Planetside 2 Optimization Issues

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by Jimster480, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Stop discussing about CPU's, the game is half broken / not optimized end of story.
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  2. Well there is stuff to optimize on older CPUs, its called using older instruction sets to support everyone else. becaues if 90% of the gamer population cannot play the game then it dies. End of story.
  3. This man speaks the truth. I now understand the meaning of "you get what you payed for".

    Except I spent $40 on Alpha Squad.
  4. It is not an "optimization" - it is a hardware extension. You cannot even understand the difference? "Optimization" is the process where a software code undergoes changes which improve its performance without limiting its functionality. "Hardware extension" is the actual on-chip circuitry to do extra things to data which other chips cannot do in a single instruction.
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  5. But the developers implemented older instruction sets. Because if they did not, the older chips would not be able to run the code at all.

    You are not really a software developer, right? Because you clearly have not idea what you are talking about, even remotely.
  6. I think the developers should drop support for old cpu's which do not support SSE4 or higher.
    There are too many complaints from people with old cpu's.
    If you can't afford to buy a modern cpu, then you probably also can't afford to spend money in the store.
    I am playing PS2 on an overclocked first generation core i3 with 4GB ram and win 7 64-bit.
    With some UserOptions.ini tweaks, I get 25-35fps in massively huge battles.
    30-40 fps in large battles. small battles run 40-60fps or higher.
  7. Exactly! If you can't buy a Bentley, then you probably can't buy milk either!

    Worthless peons!
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  8. I have never read such an utterly ridiculous analogy in my entire life.
    I don't know anyone who owns a Bentley. I do know many people who buy milk.
  9. Both very equally ret@rded.
  10. It must be skim milk! Cannot possibly afford whole milk!
  11. I think that is a gross misinterpretation of what i've said.

    I don't understand the basic mechanics of CPU usage, therefore, I can't venture an opinion on the importance the availability to people with different setups, to the playerbase and the game as a whole?

    Not to mention.

    We were communication on a civil level. Now its suddenly 'U don't know ****'.

    Take the smug and fallacious B.S elsewhere mate.
  12. [IMG]

    They are working on a "big" one meaning that you should see 10-30% improvement.
  13. Whats your argument here exactly? If your getting these framerates (pretty much the same as my own, with my Phenom 2 x4) then your in the category that if it is a lack of support for older processors. Will be excluded.
  14. Id hope that its more than 100% improvement considering that my room mate has a machine which overclocked is maybe 1.5x my speed and he has 4x the performance.
  15. It's too late for you to talk big, since I already know that you are a turkey.
  16. A turkey huh? You are the one who has made an *** of yourself here and shown everyone that you know nothing about computers let alone software. Go drop some more cash on overpriced processors and shut your mouth while the big boys talk.
  17. This made me chuckle, unfortunately the irony was missed on him.
  18. Thanks for the post I found its contents interesting, including your discourse with Dolly Parton.
  19. Nope, won't work. You already spouted too much nonsense upthread.
  20. Well, the problem is exactly this, "I don't understand the basic mechanics of CPU usage". You did not have to elaborate more on that.

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