RECAP: Friday Night Ops - Episode 1

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  1. Hey Luperza what headset is that? It looks and sounds great!
  2. Thank you Luperza for the opportunity to be featured on the first Friday Night Ops! It was a great success and we enjoyed the chance to play along side you. Now come join the TR! :)
  3. It was a lot of fun Friday night. I know the Dragonwolves loved the idea of being the first outfit featured. And I hope we met the grade.
  4. Luperza,

    Thanks for the privilege of being highlighted on your first show. I was very thrilled to have the opportunity to share about my team and to share my team with you. They every one stated it was a great night and they loved having you out to do battle alongside us. It was also a great opportunity to showcase PlanetSide 2; what a great game, even in beta! We (the CDL - Dragon Wolves) are excited and in great anticipation for the release version.

    Once again, thanks for the privilege and the opportunity to hang out with you. I realize it was a bit of a culture shock to wear the red and black. But in all honesty, you look better in red and black than purple. :D
  5. Cool videos, I enjoyed watching them. And it's good to know there are some ladies that play this game too :D
  6. my other half will be in beta next week when the new PC comes along :)
  7. Thanks for the Highlight, Luperza. It was an honor being the first on Ops Nights. Had a blast. I look forward to seeing other outfits being featured.
  8. Luperza,

    It was great fun and a blast having you with us for the Friday Night Ops! We thank you for the honor of being the first outfit to be showcased in your show. I'll have to agree with the others, you do look better in red and black!
  9. Thanks for allowing us to be on the stream!
  10. Thanks for coming along and letting us be on the show! It was great fun to watch your "fan club" follow us around everywhere. ;)
  11. Luperza Community Manager

    HAHAHAHA! <3

    I'm not sure. I'll talk to the ladies in charge of that and see what their plans are, but since the PAX one is on Twitch TV's personal channel, I don't think we'll be able to grab that one.

    It's a Sennheiser PC360 as
    sated. :)

    I enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me tag along and give away all of your form up locations. =P

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  12. the SHOW moves servers... the characters they load to move the stream would be new/different character profiles.

    A character profile can't swap servers... well, not yet... I'm sure Maggie and the rest of the staff will be able to move theirs at will but the rest of us will have a cost (also, since they can just give themselves w/e they want, they don't really NEED to either)
  13. I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of thanks for having us on your show. It was a great time as always.

    You were far too good of a Prowler driver to go back to Magriders. :D

  14. I think the main problem with a Top 10 Players segment is these tracked stats will favor people who sit in strange places camping and farming kills but not actively aiding their team take or defend any bases.

    I think the only way for something like that to really work, is by nominee. For example: Each server has their 3 factions choose nominees for their best performers that week. It could be the the person you saw running through heavy fire to supply ammo along the main skirmish perimeter, the galaxy pilot who always shows up at JUST the right time, the guy in Prox chat who is keeping everyone well informed of enemy movement in the area or calling out battle plans and handling logistics of air and ground all at once...

    Once the nominations are submitted, the FNO group can then decide based on the reasons given for the nominations whom the 10 top players of the week are.

    It wont even have to be a top tier player, because someone using their head and doing the right things at the right times is still a valuable asset, even if they have a crap KDR. maybe the new guy in your outfit managed to infiltrate a heavily defended enemy base, gets the beacon down, takes down a spawner or shield generator and defends that position from overwhelming odds, shrieking in squad/platoon/outfit coms to hurry your ***** up because its a miracle he hasnt died yet, and his actions helped you not only take a base but gain control of an entire swath of territory.

    He might have 500 deaths and 150 kills in his lifetime, but that one thing makes that guy your MVP for the week...

    Not saying it has to be an epic story behind the nomination....but you get the idea.
  15. Love your show Luperza, and your cute as always.
  16. I'm in this video!
  17. Luperza Community Manager

    You're famous! :)
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  18. Ahh the Videos i was searching :) finally.Thank you !
  19. Who gave me a beat key

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