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  1. So im a flying pancake pilot and i need help fighting Reavers with Air Hammers.
    heres what i think about the Reavers A2G primary.
    In a PS2 dogfight, most of the time your using V-thrust and trying to out turn or out maneuver your enemy. your trying to stay way from the enemys nose gun and trying to get an opportunity to fire as long a burst as possible to take out a chuck of HP. But with the Reavers shotgun you only need 4 or most times less opportunities you finish off your enemy.
    2 shots from the Air Hammer and your at half health. That would be 2 clicks of the mouse. where as with the rotary guns your going to be bursting a little here a little there and eventually finish them off. with the air hammer you put your mouse on target and when you fire you know 1/4 of there health is gone. no need to maintain your lead on the target or hold your aim steady since all your shot when out at once
    air hammer you just click click click click next target.
    all and all i think the air hammer needs a nerf when used against ESFs. if i were a developer id nerf it as i said but if anyone were upset id buff its A2G ability.

    well thats how i feel but maybe its that im an easy target for a shotgun since im piloting the purple clay pigeon.
    so maybe im wrong. if you think so be polite tell me where im wrong and maybe help me better my game against the evil Air Hammers. :D
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  2. It's 6 to down a ESF, assuming all the pellets hit.

    I think it's perfectly balanced and only as overpowered as the pilot is, but don't let the NC reaver forum warriors hear you. They'll bang their keyboards like syphilitic chimps and claim the Reaver is underpowered and the AH is a gimmick.
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  3. Working as intended, they can remove the AH for all any NC pilot cares once they fix the reaver.

    It's 3 shots for 50% damage, btw.
  4. AH is fantastic as long as you are.
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  5. Yeah, I think the default magazine size is a little too low for this thing, and its really best at killing infantry while flying low. A vortek will do more damage to a tank, and more damage to ESFs.
  6. As a reaver pilot who uses the AH frequently:

    Your best bet is to simply not get caught from behind. Even moreso than the Vortek, the AH is an ambush weapon. The tiny range means you NEED to have the cannon up your target's exhaust. Turn up your sound and learn to listen for approaching aircraft. The Reaver's engines have a very distinctive, godawful howling sound that you can hear long before you can see them.

    If you do get caught, remember your pancake hitbox. A simple pitch-up turning fight is exactly what a AH Reaver wants. The Scythe can change direction on a dime without much loss in speed, the Reaver not so much. While it can keep up in a pure pitch-up death spiral fight, the Reaver cannot quickly change the direction it is turning in. Do a lot of quick turns until you think you are out of his sight, then AB for some distance and/or duck around an obstacle. Turn to face him and hose him with your rotary. AH Reaver vs Scythe in a head-on fight isnt even a contest. Just be careful he doesn't rage-ram you.

    Also: 6 shots to kill assuming all pellets hit(never). In a real dogfight scenario, it will probably take closer to 10.
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  7. cool thank you guys for the replys. ill take your word for it that its 6 but i really thought it was 4. before i made the thread i was fighting reavers i had full health and heard the BAM BAM of the AH and was at half health. thank you again for your input
  8. Don't just face-rush the Reaver once you've gotten distance and come around either. I was tailing a Scythe last week, had him at about 40--50% when he pulled some Cylon Raider moves and hooked around some cover that would have lawn-darted me. So I popped up and waited for him. He came over the top rotary a-blazing and got me down to about 60%, but in that short span I BLAM-BLAM-BLAM'd him into flaming pieces.

    Your small profile from the front WILL be an advantage as far as avoiding getting hit by the full spread of the pellets -- but not if you're that close.
  9. The AH is far too powerful against ESFs and armor.
    I do better with it in Air-to-Air than with ANY of the ESF Rotary guns. Obviously it's great against infantry and MAXes too.
    But what's -really- silly is when you compare the Air Hammer to the Banshee or PPA. The latter two are worthless for A2A, where the Air Hammer is better than the Rotary cannons.
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  10. Forgive my ignorance, but you need to be within like 10-20 meters for every AH pellet to hit. How close do you have to be with those other 2 to do any reasonable damage?

