PS2 the funny "Crazy Legs" bug.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by aBaDmAn91, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Eww, image with Boris Johnson in it. :( Mind you....certain amount of continuity as we've just been talking about dicks. ;)
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  2. If SOE really wants to make lots of money they should bring this back as a shop item you can put in the appearence tab on your character, I'd pay for that!
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  3. Why stop there? :eek:

  4. I too would be up for this :D
  5. AWWWW
    I loved "crazy legs"
    They should put it in as a "rare random bug" just so we can die laughing every now and then

    They should add the "crotch gun" as well
    Both made me laugh to tears
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  6. The crotch gun literally almost killed me. The first time I saw it I almost suffocated from laughter.
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  7. Yeah the "crotch gun" bug was funny too, but I've only seen it on youtube.

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