Refund SC on Briggs to change faction

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by illuzian, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. illuzian

    Hi Guys.

    After seeing many thread on the forum about unlocks being character bound not account bound I was a bit miffed. Being in Australia having only 1 server to choose from - also not being able to create multiple characters from different factions on the one server, I'm in a position where I'm wanting to change factions due to friends and colleagues massing to other factions.

    I've already brought premium for a year, and alpha squad and additional SC - is there not anyway I can delete my character and choose another faction?

    If there was an option for me to have multiple characters with different factions on Briggs.. or another Aussie server I'd be more than happy to spend money on multiple characters as I'd be able to mix and match freely but I'm not.

    I raised ticket 121123-000798 and am yet to receive a reply but is a refund of SC possible? I believe I saw another player say they needed to delete their account to get SC refunded but I'm unaware of the circumstances but at this point, if I can't, I don't think I'd be happy spending another cent.
  2. LameFox

    I'm also curious about switching factions on the same server. I could tolerate a loss of cert points, but I have a lot of SC unlocks that I wouldn't change factions without, as it would amount to losing something like $80.
  3. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Illuzian, please create a ticket to our GMs so they can find an alternative solution to your server switch issue.
  4. ArcticGhost

    Same issue. I don't feel like removing my character since I've already spent quite a lot of sc on cosmetics and a few weapons. Ticket opened and waiting for a response.
  5. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Ghost, pm me your ticket reference number when you get the chance. I'll look into it.
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  6. illuzian

    If you read my entire post.... Anyway I've had a response so it's looking good so far.
  7. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I apologize, I must have overlooked it. I pulled up your ticket and it looks like it is being handled by one of my colleagues :D Let me know if you have anymore issues my friend!
  8. illuzian

    All sorted! Champions!
  9. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Illuzian.... for Vanu!
  10. Time Jockey

    Same issue for me too - I'd like to change factions. Ticket 121127-000344
  11. Vikarious

    Unfortunately being an early adopter of PS2 has landed me in a similar situation. Literally every one of my friends went Vanu and are adamant about their choice. Being an Alpha Squad/Premium Member/+extra SC, I can either lose all of that investment to play with friends or keep the investment and be lonely. Neither choice is particularly enticing D:

    Have set up a ticket: 121128-000574
  12. Jokka

    Almost the same exact issue by my buddies rolled NC on a completely different server.
    121127-001891 is my ticket number if someone would like to help.
  13. Pax Empyrean

    Similar situation here. I rolled TR on Connery, friends are VS on Genudine. Ticket number is 121129-000359.
  14. Serious Table

    Same issue here! I logged in and joined VS, only to discover that I was shooting at my friends! If I could get those SC that I spent refunded, I'm more than happy to delete the toon and reroll on the same server, just a different faction, and immediately respend that SC. Ticket is 121129-000617. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
  15. Visha

    Alright, I have made this mistake as well, here is my ticket.

    Just want to say love the game, and really want to enjoy it to the fulliest!
  16. Kelvan

    Dear Customer Service.

    I have the same problem. I already have send a ticket #121129-000921.
    In ticket there is detailed situation. Making long story short:
    - I am mostly playing alone as NC at Miller, however I should team up as VS.
    - I hate NC music theme and have to play without music. I made a mistake during choosing fraction.
    I am Alpha Squad / 12 months Premium Member and bought extra SC. Let me fully enjoy the game.
    I dont want to loose 8500 SC creating new character. Besides today is mine namesday. Please help !!!
  17. Kelvan

    And I got a polite answer, that they are not able to refund SC or make character transfer, but maybe in the future there will be an option in the market. Frankly speaking, after spending more than 200 $ on free game I feel like someone who was shown a middle finger. I don't understand why part of players got their problem solved and I don't. Nice namesday present...
  18. RekoHunter

    After having the same issue as everyone in this thread I'm a little miffed at the preferential treatment some players are getting over those with the EXACT same issue. I had my request for the exact same thing turned down. So I'm stuck with a tricked out toon and no friends.
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  19. Serious Table

    That's what I heard from them, too.
  20. Pax Empyrean

    I got the same reply that basically amounted to "Sorry, go $%&# yourself." I can understand not offering an actual cash refund, but I'm just looking for the equivalent of store credit. It's not like the stuff I bought has to be restocked on a shelf someplace. This is extremely disappointing. Hopefully the switching option that Kelvan says they mentioned will turn out to be real instead of just a pipe dream.
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