    I mean the default has 3 shots per reload, so if it takes roughly 10 hits in a dogfight to kill an ESF, you're looking at FOUR reload cycles without a single miss. I would hardly call that OP. If you drop like 1000 certs into it and now it has, say, 6 shots... that's enough to kill in one go if you surprise them, but you can do the same with the rotary/

    I just think it's silly to call the AH OP against enemy ESF when you basically have to be practically ramming them to do any reasonable damage.
  11. Fixed that for you.
    And that's exactly the issue. The weapon that's awesome for killing infantry can also one-clip an enemy ESF the way the weapon designed for A2A combat can. Personally, I find the Air Hammer to be more effective in A2A than the Rotary cannons (particularly the poorly positioned Reaver Rotary). It shouldn't be this good at A2A while being great at A2G.
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  12. AH is only good if the enemy ESF is really close and performing evasive manoeuvres or performing a roll. Other than that, it deal way too few damage and it has too much drop. If the ESF decide to flee and fly back to warpgate, you are mostlikely dealing 1-5% dmg per shot, (reavers are the worst in top speed even with AB)

    Even with in dogfighting position, 1 clip (3shots) will only deal 40-60% of the enemy ESF. That is why, it is highly recommended to cert to lvl3. Even with the clip upgrade, you will still need to make 2 passes each nailing a perfect 3 shots + 2 shots.

    AH requires a lot of skills to use it and a lot of certs needed to buff it. Rotary is still the better solution, 250certs is all you need.

    As for A2G, AH does it job decently. 2 shots is needed to kill infantry at 50m+ flying at ground level, able to get multikills with it, provided if the infantry is close proximity to each other. However, you are easily expose to ground fire and your easily going to face tank a rocket by any skilled HA.

    AH vs tank, your going to get sniped. A rotary is going to do more DPS at a safer range.
  13. so your saying in a PS2 dogfight is where the AH is the best ok that for proving my point..

    ok so today and yesterday since being pissed off by the increasing number of Air Hammers ive taken notice of how much damage they do each shot. 2 shots and my health was passed the cockpit in the health bar picture. on a scythe that is half or very very close to it. I was dog fighting this reaver and got hit once from his AH. I remembered what Yorkston advised and tryed maneuvering vertical and horizontal to the reaver hoping he would not get another shot on me. Maneuvering dint do much and he landed another shot on me. i looked at my health and it was past the cockpit on the picture. just like yesterday. I decided **** this and used my after burners to zoom past him and try to turn around faster then him to get a few shots off. by the time i did that he was about to hit me again so i just tried running. so i was not going to be an easy target while retreating so i was corkscrewing and what not but it didn't help he was able to chase me just fine and put 4 more shots into me making 6 total and i blew up.

    SO...reaver caught up to my scythe and id imagine the last 4 shots weren't perfect hits but had they been i think it'd have been on fire in 4 hits. regardless i really want to try out the airhammer for my self to see how easy mode it is.

    ive had many encounters with reavers using air hammers and they either kill me easy its a draw or the rare case i live and have to land because im on fire.
    I want NC and TR to have a good A2G primary like VS. NOT AN A2G WEAPON THAT MURDERS AIR!! ;)
  14. when it comes to ESF fighting, whoever sees the enemy first has automatic 50% advantage over them. That means even an uncerted ESF can win against fully certed one if it sees the enemy first (assuming both pilots are competent)

    the minor advantages you may have with this gun or that, with turning speeds, it all pales in comparison to the big factor of seeing your enemy first
  15. AH only works great if you are on your targets tail. The more pellets that miss, the less damage you have. The further your target, the further the drop... I'm talking... SUPER far down. All and all the AH is perfectly balanced and required a bit better dogfighting skills to utilize fully. You cannot shoot an enemy running away from you at range. You must be up close and personal at all times. It is about 6 shots if all shots hit, which I can guarantee you... they wont unless you aren't doing your job. Other nose guns have better dps, AH has better burst damage.

    I just wish the C8 Enforcer Modified did armor damage like the Saron and the Vulcan... Needs to be an AirHammer on the Vanguard.
  16. its not a gimmick, the vortek is just better.
    The power of the AH is using AB pods and Radar
  17. AH gives you slight margin of error to do chip damage, very handy in some tight situations. :)

    As for your question, with Light PPA you need to pretty much be up in the esf's exhaust, those frigging orbs are so slow that if you have some racer airframe and AB, you can outrun the damn thing o_O The banshee.... well, the banshee is like kobalt. Does everything, but is **** for everything. Honestly, needler does a better job.

