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Discussion in 'Gameplay Bugs' started by RadarX, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. it keeps telling me that I don't have a character created in planetside 2, even while I'm playing planetside 2
  2. Still no stat refresh since March 13... o_O

    Looks like the stats API itself is broken, because my stats won't update on Planetside-Universe either. They're stuck before GU4.
  3. HI,
    I have still problem with my character on website. I'm European player. Poland
    This station account does not appear to have a character for Planetside 2. Please log in to the game to create a character.
    Is the problem has been solved? If not, when I can see my stats on website?
  4. I cast no aspersions towards your skill in PS2, but yes... you are not that good with the Shrike ;)
    We are looking into it. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Yes, I just noticed My Kills per minute on my mauler is bugged. I thought the comma was a decimal point.
    Also most of the stats haven't updated since last Wednesday even though I logged in last night and was playing all weekend.
  6. Hello,
    i tried to look at my character info, but it says that i need to log in and create a character,
    i already have one (from battle rank 26 and i am playing planetside for like 3 months or longer)
    so yeah i hope anybody could fix this!

    Thanks, AtirOperion
  7. (error message) - CHARACTER NOT FOUND
    This station account does not appear to have a character for Planetside 2. Please log in to the game to create a character.

    my Character "juri89" and "Pinkieana"on Ceres is not found :(
  8. I just get an error message that says "click ok to return to previous page" ?
  9. Another #'s problem
  10. I think it is your total number of certs earned, currently it's 5700 for me... I wish i had that right now :)
    And the stats are still not updated since march the 13, I think we all have the problem... Killboard and messages are up to date, but not the statistics, only the KDR.
  11. it's not only yours, it's not updating for anyone since GU04

    hey there do you guys know that the entire Player Site is not updating at all since the introduction of GU04?
    any answer on it's status?
    because i'm already 82 ahaha
    Thanks and good work so far :)
  12. Can those of you commenting that your stats are not updating recently, please send me a private message with your Character Name and Server, so that we can chase these down? Or you can post them here, but either way I will get them.


    FYI, have you also verified that none of your loadout names have non-ascii characters in them? there is a known issue with that, at the moment.
  13. The page takes a long time to be updated, my character continues with a old battle range, the weapons that more i have used are poorly, but the messages area is ok.
    You should improve the Spanish translation.
  14. Nintyuk Woodman NC, And by loadouts you mean weapon loadouts? Well & and ! are fine right? There the only not text characters I use and there Ascii compliant.
  15. At this point, not sure if those characters would cause the issue or not. Can you test this out by removing them temporarily and then logging out?.
  16. Hm, it's possible since poorly written SQL request parsing code might get slightly confused by & and ! characters, AFAIK.
    But most of my CS experience is in crypto, not database management.
  17. Hi Phil i got this error with Ascii before but changing loadout names fixed it for me until GU04 was live.
    Stats are not updating since then. Killboard still works.

    Name: Gargantor
    Server: Woodman
  18. Character name: MuffinLauncher
    Server: Woodman
    Same for me, stats stopped updating after GU04. Loadout names are fine, can't spot anything there that may cause this issue.
  19. I will try as soon as the servers are back up, all though they hadn't affected my stats before, they still updated often enough to be useful before the 13th.
    Also the Potentially offending loadout names are:
    AA & AI
    AV & Ai

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