PlanetSide 2 System Specs

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by TSR-SeanF, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Artemesia

    Running this on my i7-3770k 3.5ghz OCd to 4.2ghz, 16 gigs of DDR3 at 1866 and my GTX 680 4gb and I'm lucky to break 25-35fps on medium in rough areas. I don't get it.
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  2. Pivke

    my computer is:
    i5-3570k CPU @ 3.4 GHz
    16 GB ram (the 2133 one)
    and AMD HD 6770

    the game is unplayable? i have all graphic settings to LOW and all optional features disabled but i still get insanely low fps :( i get up to 45 fps when everything is quiet and 10-15 fps when (even a small) fight is going on . is this normal? the game in this settings basicaly looks more like some ancient Doom 2 but it still runs like ****. that frame rates may be appropriate for a game of chess but no way for a shooter game. only thing i can do in this game is shooting enemy tanks which are big and slow. if i want to kill a solider i have more chance to run him over with that small 4wheeled buggy, than to shoot him with a gun...

    what am i doing wrong? can someone help me or direct me to a site or forum page that helps with frame rate options please. i would like to give this game a chance because it looks interesting.

    or just tell me that official "Recommended System Requirements" are bullsh!t big fat lies, and that i need a computer worth 2000 EUR to be able to play this game normally. so i can delete it with no remorse and advise all my friends not to even bother with this pile of crap that could otherwise be a fun game.
  3. Energized

    Have a look at this:

    I've also read about some .ini changes you could make but you'd have to google that yourself.

    EDIT: The latest beta drivers for you GPU could help out too.
  4. Caito

    I hate that they won't even let me launch the game. I love it and it's awesome and I can't even run it. Why would they do something as stupid as that??? Please lower the minimum requirements or something, cause I'm not getting a new graphics card, not that i would be able to use it since i'm on a laptop, and I'm not buying a new computer just because of something as stupid as this.
  5. Nexeus

    So i've been playing for 3 days and there's not a single framerate problem on me with everything max out. Only the 32bit crash still persist every one or 2 hours.
  6. Talarius

    Playing on a 4-year old gaming laptop. I can get up to 50 FPS when not in a fight, but more typically 20-30s. In a real firefight my framerates drop down to an unplayable 1-10 FPS with little bursts of 25 FPS for a few seconds, then crashing back down in the 1-5 FPS range. If the fight gets massive I am reduced to less than 1 FPS. Sad panda, especially as I already spent a little $$ on the game! D'oh!

    Intel P8400 Core Duo @ 2.26GHz
    4GB ram
    GeForce 9800M GTS
  7. Clonosaurus

    I am running a AMD Phenom II x4 840, GeForce GTX 460, 8gb RAM, and W7 64 bit. Everything seems well over the minimum requirements and the game is nearly unplayable to majority of the time. I get down to around 10 FPS in very heavy fights, maybe stay around 20 in smaller to medium fights. The highest I usually get is in the 40s or 50s when it is quiet. I've done ALL the suggestions on this forum. Disappointed that this game is so poorly optimized, especially for AMD users from what I am hearing.
  8. Sparkatb

    Always make me laugh when i read something like:
    Person 1: Hi, im looking to buy a PC for "game 1".
    Person 2: Dont buy a PC for just one game, thats stupid.
    im like, how is it stupid?... chances are sooner or later you'll end up playing other games on your PC. Look at all those people who bought a PC just for Battlefield 3, and now they're playing Planetside 2... or whatever else game.

    A PC has a lot of potential for spending a lot of your social time with, and the games are same/better than their console ports.
    Spend £300 on a console, all you can pretty much do is play games on it.
    Spend £700 on a good-enough PC, you can do loads more things on it and the luxury experience is better.
    Some people strangely cant justify paying that extra £400 for a PC. Yet they can justify paying £500 for a smartphone instead of £50 for a standard mobile phone.

    The cost of running a car costs an absolute bare minimum of £200/month, say £2500/year. The value alone of a low-end car costs minimum £500/year. So just make the car last another year and you then have your PC...
    or be like me - move closer to my job, get rid of the car and bike it to work, as a result im making a saving of over £2000/year from not having a decent car. PC gaming really is cheap compared to many, many other hobbies in life.
  9. Dan1382

    ..and, like cars, PCs can be bought on a finance agreement so you can pay a small amount per month, slowly paying it off over the course of a year.
  10. Nexeus

    If a PC can run Battlefield 3 max out smooth, it can possibly run everything else in the next couple years. If a guy want a PC that can run pong. He can go to hell.
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  11. ironfrat

    I am using the 4600 and 8 gigs of ram with 2.7 GHz dual core and i can run it at 30+ fps. I would change the rendering stuff to see if it works. Try this
  12. Shovy

    I realy don't understand SOE's logic behind the game's design. It's a MMOFPS and due to it's sheer complexity and number of actions that can occur in any given area in the game, the processing power this game requires is HUGE. Why in the name of all that is holy would they kick themselves in the croach and shoot themselves in the foot by designing it in DX9 and for 32 bit systems?

    I'm sorry but not even Freud would understand their logic.I'm running it on an i7-990x 3.46 Ghz and oc'd to 4.2, quad-SLI GTX 690 and 4 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz, everything on ultra (through the .ini file changes) and 100% Render Quality. Didn't make a single compromise graphics-wise, and even with this behemoth the game enjoys slapping me in the face in some realy intense battles (most of the times its indoor fights, like biolabs/tech plants) where my FPS dances around like a pole dancer on LSD. It fluctuates wildly between 15-60 but again, that's mostly during realy huge fights in bio labs and tech labs. The rest of the time the framerate is perfect, rarely dropping below 70.

