Post Launch Beta testing.

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  1. I had an idea while talking to my squad.. who btw are frustrated with the current Disconnect rate on Woodman.

    Alpha Squad members should have access to a beta testing server.

    The Beta server would undergo patches FIRST and be reviewed by many players before release to other servers.

    What does this solve?

    Patches don't need to be recalled.

    Servers with public players can be adjusted with tweaks that work and not tweaks that require trial.

    I can't think of any more but that's why we have forums to discuss.

    Is this an idea you'd be ok with?
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  2. I was wondering how this would work myself a little bit after release. With the scale of the game I thought they may want to retain some type of pre-patch beta server for a select number of players. The build wouldn'thave to be up for long I don't think. 1 or 2 days before a schedualed update might be good.

    Wouldn't need to be for every little tweak but if they were really changing something significant it could give them the oppurtunity to see how it is recieved by the pre-patch players and make any last day changes then. I know they were really open to ideas from the players during the development phase and through to Beta and release. I hope they can maintain that approach as well as furthering their own ideas into the game.

    Optimization is a high, high priority right now. Warping (flickering), the net-code and hit detection.. RENDERING OF INFANTRY can be a little craze. Also the game just won't launch sometimes..

    Actually right now I'm getting the G37 error and my game won't launch and Yes.. I'm a Premimum member through All-Access. I could rage like many others have and will, but I want Higby and my boy T-Ray to know that the players are behind them. We understand they need to make a fun and enjoyable game, show off their creative sides and most importantly (for some) make money. So I don't any one players soul purpose is to bring down the company when they gripe or suggest things. There are exceptions of nanite course...

    Pre-Patch "beta" server would be a good way to show that they are trying to listen and give them the headstart on tackeling any players gripes that may come up during a more significant update to the game.

    (Hope this isn't hijacking but you have a good idea that I'm sure many were thinking about)
  3. You're asking for a test server. They had one for PS1 and would have play-tests when they were pushing out big content passes. I don't see the purpose in restricting that to alpha-squad only, especially considering the likelihood of getting a big turnout of those players actually getting on the test-server would probably be pretty low.

    Would I be opposed? Nope, I would like for them to put a test-server for this as well. Simply keep the test-servers locked and made only available for when there was a scheduled playtest. Leaving 'em open 24/7 to touch every little hotfix or minor adjustment is a little counter-productive and takes players away from the main game.
  4. totally agree, yeah well with regards to alpha squad members... maybe you're right. I thought it might appeal to alpha squad members more as we had a big say in the launch of the game. We could also help with beta servers as well. if you open such a server to the public then you might run into overcrowding issues, which would affect the server, more than the the actual graphical and gameplay patches.
  5. Nah it should be for the original beta testers not only for the alpha squad. For example i would love to help PTS test the game. But i did never bought the alpha squad package. For the rest any MMO needs to have a PTS otherwise far to little testing happens.
  6. Alpha squad players are technically Beta players, since they were allowed into it, so.....just let all Beta players have access and be done with it.
  7. I remember someone asking Smedley on twitter if there would be a post-launch test server. His answer was 'yes'.

    I assume we will see one before a big content update, or possibly before the next continent goes live.
    In my opinion, it should be accessible by everyone who were in beta, and maybe a chance to buy into it with a certain amount of subscription months. Like, buy atleast 3 month subscription and get access to the test server.
  8. It shouldn't be an exclusive anything. The original PS1 had a test build anyone could jump on. Patches were rolled out there first and if okay rolled out to the wider populations. Anyone with an interest in testing could log onto test builds.
  9. Beta testing server? What do you think we're doing now?
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