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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by BeanSidhe, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Will there ever be real stuff we can buy? Like empire shirts, or vehicle models? I'd love to put a Scythe model on my desk at work.
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  2. I have seen PS2 tshirts and dog tags and such about. Whether or not they'll be up for sale soon is something I haven't heard much talk about, but what I have heard from SOE is that'd it be a cool idea. But not much more than that, maybe if there was a real demand from the community for things like this then we might see it soon/sooner.
  3. I had hoped this thread would show demand, but it's been rather quiet.
  4. id like a scythe model.. might have to settle for a LEGO Model..
  5. I would love - LOVE - some PS2 merchandise!! SOE, listen up!! If you want more of my money - and really, why wouldn't you? - please consider putting out at least a few test products and see how the market responds.

    I'm one of the older gamers, and maybe it is a symptom of my age... but I like having tangible things. Twenty years down the road, I would love to find the Magrider and Scythe models sitting on my bookshelf and think back about all the fun we had. I still have my old PS1 ballcap... and I even went so far as to buy dogtags for everyone in my old PS1 outfit....

    T-shirts... models... hats... dogtags... I can't speak for anyone else, but I would certainly buy it up.
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  6. Did someone mention scale model kits?
  7. Make them yourself? You can get Tshirts printed with whatever you want starting from $15 from printing companys. a Grey tshirt with your factions logo would be $20 max
  8. I would love a TR shirt with "Better Red then dead" on it.
  9. As far as I know, they have said that they are thinking of setting up a merchandise store if there is enough demand.

    I would definitely buy some dog tags.
  10. I'd buy some MBT models, because I love each MBT in Its own special way.
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  11. I've thought of making my own. I just love the shirts I've seen online. I've thought of making my own Scythe model, I'll just need a lot of practice before it gets to the quality I want.

    Is it bad that I just thought of having a bunch of G.I. Joe type action figures and setting up a battle scene across my work desk?
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  12. Here I have to admit my ignorance of copyrights and trademarks and such. Would it be legal to make my own t-shirt with, say, a VS or TR symbol on it? I guess that it would be ok if it was for personal use and I didn't try to mass-produce and sell them... I just wasn't sure if a printing company would agree to print such a shirt.

    And Bean, I had the same sorts of thoughts. A couple magriders squaring off against a sunderer, some little engineers and heavy infantry from both sides exchanging fire... I would be like a kid at Christmas again.
  13. Hmm well since its only for personal use, you making 1 maybe 2 shirts for yourself I assume it would be fine.

    SOE needs better marketing team. SELL MERCHANDISE ! JK Rowling made more money from merch and toy royalities then the book sales! People love shirts, socks, ties, hats and scarfs and other cr*p with their games on it.. Look at Minecraft merch

    Its amazing how much SOE doesnt want to make money.
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  14. Hi have a vanu dogtag to sell if someone looked for one just tell me or pm me here
  15. I'll take a wearable TR helmet (light assault please) and a model Prowler
  16. i would love to have a vanguard with interchangeable cannon's for AP/others and interchangeable secondary's and the ability to put on the Armours on it...just saying, also some nc dogtag's would be cool
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  17. Would love to have a TR branded Tee Shirt, i'd probably buy one for my irl friends who play the game as a fun christmas present too. Like the idea of a 1:48 scale Mossie on a desk mount (painted up like i have mine in game with the correct decals and pylon mounted ordinance) or maybe something class related. Basicly i think Higby and T-ray need to have a work with http://www.jinx.com/home.aspx and ask them to do some designs etc.

    PS. if you go down that route, i think i speak for all TR when i claim Samantha (leeloo) as the factions Model of choice,, this lady i'm sure, is every mans idea of walking heaven (and her hair matches our faction :p)[IMG]
  18. http://www.redbubble.com/people/spacenavy/works/9386915-terran-republic-logo?p=t-shirt

    Theres the TR shirt for you (customizable main color too, Gray looks nice and keeps the faction color theme), theres a NC and Vanu links on there too.
  19. i want t-shirts!

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