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  1. MA347612890GT4078579

    I'm wondering, what exactly is eligible for a refund? I really would like to get some SC and buy those armor appearance customizations, but at the same time I'm worried that when I get them, something I like better will come out later. Then I'll be left with something I don't want and can't really do anything with. Would I be able to refund these items so I could get the other sets, or exchange them? Figured I'd just ask here and hope for an SOE response before I went and spent my money. :3
  2. Kurreah

    I doubt that there is anyone here who can actually give you an answer on that. It sounds like the customer support ticket people are quite accommodating when it comes to errors or wrong factions/servers.
    I wouldn't have thought that buying something, using it, and then deciding that you want something else but don't want to pay for it would receive quite the same amount of sympathy.
  3. Kediec

    As far as i'm aware there isn't any " part exchange " available or planned for the SC shop . I also doubt any refund would be issued if you had used an item for any length amount of time ( or even bought but not used and had it sat for days on end ) .
    Nor do i know of any game with a micro transaction store , that lets you buy items , then 6 months ( or however long later ) after using them , swap them because something new has been added .
    There are 2 different types of camo's though , permanent ( can be used as much as you want and swapped around ) @ 500 SC , or Single Use Camo's that vanish if changed / removed that are only 50 SC .
    In regards the other armour appeaarance looks , all i can suggest is you hunt around for anyone else with them first , and be really sure it is what you want before buying it .
  4. MA347612890GT4078579

    I realize it's an odd request that has a low chance of actually happening, but seeing as I often see SOE people posting here, I thought I'd just ask anyway before I went and spent my SC.
  5. Guy Montag

    I hate people like you so much. You judge without learning.

    The reason so many people are asking for refunds and cert returns on certain items is because the current item descriptions are borderline fraudulent. The camos don't give you a preview, so you have no idea whether or not the pattern you just bought is going to look good on your toon. There are no important info blurbs on ANY item, and the stats of the guns are so inaccurate you might as well just close your eyes and pick a gun.

    Add to that that most of the other perks/certs you unlock have, thus far, done absoluetly nothing like they said they would, you should start to understand why people are upset.

    It's not a matter of wanting stuff for free, it's a matter of not being given accurate or helpful information about a potential purchase. If this game store were a RL store, it would already be out of business.
  6. Kurreah

    I'm quite aware that the only camo "preview" still costs SC, and that many people don't use the weapon trials before spending SC on it. As I said, while the forums can't really help with that, the customer support people can, and usually do.

    The rest was a specific response to the OP's example of buying a camo, and then "something better coming out later" that he would prefer to have. After getting use out of the first camo up until that point, its likely that the support people would be less sympathetic to someone wanting a refund just so they wouldn't have to pay for a second camo, rather than a case of genuine error.

    I seem to have been rather lucky in that case. Over half of the unlocks I have seem to do what they say they do.
    The idea that most of the unlocks don't as you say is rather disturbing though.
    If true.
  7. fonetica

    im pretty sure this won*t work. no one is forced to buy anything. asking for refund because something flashier comes around and the "old stuff" isn't wanted anymore is plain ridiculous.
  8. Pax Empyrean

    No, they are not. A couple of people got refunds as "special cases" but the vast majority of us are given a response that amounts to "We're so sorry your friends are on another server, but go %&#$ yourself."

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