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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Bragg, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Bragg


    I have been subscriber from the start, and for last month i have been premium tier 3. Now after 20th day, received my 500SC, but tier level didnt go up to 4. Tier level havent gone up, why?
  2. f0d

    i think tier level bonus increases with how much subscription you pay for at a time OR how long you have been subscribed

    say i pay for 3 months then at the end of the 3 months i continue the subscription, then for the first 3 months i will get a tier 3 bonus then when i pay for the next 3 months i will get tier 6

    say i pay each months as it goes - then each month as i pay the subscription my tier level bonus will go up (1st month tier 1 then tier 2 2nd month etc etc)

    pay for 6 months and you have tier 6 instantly from the start until you cancel your subscription

    im guessing you payed for 3 months? if so then your tier level bonus will go up if you continue your subscription - if you continue for 3 months then after 3 months of your original subscription is up and you start on the next 3 months your tier level bonus will go up to tier 6

    thats my understanding of it anyways
  3. Bragg

    First month i got 30%, and next 35%, and now it should be 40% but hasent increase. Took 3 month sub. So it was not full bonus regarding 3 month sub plan.
    But when looking up the knowledge base for premium membership info, it cleary states how it goes. Depending what type of sub you have taken.

    Anyone else noticed that your premium tier is not increased?
  4. f0d

    you should have a flat 35% for the 3 months you paid for - 3 months sub is 35% bonus
    40% is only after 4 months of subscription (can only have this after 4 months or by paying for longer than 4 months)

    if you continue your sub for another 3 months it will turn into 50% bonus

    if it was a month by month basis no matter how much you have paid for then everyone would be on 35% at best but it doesnt work that way (i have been on 50% since the start because i got 6 months)
    it works by how much you pay at a time
    pay for 3 months and you get the 3 month bonus from the start 35%
    pay for 6 months and you get the 6 month bonus from the start 50%
  5. Bragg

    f0d, yup. Noticed this, should have read whole knowledge base article. My mistake here. Damn... if i would have known this from the start, would have payed 6 month sub.
  6. Gary

    You can purchase another 3 months and you will get brought up to the 6 month bonus... I am fairly sure this is how it works :)
  7. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    You are correct, sir! Bragg, if you purchase another 3-month sub on top of what you currently have, you'll receive the maximum benefits, keep in mind you will be charged immediately for the subscription, but you won't be charged again for another 6-months (since you purchased 6 months worth of game-time up front).

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