Proximity Repair Certification for Sunderers

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  1. Yes as supply is generally considered a Utility i find it somewhat bad design to be placed in the Defence tree, and yes i'd gladly give up AMS for a more coesive unit whee it can defend itself and assist the war effort which currently they don't. If your supplying Ammo or Repairs, you are asking for a hit from C4 or At mines.
  2. This is obviously bugged. It should give experience.

  3. Personally I think that there should be an additional slot added to sunderer, as sunderer is a purpose built support vehicle, and have that additional slot be ammo *or* repairs

    This would be similar to medic triage, which has no alternative abilities.

    Imagine repair, blockade, and gatecrasher
  4. Actually... how fast *does* it repair with 2000 certs?
  5. 400% pulse. its states its a repair over time, but what time that is, is unknown.
  6. from what i can tell of the Sunderer Tree, it is based on a generic setup same as any other Vehicle, but the sunderer isn't any other Vehicle, it's primary focus is support. I really think SOE Devs need to refine its role in the game, and a better detailed description of its skills is required, as the current set is vague at best.
  7. You get XP if you are not in any squad at all, from anyone you supply with ammo. But if you're in a squad, you only get ammo XP for refilling squad-mate (and maybe platoon) vehicles. Which is also a bit of a daft situation, just like the no-repair-XP situation.
  8. with a lvl 2 Proximity repair equiped on your sunderer you can repair a deployed Sunderer who is attacked by a stock Lib. it will be fully repaired until the lib gunner have reloaded for the next barrage.

    I followed a Ammo Sunderer around a while ago and tested it, I let him deploy while i was abit away but still in repair distance, there was even an instance when 2 HA came and attacked his Sunderer, they could not sustain enough fire fast enough to even get it below 70% (one of them hit top armour cause he was on a roof and the otherone was below a hill and hit the side)
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  9. I hope they fix the xp awards for it, and fix the bloody steering cos its like steering a blind man through a glass factory.
  10. it should give XP for repairing players who are not even in the same squad as you
    secondly they should have 5 slots for the Sunderer ( it's an all purpose support vehicles NOT a single purpose )

    the ideal sunderer loadout

    Utility : AMS
    Defense : Blockade Armor
    Performance : Your pick
    Support : Proximity Repair
    Support :Ammo Dispenser

    also put the horn in the appearance loadout, it's an audio cosmetic no matter how you look at it ( well hear it as the case maybe )
  11. Yeah. I'd rather have repair replacing utility. Could even have it deploy for a larger repair radius.

    Then again, having a bunch of Sunderers with bulldogs, repair, and blockade/mineguard might become the best armored column there is.

    I kind of liked someones idea of having a Galaxy able to drop ammo supplies. I really don't like how ammo sundies work at the moment. I'd like replacing some of this support stuff with something more active like a galaxy flying over and dropping large crates.

    Speaking of overpowered...
  12. I think it's 4.75%/sec when maxed. Not tested, though.
  13. the steering is terrible, once when hit 'w' i kept going in circles for god knows why
  14. Devs please repair this,i buy level 3 of this for repair more fast and no have points of exp.....
    the vehicles ammo dispenser and why no this system?

    what date fix this?need urgent a patch!!
  15. Got it maxed out of curiosity, its rather powerful. Ran behind a friend with maxed blockade armor and it just ignored at launchers for the most part. 8)
  16. I'm pretty sure multiple Repair Sunderers do NOT Stack or a few of them could create near invincible rolling forts.
    I believe this was the case in Beta and people did indeed bring groups of them, causing the Devs to change the design.

    You do still need to bring more than one though as they don't repair themselves - this is almost as annoying as the lack of XP.

    Anyway while I'm here I did some testing and here's my numbers for Repair Sunderer's Proximity Repair and estimated time (seconds) to repair the listed vehicles from 1% to 100% (though I'm since told Sunderers only have 10.5K health not the 12K I listed, but there you go):

    Also the baseline value may be a neater 50 not the 55 I came up with here but I am pretty confident in my timing and extrapolation. Maybe other testers can confirm or deny my figures.

    Sunderer Proximity Repair Value and estimated Time to Repair from 1% to 100%
    Rank        Repairs per Second  Lightning        MBT        Sunderer (@12K)
      1                55              73            145          218
      2                110              36            73           109
      3                165              24            48            73
      4                220              18            36            55
      5                275              15            29            44
      6                330              12            24            36
    EDIT: They absolutely will not line up...
  17. Yup that galls my goat, a Proximity Repair that cannot repair itself, who thinks up this stuff.
  18. Yeah, I'm still not positive on Sunderer numbers.

    It's easiest for AP prowlers to test this stuff out, since each shot is 1k damage.
    If my new numbers are right, 10 shots from an AP prowler to a sundy should light it on fire. It could have different front/side/rear armor though that needs tested.

    From what I've gathered so far, nothing resists the tank round damages. Tank direct damage seems to be the base line for everything where HP is set against. Then resists are added against other weapons to make them line up.

    So the repair is a flat number and not a % of the targets hp? Interesting. So it works like engy repair gun and not like nanorepair.

    If someone can confirm those numbers, I'll add them to my tool so you can see how weapon(s) DPS plays out when attacking something being repaired by a repair sunderer.
  19. I remember the invulnerable sunderer trains from beta when Proximity Repair used to stack, it was funny but obviously broken. It was fixed long ago, I'm just not sure if they don't stack at all or if there's a limit on how many can stack at once. The XP issue should really be fixed though. There also one with the Ammo sunderers- if you're in a squad, you get XP for resupplying your squadmates but not for anyone else. If you're not in a squad, you get (a bit less) XP for resupplying everyone.
  20. Yup the Squad no squad xp circle jerk is why i never squad up when running sunderers, pound for pound i get more xp solo than in a squad supplying Ammo.

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