesn't change the fact we not going to Apple in the nearest future as it caused enough risk recently. I the mean time I am eagerly watching at Linux development with hope of potential utilisation.
  11. when is there going to be one for mac :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  12. i have a mac too and it would be wonderful if they make a Planetside 2 version for mac
  13. I have a PC but it its a small laptop and my Mac desktop has about a 10.5" X 16.5" screen and runs as fast as ever. So I definitely want a Mac version of PS2 release date confirmed. :):):)
  14. i just used boot camp or parallels whatever you prefer and it runs really smooth on my mac 10.6.8

    as soon as it released on mac im going to get it. :D
  15. sry for trolling but
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  16. I do wish there was a Mac release as well.
  17. What's up? You wanna do some Iphoto or Garageband or something? Or just surf the internet, send emails and tell everyone about how much greater our 4000 dollar Mac is than their PCs?

    Because...I'm totally down for ANYTHING. O_O
  18. Nothing about it in the 6 month plan..
  19. Just a little fact but almost ALL windows games are made on a Mac and then the code for playing on Mac is deleted by our big hated friend Bill Gates

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