    A friend of mine is running it on a i5 2500 3.3 Ghz and oc'd to 3.6, GTX 590 and 4 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz. His FPS is at 50-70 at the warpgate, dropping to 30'ish during regular fights and 15-20 during realy huge battles. He's also running everything on ultra and 100% Render Quality except he has shadows at low and fog shadows/motion blur off.

    The game is just poorly optimzed because of the DX9 and 32 bit system limitations. You guys just gotta accept the fact that this is how the game is going to run for a long time. The game's graphics arent what's slowing it down, it's just the huge processing power required to handle all the stuff that's going on and the fact that the game's engine can never utilize 100% of your processing power (40%'ish max). This is a limitation in the game's engine and unless they decided to re-code the entire game, it aint changing.

    I'm not saying that they've given up on optimizing the game, oh no. I have faith in them :cool: eventualy they may get it to run as smooth as BF3 does on my friend's PC, but it may take a while. But you guys (the community) realy gotta get your **** together and stop complaining. This is a high-end game. Remember how Crysis/Crysis 2 were when they first launched? Very few PC's in the world could run them at maxed out settings, and today any mid-range PC can run both games just fine.
  13. eRe4s3r

    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
    16GB Ram

    In all cases that puts me "above" recommended specs

    15fps or less in large battles or anywhere NEAR a (not empty) bio-lab and to add insult, the average cpu usage, is 50% on core 1 to 2 and less than 20% on core 3 to 6 So the game isn't even using the hardware in place properly. As if the threading and task scheduler is broken or something.

    Thankfully I suspected something like this would happen so I didn't pay anything... anyway, tried it, and uninstalled it.

    I can understand that this game has some performance limits on something like a X6 1090T but it might actually work better if more than 30% of my cpu power were actually used by the game....
  14. Daviran

    What confuses me the most is the fact that I get 20-30 fps in big fights and 40-50 outside which is better with people that have better specs than me. (Play on low, no render distance changed)
    Amd athlon X II 2.90 Ghz
    Geforce 9600 gt
    6 gb of ram. (No oc on any) Hopefully they optimize..
    50-70% of cpu is used.. power plan is balanced to, no graphic card setting changes except new drivers.
  15. macman806

    Windows 7 64-bit
    Athlon II X4 Propus 640 OC'd to 3.4Ghz
    4GB RAM
    Radeon HD4850 1GB

    Not running FRAPS so don't know FPS, but VERY playable. Game has me set at all medium settings. Play at 1680X1050 at fullscreen. Guess I should fire up FRAPS cuz now I'm curious about FPS.
  16. WDAPunisher

    I've quit playing this until they figure out how to optimize CPU usage. Mine never gets above 25% usage yet I can't get 30 FPS in large battles. The blame rests on crappy coding not hardware limitations.
    Win 7 64 Bit
    AMD FX-6200
    16GB Ram
    2 AMD 5870's CF running 12.11 beta 8 driver
    Run at 1920x1080
    Connection: 30MB/5MB
  17. WDAPunisher

    You're one of the lucky few. Your rig is top of the line. It should have no issues.
  18. Nexeus

    There are guys with almost the same spec as mine still run into framerate problem. The only difference to them is i'm using 32bit OS and they're on 64bit and side optimization i have is disabled CPU core parking, so all the cores stays awake and ready to rock whenever needed. Not sure if that can mean anything to this problem.

    Doesn't hurt to give it a try really, you can either do it manually on registry edit or use an utility app to do it for you. Google Disable CPU Core Parking and you can find the tool from Coder Bag's website. You can restore if you don't like the cores unparked.
  19. iller

    ^yes that would probably also explain why I'm getting the same performance as people with CPUs 2x-3x more powerful than mine.... I'm still on 32bit OS (winXP), they're on 64bit, and the game DX9 engine wasn't coded well enough to transport to 64bit enumeration without parsing tons of Debug conditions.

    But that doesn't mean they can't fix this quickly. A lot of people won't like the solution of course (especially the hackers who seem to be making up a good 20% of the population already). But it's the only one that makes sense for such a CPU-bound game....

    Server side Culling.

    Right now, if 10 other players are behind a wall or hill, or out of sight in some nearby buildings.... your CPU is still receiving all of their Animation/Interpolation and Physics data to try and figure out what to do with all of the polygons, shader, & particle data that your Graphics Card is just going to Occlude anyway. I've noticed that Scoping-in with higher magnitude scopes actually seems to multiply this problem instead of optimizing FOV and limiting periphery processing like it should. But Sony will resist that option as much as possible simply because it puts more strain / wear&teer on THEIR CPU's than it does on our Primary Cores ... when that's exactly what Server Xeon's are designed to do, handle/multithread that data output so that the Client doesn't have to chokepoint so much information-overload through a 32 bit architecture....

    This is a decision that only the Community can make happen by supporting it in Solidarity. And it will have a lot of unwanted side effects. It's not the best solution but it's the only one that's within a close enough reach right now.
  20. cal8vin

    I want your guys opinion on how well do you think a laptop with these specifications can run this game on 1600x900 resolution:

    processor: 3rd generation Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor (2.4GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
    windows 8 64 bit
    gpu: Nividia geforce gt 630m 2gb GDDR3
    hard disk: 750 gb 5400 rpm with 725 gb of free space
    and 12 gb of DDR3 ram
    I really want to run this game on 30 - 60 Frames per second.

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