ReachCast Episode - "My Other Car is a Magrider"

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    Taking advantage of indestructible vehicles in the Warp Gate! (Noxx has a old video card)

    *EDIT* BAH! I'm tired and forgot the episode number. Number 10!!

    Hey guys, ReachCast is back with the 10th episode, "My Other Car is a Magrider". We have a pretty long segment for ReachCast University where we discuss some vehicle certification recommendations, which are to be honest, pretty self explanatory for a more seasoned player, but we want these first episodes as the game is young to be focused on the less experienced player. I also talk a bit about the methodology I have adopted over the years for configuring your mouse to help you take your game to the next level. We bring you some community news from Twitter, but no forums this week because I slacked off. At the bitter end of the episode we started our new segment, the Waterson Weekly, which is local server discussion. It's at the very end so that if you're not on our server, we're not gonna plague you with stuff you don't want to hear!

    Relevent Links
    New Players Wiki
    Weapon Trial Thread
    Smedley On State of the Game
    Response to Request for Server Forums


    Contact Info
    (636) 686-0619
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  2. I am still fascinated by the mouse discussion. I realized I am a complete noob. I haven't updated any of my settings for it at all. Good thing I stick to being a Combat Medic. That green beam hits everything.
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  3. Yeah im happy we have a good mouse guy on the team :)
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  4. Great cast guys keep it up
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  5. Thanks man!
  6. Thanks for listening!!!
  7. Hi Reachcast, I was Mr. Toilet, as you guys prefer though I like Dr.Toilet better, and I will call you guys weekly so... Ready Your BatCave...
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  8. Awesome :)

    new sig test.
  9. Screenshot of your PhD or it didn't happen.
  10. I think next week we'll go over some graphics settings via a really great forum post that's been making it's way around for those who haven't seen it.
  11. Looking forward to it :)
  12. I have a feeling that's the post I saw which screwed up all my settings and I had to re-download all the assets to correct it. This should be a good discussion.
  13. i have also heard from several people that post .ini alter their settings have been reverted by the client.
  14. Yeah...we'll talk about that because it involves a very challenging concept called reading.
  15. Freaking awesome show! Started with Ep 10, since then have watched 1 through 7 in a single day and when i run out I'm sure I'll weep a little, keep it up!
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  16. haha! officially the first listener to weep about not enough episodes. I love it. We primarily play TR so let us know if there's anything about the vanu you'd like us to cover!
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  17. I'm already wickedly rubbing my hands together trying to think of a question to mail in, but I'll probably finish the episodes i have left first so i don't send in repetitive content :p
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  18. glad to hear you are enjoying them.

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