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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Phelon, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Phelon

    Some of the weapons I bought just out right suck. There is no reason to ever use them and I want a refund.

    ASP-30 Grounder - Way to easy to move out of as an aircraft (Virtually Useless if they know how to hold the forward* arrow)

    *HSR-1 - No scope ability, useless for long range, useless for short range (Basic starting sniper weapons is better)

    *Burster (Left) / Burster (Right) - Both insanely useless because your servers lag so bad it is hard to tell where anything even is in the air. GL Aiming it.. ever.. and lets face it Anti Air is a joke right now.

    Please remove these items from my account and refund me my 2800 SC. If this is the way the purchased items are going to be I might just need a refund on the whole lot (AS, SC purchase, Monthly). The game is so laggy it is almost unplayable.
  2. Pavilo Olson

    I don't like to be a stick in the mud, but this is why there is a item trial feature. I doubt you'd get a refund for these considering the fact there is a try weapon feature.
  3. Mindfire

    Well, someone designed the trial system so U can only trail one weapon every 8 hours then a massive wait to re trial the same weapon.

    So if u are buying multiple weapons in a short space of time, it is impossible to trial them (why?).

    Why not have as many trials as u want, but keep the long cool down for the same weapon, at least you can compare them.
  4. Phelon

    If I do not get a refund I will do a charge back. I will get my money one way or another. I am just giving them the ability to keep a customer. So lets see what they decide to do. 30 minute trial is not enough time, nor did I notice it, nor is it announced when you go to buy the weapon. I work in the online consumer industry, and we make the trial VERY readily available and if people mistakenly purchase... we give them refunds. I work for Citrix BTW, slightly bigger than SOE, just by a smidgen.
  5. Mindfire

    I work in a bigger company than citrix (who had to buy xen client enterprise from virtual computer as they could not produce an up to par copy cat product) but I don't toot my horn as no one cares. No one owes you anything so try saying please and being a little less rude and demanding.
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  6. FoeHammer_42

  7. Gary

    There is a trial option available. With a little patience you can try every weapon before spending your station cash. I doubt they will reimburse you just because "the weapon sucks".
  8. KnightLife

    You shouldn't go around boasting you work for Citrix. I doubt Citrix would want you mentioning there name while you have a paddy on a public forum. Looks bad for public relations etc.

    Instead if I was you politely request a refund in a support ticket and a support rep might be able to help you out. I have already spoken to SOE via support tickets and found them to be very friendly.

    And yeah like people are saying use the trial system next time and dont impulse buy a gun until you know you are gunna like it
  9. ThreePi

    Do a chargeback and they'll probably lock and ban your account.
  10. Phelon

    Maybe, but no real loss. The lag that happens on my server makes it virtually unplayable a lot of the time anyways.
  11. Phelon

    I am not being rude, nor demanding. As a consumer we are entitled to certainties when making a purchase. If you feel the purchase you made is not satisfactory, you have the right to return it for a full refund. I am not cussing at them for poor design. I am not berating them for not giving me what I am asking for. I am simply asking for a refund, which is granted to you, me and everyone else by the California DoJ.

    So I am now waiting in line with their chat support in hopes to get what I am asking for. Although I do appreciate your feedback, I believe you are off the mark on where I stand.
  12. Gary

    To stop people simply trialing 1 item and moving onto the next when it expires and repeating this so they never have to buy a weapon.

    KnightLife has the right idea. The only way i think it has a chance of working.

  13. RomanTec

    Are you saying the guns are jamming or the muzzle's alignment is crooked, lol: California DOJ page you linked to: "Sellers are not required by law to accept returned items unless they are defective."
  14. Phelon

    Ah the joys of select reading and deduction.

    On a side note, my case has been now escalated to the refund team. Thanks for all of your guys input (Good and Bad).
  15. Kurreah

    While I'm not a lawyer, those rights you quoted look like they apply to the Station Cash you bought, not the in-game services that you spent said virtual currency on. You can ask for a refund of that Station Cash, but I'm pretty sure that you cannot demand one. The support people seem fairly nice. As long as you haven't had those purchases long, there may not be any issues. (As opposed to someone who picked up ESF rocket pods at the start and has been farming kills with them since for example.) A chargeback is probably a last resort, since its possible that SOE and affiliates will simply block future transactions of the owner of a credit card used to do an unjustified chargeback.

    I think the fact that you saw fit to place your demands and complaints on the public discussion boards as opposed to simply using the customer support system may be giving people the impression that telling everyone about your issues was more important than sorting them out.

    What server are you on? The lag issues seem to vary wildly between users, rather than being part of the game as a whole. Is it definitely constant in your gameplay, rather than just a few cases of firing at a lagging target?
  16. Kediec

    I would put in a ticket to customer support to see if they can offer you a refund on your Station Cash ( which i see you have done ) . Stay polite and explain why and which server your on , also , try to include the ID numbers of the purchases from your account purchase history ( if you knwo which ones they were ) .
    So far i have found the customer service to be very good in regards to refunds of SC , especially when server problems are involved .

    Also , SOE don't have to give you a £ refund ( or what-ever currency you use ) on SC , and doing a chargeback would result in a closure of your account via ban . When you buy Station Cash , that is all your buying , the fact you may not like what you then purchase afterwards with the Station Cash doesn't come into the equation or even entitle a dispute over the SC purchase . To be able to do that without it being a fraudulent chargeback , you would have to have NOT received Station Cash .
  17. Freyar

    Oh the kids and their cards these days. Rather than give SOE the time to deal with you, you instead throw a fit on the forum spouting off who you work for and talking about chargebacks that frankly are a LAST RESORT that many people are over-eager to use.

    *I'm fully aware the OP is likely an adult.
  18. xpsyclosarinx

    Good luck with that...
  19. Dan1382

    A bad workman always blames his tools! :p
  20. DeltaGun

    1. You ****** up
    2. This is the wrong place 2 put it
    3. You have a bad attitude
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