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  1. Greetings,
    Sorry if this is on the wrong forums or have been asked before but i couldn't find the General Discussion Forum.

    As the title imply and after PS4 reveal i would like to ask our fellow PC gamers now that you know PS4's spec can Planetside 2 run on PS4?
    i am a console gamer and i know PS4 is powerful console but i don't know how it compare to nowadays PCs, this question came to my mind yesterday after seeing a tweet from SOE president Mr.Smedley:
    John Smedley@j_smedley
    we are VERY excited about the Playstation 4. Read into that what you will :)

    So what do you think guys?
    I really wanted to play Planetside 2 but my PC is old and would never handle it not to mention i prefer to game with controller on my couch.
    sorry for the bad English
  2. Jeez this is like the 5th thread on this.

    The thing is with consoles, PS4 included, is that the specs themselves are massivlely inferior to a high end PC, but the fact that game developers will just have to code for that particular console means that it is so well optimized that it can perform very well for it's specs. Unlike in PC games, planetside 2 being a prime example, everyone has different PCs so it's hard to make a game that will run well on every single computer.
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  3. The PS4 is actually pretty powerful- they could easily scale back some features and get it to run just fine. Given how many more console players there are than high end PC ones, I'm starting to think this really has been nothing more than a beta PAID FOR BY US.
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  4. If it does happen you will get a dumbed down version of the game that will probably be more like MAG. I doubt that will even happen though.

    And even both platforms got identical versions, you can't have cross-platform gameplay. Console players would not be able to compete without aim assist and if they did get it, it would be gamebreakingly unfair for the PC gamers to have to go against what is basically a built in aimbot. This is why CS:GO had its cross-platform gameplay idea scrapped.
  5. playstation 4's cpu isn't fast enough for this game.
  6. negative, CS:GO had it's Cross platform scrapped because of patching issues on the consoles, and being forced to delay PC patches and content so all platforms run the same version. The consoles are much slower for pushing content.

    that being said, all console support usb mouse and keyboard, it's just a matter of finding the games that support it. (UT3 supported mouse and keyboard natively on the ps3). Then you simply allow controller players to play in their sand box of controller land if they want to not get owned, or they can play in the real world with everyone. Addtionally, for the dedicated pilots some of them use game pads anyways, not me, joysticks are terrible for flying IMO, but if you were used to game pad flying you would probably be on par with most flyers, enough to have fun at least.
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  7. Cross platforms is basically like taking a big stick and stirring the **** pot.
  8. Thank you guys for the inputs and sorry for the posting already posted thread.

    one question what did Ubad00d meant by consoles can be optimized?
    also i don't want cross-platform because obviously it won't work we on console will be slayed lol
    but seeing how popular shooters on consoles it will definitely increases profits for SOE which mean more contents and support for all :)
  9. What possible sense would it make to create a new console without native keyboard and mouse support? It will have a web browser I assume? It sounds just as idiotic as leaving native keyboard and mouse support out of past consoles. My only guess is it was used as an artificial divide in some twisted move to drag as much money out of the consumer as possible while minimizing expense of some truly sad and lacking content being sold to a clueless public for over a decade now.

    It would also make zero sense for a company that makes consoles to make a game specifically designed to not run on consoles. We are all in Beta yet everyone knows for certain for all the same repetitive drummed in reasons that we are not.
  10. I know this is a couple months later but hopefully you get this. When developers are making a game for PC's there are a lot of different combinations of PC parts that make up the PC. There is a good amount of CPU's and GPU's but since all the PC's don't have the same specs they have to make the games work on a majority of the hardware. It is like say someone is running the Radeon 7970 GPU and another person is running the Nvidia's Titan GPU they have to make it work on a majority of the specs that different PC's can have. But when you have a console all the specs of every console are the same so they can optimize it specifically for that console.
  11. No. If I find out that the money for my premium membership is going toward development for a console version of this game instead of further improving/fixing the PC version, I will cancel. Just no.
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  12. just why!?

    Although I will be getting a PS4.. probably. Not too big a fan of the details of new xbox.
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  13. It will not run fine in the current unoptimized mess it is currently in. It will completely fry the PS4.
  14. Ubad00d meant that the developers can optimise for a single product(PS4), instead of lots and lots and lots of nearly endless PC hardware configurations and who knows what else. It's the same sort of reason why there are more Apple App Store apps than there are Android apps of the equivalent. If you've ever tried Fruit ninja on iOS and then compared it to the android version, you might see that the android version is several versions behind the iOS one.

    Anyway that's just one of the reasons that it's easier to optimise for consoles.

    Edit - Also I like your name and I want a new season soon x_x
  15. lol, bring on the easily beaten PS4 players who use a Gamepad which isn't anywhere near as quick or precise as a K/B and Mouse.
  16. The ps3 can handle some surprisingly large enviroments and amount of users(up to 256) as Mag has decisively shown since it went live ages ago.

    I imagine the ps4 will run ps2(ha!) just dandy.
  17. Let me put it this way, the PS4 uses and AMD processor, some how I don't think Planetside will be working very well on the PS4. :D
  18. It should work fairly well but the PS4 is only as good as a mid range PC.
  19. read it people. Plus if this game can run just like mid range PC then it will be fine. people who play this game probably play it on a mid range pc. plus this won't be coming out on disc probably because you will probably would be streaming this game other then downloading it. if you don't have a good connection then you can download it too reduce the lag.
  20. I heard that the ForgeLight engine (what Planetside 2 runs on) was specifically designed for PC gaming, I remember one of the developers in a YouTube video say something like "yes this game runs on an engine made just for you PC players", something like that, think it was from one of TB videos.

    Anyway I doubt that they will real ease this game on PS4 as I doubt the Dev team is big enough to manage to versions of the game, and most likely one of the platforms over time will be abandoned for the more successful one (guessing it would be PC).

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