Resource boost is, by definition, Pay2Win

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  1. Even if we pretend everyone has unlocked EVERY SINGLE ITEM AND CERT in the game, the guy with the resource boosts has the edge. "But resource costs are negligible, I never run out..." is not an excuse.

    Waiting for denial in comments
  2. So what do you think this thread is going to get done against it? Honestly it's probably the most useless thing you could buy for SC atm.
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  3. Looking at your sig you are what I like to call a negative vibe merchant.
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  4. The f2p player & the member both dont run out of resources.
    Not sure where the advantage is oO

    And if you are warpgate locked, 50% more of nothing is still nothing :D
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  5. Resource? You realize exp boosts also give you certs?
  6. I'll leave the good vibe to IGN and Gamespot
  7. Resources atm are irrelevant, you normally get so many that your only obstacle is the lockout timer. Only thing you may end up burning completely is infantry resources and only if you grenade spam.
  8. Think of it like this. Sony Provided you with a Free slope to ski on. You are welcome to climb the hill and ski down it as much as you want. They also provide a ski lift service for a small fee, to transport you from the bottom of the mountain to the top. You don't HAVE to use the ski lift, you can still walk up and you still get to ski for free.

    This is how the resource gain boosts work for subscribing customers and those who buy station cash, they are paying for the convenience of not having to walk all the way up the mountain (grinding certs).
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  9. Resources are not certs ?
  10. "I earn resources 25% faster than other players. So Much Win!"... riiiight.
  11. Obviously not. Resources are the coins that you use to purchase vehicles and some infantry ammo. Certs is the coins you use to upgrade your abilities, purchase weapons, weapon upgrades etc.
  12. Pay to win has a very concrete definition.

    If there are mechanical items that cannot be bought with anything other than real money, and those mechanical items are better than the ones available to F2P players, then, and only then, is it P2W.

    There are no mechanical elements in PS2 locked behind a paywall, hence it is inherently not P2W.

    You do not get to modify the definition of P2W.
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  13. Goddamn, that's the analogy I've been trying to come up with for this thing, thanks.
  14. Perhaps it's not P2win in the strict sense, but it's not a fair playfield either. My premium member hour worth more than your free subscriber player hour, both in certs and exp. I am getting more versatile (which is a major source of power by itself) faster. When you have to play for a week to unlock the infantry anti-air missiles, while I get to shoot down your aircrafts, before your guys earn enough cert to spec for flares, then it gives me a clear advantage.

    Eventually time will even things out, since you can get everything without actually spending cash, but by the time you unlock, say, one vehicle to its fullest potential, I would have unlocked three, because I'll be a lot more effective than you the whole time you were struggling to keep up.
  15. Get a job or get a new hobby.

    Or, better yet, you could wipe away your tears and deal with it.
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  17. wow OP you're so smart, how did you come to this epiphany? thanks for making such a useful thread
  18. It's not really pay 2 win, more like pay 2 make up for your ineptitude.

    I mean, a player who's so good that he doesn't run out of resources can't get better by having more resources.
  19. A F2P game is always going to have an inherently unfair playfield.

    The paying players will have advantages related to progression, access, and customization. This is true in LoL, Tribes:Ascend, or any other F2P game.

    The F2P player is going to be able to specialize in very specific class set ups.

    The paying player is going to be able to specialize in many areas and classes, increasing his VARIETY but not his POWER.

    A knife and a swiss army knife are equally POWERFUL weapons, but a swiss army knife is full of other options and utilities.

    A F2P player is the knife, the paying player is the swiss army knife.

    Increased options, not power.
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