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  1. Wondering if anyone can post some pics of different camos on the Magrider and Scythe. Would prefer to not waste a bunch of SC to see what they all look like and if the vanu specific camos look like crap on vehicles same as they do on infantry.
  2. Northern Forest looks good ill take a pic in a sec. Couple it with the chrome glass and it looks great. Wish i had the fins though. Can't buy them anymore :<

    EDIT: Having problems taking screenshots, they didn't save to the screenshot folder. Ill take a screen with dxtory or something.
  3. Sorry for the double post cant edit posts after 30mins :(
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  4. The amazing thing is, camo actually seems to work. It is still revealing when you focus on an area, but when you are moving fast and turn your view, you will wonder how many properly camoed users you miss.

    I use pine forest for Amerish and Indar, and Northern Forest for Esamir. Fits the TR perfectly. For night, Alpha Squad camo all the way.
  5. Would love to, but as i cant post images directly from my own pc, instead i have to use some inane photbucket social crap, i'll pass.

    Ps, why doesn't vehicle camo cover the weapons too,my Magrider looks great in African jungle but then it as burple guns :9
  6. Those Northern Forest ones look awesome. Does anyone have any pictures of them with Vanu Digital or Forest camos? or dare I say the hideous zebra camo? just curious if they look any good on vehicles.
  7. Not the best angle, I was taking it to show the new mag height with the second chassis upgrade.

    But this is India Scrub.

  8. [IMG][IMG]

    Hmm, ok i tried uploading from photobucket, seems it didnt work.
  9. Which camo is this? I've been wanting a good jungle camo.
  10. Think thats scrub forest.
  11. Rocky Tundra

    Temperate Forest
  12. Northern Forest looks extremely impressive. Best camo I've seen yet. Even close up it blends in great.
  13. Yup its Scrub foreset, i likes it.
  14. Hope these help a bit. :)


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  15. Now were talkin. That's pretty much all of them thanks.

    You bought all of those?
  16. Based on this thread, I just got Northern Forest, and it looks great on Esamir, no doubt about it, a very nice camo. It even seems to actually work a bit, like someone up higher said.

    BUT...looking at camos in this list (thanks especially to ZeroRyoko, wow, that's an impressive camo collection), I still don't see anything that looks as good for the other 2 continents.

    Any thoughts on best for other 2?

    But for Esamir, yeah, Northern Forest all the way.

    Is it possible to get more shots in game, on the continent, easier to tell than the loadout screen... :)
  17. For Northern Indar California Scrub seems to work (the sand there is very light) and to a lesser extent Sandy Scrub.

    For SE Indar Sandy Scrub works pretty well.

    For SW Indar Jungle should do well. Also Jungle or Pine forest depending on where you're at on Amerish.
  18. Just install Dropbox. Or even better, get Gyazo, it's a neat little program that lets you take a screenshot (use your mouse to set the regions), and it uploads them straight to the internet for you.
  19. You raise a really good camo depends a little on WHERE on a continent you're playing. Your comments on Indar got me thinking, so I did an upside down high altitude flyer really check out the different terrain on Indar and...yeah...camo really depends on WHERE on a continent you are. Maybe Northern Forest works well on Esamir, since it seems pretty similar least compared to Indar. I never really noticed before (only started playing ~ a week ago), but Indar is fairly diverse...not sure I agree on Jungle for SW though, but Sandy/California Scrub for about middle to North though, yeah, sure....kinda fun trying to figure it out, but do wish you could preview camo. Thanks for the food for thought. :)

    I guess I save the 500 SC until I see some more screen shots. Really a lot of options! :)

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