    Light PPA is the only thing that works as intended out of the three. You will faceroll infantry with it (only one mag upgrade required, you REALY don't need 70 shots, nobody is that stupid of a hoverer) but gods help you if you see enemy air. Those are the moments I love running my AB tanks for everything. WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP

    I suggested a couple of times that AI cannons should be explosives, don't screw with PPA and give Mossie an equivalent of the marauder and Reaver the equivalent of a bulldog (why do NC have vehicular shotguns is beyond me - those signalize spray and pray TR, NC give off more of a NUKE IT vibe with their vehicles). Additionaly strip all AOE from rocket pods and half their mag size (had to say it :p)
  18. this is completely inaccurate. Its totally balanced against esf. The AH is not better than rotary cannons unless you are right on top of them. In which case, rotary also kills just as fast.
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  19. If you figure out the guy is using Airhammer, then stop fighting the 'Turning Battle' and instead do passes on him. He's not effective at range, you are.
  20. Ok, it's 3 shots to half health. Still, I'm with you - you're talking about extreme close close range fighting.

    No, wait, now you're talking about long range fighting? Either you are close enough that you don't need to "burst a little here and a little there" and can just unload a full mag, killing them in 2.2 seconds; or you're far enough away that you have to burst with the rotary, meaning you've got no bloody chance at all of hitting them with more than 2 pellets from the AH (it fires 8 per shot).

    [Now we're back to talking about close range? This is a very confusing argument. Perhaps your point would be better made if you were to argue on the same terms - compare the AH in CQC to the rotaries in CQC (or long range for both). Right now, you're claiming that the AH doesn't need to lead (when it very clearly does need to be lead a large amount if the target is further than 3 or 4 m away, both due to its slow projectiles and the Reaver's terrible gun placement) and also claiming that the rotary can only operate in short bursts.

    Rotaries you just hold down the mouse button. If you don't just hold down the mouse button, then you are clearly too far from your target that you'd be able to just click click click with the AH.

    Thankfully you aren't a developer.

    It must be difficult for you flying the aircraft with the largest hitbox, worst manoeuvrability and slowest cruise+vthrust speed. Oh, wait, that's the Reaver.

    Ok, the secret to not being killed by a Reaver with an AH: don't fall asleep while you're auto-hovering in the air.
    If you somehow don't hear the sound of the giant locomotive that is the Reaver "sneaking" (lol) up behind you and it manages to get so close that it gets two full-pellet hits on you; you need to quickly AB forward. It has faster AB, but it only lasts at a higher speed for 2 seconds. Furthermore, your Scythe accelerates faster. This will get you far enough away that it's only getting a few pellets on you in each shot. Once you've outrun the Reaver (once his AB is used up, you can just outrun him at cruise+vthrust), you can insta-stop, flip around and chain him down with your rotary from 50+m.
    Alternatively, you can do the reverse manoeuvre to face him and put distance between the two of you, then just outmanoeuvre him.
    Alternatively, you can just fly erratically while maintaining a distance. The AH has very slow projectiles, so leading you is all but impossible if you're jerking enough.

    For Reaver pilots who are looking for similar advice: if a Scythe stealth-engines right up behind you and unloads, you've got 2.2 seconds to slowly accelerate (even with your AB) away from the Scythe, while it continues to chain you down with its accurate (unlike the Vortek) rotary.
    The reverse manoeuvre is highly advised, since it is the only true option, unless the Scythe pilot is terrible or suddenly dies on their keyboard. Initiate the reverse manoeuvre while the Scythe pilot turns on the spot in auto-hover and tracks you the whole way. Hopefully you haven't gone too far away from them, because then your AH is useless. If you're close, also hope that you've got at least the 6-round mag cert. Now, to kill them in 6 shots, you need to elevate or lower yourself aboe/below them by quite a bit so that you aren't just shooting at what amounts to the edge of a piece of paper. Ensure that all of the wide spread of pellets hits them, ensure that they don't move for the full 6 shots and presto! you've just survived a Scythe attack. Just hope that next time you don't run into a skilled Scythe pilot.[/quote]
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