Please let us change the crosshair color

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  1. I can't see anything sometimes.
    Example: Right now I'm gunning in a friend's Magrider and the crosshair is a tiny blue one, same color as the entire sky on Amerish. I can't tell where I'm shooting at all.

    Hope I'm not asking too much here, please consider it. Thanks!
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  2. The black on black of the IR scope is exceptionally bad.
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  3. agreed. Or even light up the center dot.
  4. Hope some dev sees this
  5. Yeah, it's particularly bad for the VS. The light blue blends into the sky very easily.
  6. It's no better as NC having yellow vehicle HUD against sandy deserts.
  7. Oh god yes, our cross hairs are practically INVISIBLE when you have the sky as a background.
  8. Yes, I've had that problem. Long range shooting against something in the air as VS is a pain. I usually just guestimate where my crosshairs are.

    If NC crosshairs are yellow, there must be some tough times on Indar.
  9. +1 for crosshair customization/coloring.
  10. This x 100

    i was just about to make a long winded rant about this very topic. FFS, just give us the ability to set our hud color to what we want. Gunning in a Mag witht he Anti-Armor secondary weapon (the big laser) can be just a bit ******** in some settings. As much as i love that gun and want to sleep with it, the crosshair for it is annoying.
  11. The "HUD-drawn" crosshairs (vehicles, turrets, unscoped infantry weapons) need to at least a few pixels near the center that are a different color than the rest, so that even on similar backgrounds, you can figure out where the center-point is.

    For "hard" crosshairs (like 3.4x zoom optics) they need more of the "glowy bits" goodness that the ironsights have.
  12. I'd love to change colors too. I just want lime green.
  13. I see some people agree, that's good. It's a really simple change. Today I noticed it again as I was gunning on a Saron.
  14. Suggestion: Inverted X-Hair color option. The X-Hair of any sight is set to "inverted", and will always be the opposite color of what ever it is aimed over. A white background would have a black X-Hair, while a black background would have a white X-Hair.
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  15. This would be nice being colorblind and all =[
  16. Gunned in a Saron for another mate today and it's really frustrating


    Look at this. Please do something about it SOE.
  17. I've been forced to use IR optics for most of the VS weapons to get some contrast against the blue sky. That's the only way at the moment.
  18. ya black on IR is a joke, that needs a red cross hair or faction colored cross hair to see better.
  19. +1 for hud color change options... sometimes i cant see mine do to lighting conditions....

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