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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by ChrisLand, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. With Game Update 2 quickly approaching I want to remind the SOE team to include full, detailed patch notes this time.

    When Game Update 1 came out the patch notes did not list multiple significant changes that the players had to discover on their own.

    Please include:
    • All gameplay changes in detail
    • All bug fixes
    • All cosmetic changes / additions
    • All things done for optimization
    • Overall any changes made that will be seen for the first time by your playerbase
    The only thing I'll give you a pass on is anti-cheat measures as those should not be public for obvious reasons.

    The more detail, the better. If your patch notes are 4 pages long then I say good job. If you are worried about confusing your players, then post a summary of the notes prior to the detailed version. I don't care how you do it, but please make the details public.

    This is a win-win for SOE and the players. With detailed patch notes:
    1. SOE will have a comprehensive list in one place of everything changed (I bet you already have this...just make it public)
    2. A historical record of the game changes will be created in detail so future players can go back and see how far the game has progressed.
    3. Players will actually SEE all the work the devs are doing which should quiet the winers a bit.
    4. Players will be fully informed which coincides with your recent player interaction philosophy.

    I have been impressed with the changes listed in the hotfix threads over the last month and I have no reason to think that it will not continue with the game update 2 notes...

    I just want to remind you so we do not have to make threads like this.

    (Please upvote if you agree...who doesn't want full patch notes?)
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  2. yes i want full patch notes .... i mean i heard it they are going to remodel some old guns , but im not sure , so i want that one cleared out
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  3. yes
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  4. I miss those "ironic-patchnotes" from beta... :( We need more fun from devs!
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  5. I'm guessing even SOE doesn't know all the changes they make. You are asking too much
  6. I give them more credit then that. I bet every dev knows what they have just needs to be consolidated and put in one place.
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  7. That's quite possibly the case, and it's a very bad practice. All changes should be required to be documented as they are made so all devs have a reference for all of them in the future. It's equivalent to poorly commented code.
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  8. Yes please. it's a matter of trust. As in, we trust you don't try to sneak up something we don't like on us.
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  9. upvoted, sadly this is not going to happen. SOE is notorious for incomplete patch notes and stealth changes.
  10. Well they also have a documented past of not listening to the community...something I think they are working very hard to change which has impressed me.

    It could change, you never know.
  11. Every company does stealth changes to online games. Sometimes it's necessary.
  12. P.S. I see a moderator has moved my thread to off-topic discussion. I would have posted it here in the first place but:
    - Devs don't seem to read Off-Topic Discussion
    - This IS Planetside 2 related and it IS NOT "Non PlanetSide 2 Discussion" which is what Off-Topic is characterized under.

    Maybe a new forum area for Non-Gameplay, Planetside 2 related discussions is in order??? Just saying.

    Anyways back on topic........

    I would agree that some stealth changes are ok (anti-cheat for example) but most changes should be listed.
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  13. I've heard that they don't plan to introduce any more forum/sub-forums any time soon, I think the main reason was because people would still post in the wrong forum(debatable, but unless several more people want this, it's not happening). But I fully support full/more detailed patch notes, I don't see how this could be a bad thing apart from maybe giving people something more to argue over, but we'll see...
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  14. You are not the only one!
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  15. Please give us this SOE!!!
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  16. ...moved to off-topic. :p
  17. My favorite patch note in anything ever was the one about LMG damage being increased. "We didn't actually do anything to the guns. We think they're just powered by rage now."
  18. Can you name an example where the latter would apply, other than account security/hackers etc?
  19. A Gabazillion times this.
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  20. soe hire this man he has the ideas
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