[BUG] Proximity mines doing 0 damage

Discussion in 'Gameplay Bugs' started by Rhyl, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. It's clear bias. A double XP weekend and the only faction with working mines happens to be Higby's? A convenient bug, I'd say.
  2. Yes I submitted bug report for non working mines. The previous XP doubling weekend VS engineers (at least) could not repair in many cases. Coincidence, conspiracy, incompetence? Take your pick.
  3. Here's another update

    "This is Operative Bronx with PlanetSide 2 in-game support.

    We very much appreciate the fact that you update your issue with us after a recent update. This issue has not digressed from our attentions however it is more of a recent issue and will require just a little more time before a fix will be implemented in-game. You are very correct in assuming our Development Team is aware of the issue.

    But in the mean time, we appreciate your patience and understanding. You are an extremely valued SOE customer and we will do our very best to restore full damage to Proximity Mines for you as quickly as possible.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us again."
  4. they should just remove all faction anti infantry mines until they are fixed. NC MINES WORK !!! VS and TR don't ! with their maxes and invisible rocket launchers, and now mines, NC are uber overpowered !
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  5. I'm not one to believe in conspiracies, but I do feel it's rather incompetent. One team should code all three mines so they can find and handle problems faster. And really, why is it not just the same code with 3 different graphic skins? No reason 1 should work and 2 not. As I said, incompetent.
  6. I have also experienced this bug over the entirety of the double-XP weekend

    From what I could gather, Prox mines would cause damage if you triggered them yourself, with gunfire/explosives, but if they triggered on their own they'd cause no damage.
    Only real way to make them work was to stack up AI and AT mines, a bit ridiculous seeing as the NC mines still work fine and hover a few inches under the ground
  7. Update from JGood!

    "We have a fix submitted to our quality assurance team. Assuming that all works out the way we expect, we'd be trying to get it out with GU06. "

    There is indeed a fix for this issue. :D
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  8. Does that include AT mines also? As they too are buggy/broken.
  9. How long will that be? Two weeks? Surely this merits a hotfix without waiting for the next major update?
  10. Arg this bug is frustrating. Hope they get the fix in this week.
  11. JGood Developer

    Unless something explodes (disclaimer: this happens with alarming frequency) GU06 and this fix should be going live tomorrow morning - so with luck you won't need to wait much longer.
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  12. I am alarmed that your offices are home to frequent explosions.

    However, that explains so much. *Sarcasm here*
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  13. Time to stock up on Prox mines! GU06 is expected.
  14. Good!! ;)

    Thnx for the re-assurance.....it's been getting rather tedious having my face continually smashed by NC Infils and Engies dropping by in Biolabs and Towers with their butt-loads of working BB's while we VS can't do jack back in return with our dud pancakes...:mad:



  15. I'm 40/40 already...

    Palms getting itchy and sweaty..... :D
  16. I think, as soon as the update hits, one more level on Flak armor for my engineer.
  17. I can confirm that my NC prox mines did not work during the double xp weekend. So there is no need for QQ
  18. I hadn't noticed any difference with TR claymores, because they've never bloody worked.
  19. @Logis, its already been established that NC prox mines work, I got a fair few kills with them over the weekend. My TR Claymores however didn't work. And neither did the VS ones.
    That should be fixed now, hopefully:
    'Claymores and Proximity Mines should be causing appropriate damage again'
  20. Thank you!
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