Reaver speed nerf

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  1. Apples and oranges, what you're talking about there is airbrake strength. The Scythe has the strongest airbrakes and can limit itself to the lowest falling speed whilst pointing it's nose directly a the ground while hovering. I was referring to natural altitude degradation, which affects how it flies in all other situations (even upside down). Scythe's and Mozzies both fall at a greater 'natural' speed than a Reaver, not to mention that the higher vertical thrust of a Reaver allows it to nose down further while maintaining the same altitude whilst strafing.
  2. " real world "

    So you're saying instant (air brake strength) deceleration upon shutting off an afterburner is "normal" behaviour?


    How about buffing the Scythe and Mozzie so they function like they should.
  3. All ESF's should bleed afterburner speed slower. It's pretty silly that it takes you awhile to stop manually but its instant when you lay off the afterburner. Reavers should have the slowest afterburner deceleration due to its mass.
  4. Probably because there is nothing wrong with those two aircraft. The reaver sucks in it's current state. It's a bug. They are going to fix it.
  5. Wait, let me get this perfectly clear.

    You are both saying that inertia is a bug?
  6. He is saying that the Reaver sucks because of a bug.
  7. Is it fixed yet? Not logging in until it is.
  8. For a black and red reaver you can just play PS1
  9. I hate subs.
  10. Then get the worse plane, nice excuses.
  11. I fly my F14 when I have access to the F22 in Ace Combat. I see no difference. F14 looks nicer.
  12. I personally think the Reaver should have been a fast ESF with poor handling.
    Like a MiG-25 Foxbat.

    Mosquito should be somewhere in the middle and the Scythe being the most maneuverable with slowest air speed.
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