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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Atayu, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Atayu

    I have not used my station account for a while and no longer remembered the password. But I still have the user name and email it goes to. So I thought I would go through the lost password feature. But the only thing it will let me do to get it is it says give your pets name. Well I have went through the last few weeks and tried every pet I have had in my life none of them work. Te account was made so long ago I do not have a clue what else it could be. Is there another way I can get the account back. Before people say just use this new account you made to make this post. My other account should have a fair chunk of station cash still sitting on it.
  2. Hydragarium

    Your best bet is probably to call the phone support line and get it sorted with them - You should be able to get your account identified with them.
  3. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    What Hydragarium said, instructions to contact us can be found in my signature.
  4. Atayu

    I will try to call again after work. The problem is when I get off work they are not open much longer and you end up on hold until they close. I just tried sending in a ticket off that link as well.
  5. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    PM Jesse, Sean, Bil, Tim or myself your ticket reference number and we look into this for you.
  6. Sliced

    Are you sure it is your account?
    Don't take it the wrong way but is looks abit weird that you forgot the password AND the recovery question.
    How is that possible if you spent cash on it?

    If I was SoE I would ask you what the card number was and so on that was used to obtain the SC.
    I would also check the last time the account was used and see if it is correct with your answer without telling you the correct date.
    I would also ask you what was the last thing you bought using SC.

    About the pet name, alot of people will use something other than a relevant answer to throw off the person trying to gain access.
    It just doesn't sound right to me.

    I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

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