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  1. more like 60%
  2. Most of the other people in this thread disagree with you and you seem intent on belittling anyone with an opinion that differs from your own. It's common sense that it's harder to hit 2 shots in a row with a Prowler verse a 1 shot with a Vanguard (which unless the Prowler is anchored has a higher muzzle velocity).
  3. TBH the topic title is not exactly wrong. The conclusion might be (I haven't used a prowler so I wouldn't know). However almost everything is better than a skyguard. Hell I prefer a sunderer AA gun over a skyguard.

    Right now the skyguard is a short to medium range air denial platform. However the AA max fills the exact same role however it does so better (reasons being previously stated). Even against a liberator I would sooner draw an AA max than a skyguard.

    Personaly I would prefer them to decrease damage but make it extremely accurate at long range so it can be used outside 'optimal' aircraft range. The skyguard can be spotted from way further so it shouldn't be much of a problem for an ESF pilot to evade and perform a low altitude attack run. Likewise a liberator moving in can 'tank' the (reduced) damage and still try and take out the skyguard with a tank buster, but he will have felt its presence.

    To protect infantry from being sniped they can give it a similar effect as the sunderer flak (not exploding near infantry)

    Right now if I fly I pretty much see skyguards as free xp while an AA maxes actually worry me.
  4. When a vanguard hits you with high velocity shells, you take 100% damage.
  5. i belittle them only after they attempt to do the same.

    and i disagree with what you think is common sense, because its more important to hit one than none at all.
  6. I love killing air with my prowler and I'm only level 3! Thank god for those idiot pilots who lumber around though, wouldn't be there without them!

    Seriously, the Prowlers angle is sad at best. Protip.. simply fly above that pesky tank and kill him. Meanwhile, the skyguard will rip you to pieces.
  7. i cant remember the last time a skyguard did anything more than make me leave an area. I think i can count the times i died to them on one hand in 29 levels
  8. Its simply not true. Prowler like Vanguard require a good terrain and elevation to hit aircraft, you need to have a good judgement of the terrain and the direction of the aircraft - a lot of preparation is need to become AA. It is even harder to hit ESF with it.

    Prowler as stock tank could fill the air with more rounds that vanguard giving it higher chance to hit aircraft with it within a given amount of time frame.

    Example of time frame of 15sec:
    prowler = 5 x 2 shots = 10 tries
    vanguard = 4 shots = 4 tries
  9. An ESF that is not dead is a wasted attempt. The Vanguard has, in your case, 4 chances to OHKO an ESF. The Prowler has 10 chances to cause the ESF to go away and repair unless the ESF decides to hover in place.
  10. yea if you fly high then conventional AA is probably the biggest threat, but at low altitude the prowlers are a nightmare for libs atleast
  11. uhm all the people claiming that it's harder to kill aircrafts with prowler do you realise that 2 shots equals 2 chances at hitting the enemy? yes it does take more shots to kill them but after one hit a ESF or AA gun can easily finish of the target incase the prowler doesn't
  12. If I have a 75% accuracy with tank guns:
    With Vanguard
    75%, ESF dies
    25% ESF lives

    With Prowler
    56%, ESF dies
    37.5%, ESF lives being hit once
    6%, ESF lives without being hit

    Compare the XP profiles of these two:

    For Vanguards, 75% threat eliminated, 25% threat alive.
    For Prowlers, 56% threat eliminated, 44% threat alive.

    If you do not blow an ESF up, it flies off, repairs, and comes back. I do not need to rely on friendly AA if the first shot I fire ends the life of the ESF. Falls into the same performance profile as the Skyguard.

    You say it makes it easier for friendly AA to kill an ESF that's been damaged by a Prowler. The Vanguard doesn't need assistance if even one shot connects. The Prowler's first shot is liable to make the ESF run away, and 100% second shot accuracy might as well be a unicorn.
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  13. yea I have to say your right, It is easier for the vanguard to get ESF kills (atleast if you don't count with deploy wich has to be certed and only will effect accuracy and if you don't count already damaged aircrafts(wich most of them wouldn't be)) I didn't calculate the odds for kills only odds for hits, but I would still prefer going against vanguards opposed to prowlers in a lib since your more likely to get hit by the prowlers, and after that your very vulnerable to evreything else, so yea your more likely to get the kill in a vanguard but it feels like your more likely to die in the air against TR since they have higher odds of hitting the target and then finish you of with something else like ESF or AA (if it's in a fight with more then just tanks wich is most of them)
  14. skyguards have a better chance at hitting their target than the primary prowler weapon

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