reverse controls for tanks -FIX THEM please

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  1. Please fix the damn reverse controls for tanks

    A-D left track, right track

    if i put right track in reverse it reverses, front SHOULD turn right, not in this world some one in their genius made the front turn left like a car in reverse

    not to mention when you then switch to forward the damn thing starts to turn left even though you are pressing right!
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  2. Truth. The tank controls are wacky and need to be fixed. I've had some really weird behaviour occur when shifting from forward to reverse or vice-versa, while holding a turn. I've backed over people because of the unexpected shift in direction. It's strange and I'm not sure how it made it all the way through beta.
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  3. Yes please! Right should always make the tank turn right and left, left. It's not a car and it's super awkward and unnatural how the controls invert when it goes into reverse.
  4. Yes, this. Every single time I drive my tank when it comes to switching movement direction while doing a turn I end up feeling like I'm sitting in a clown car.
  5. Yes, this has been annoying me. I've been playing World of Tanks and the controls inverting when reversing was a bit irrating there too, but in PS2 it feels way, way worse... Thinking about it, maybe the reason is that the tanks feel kind of "slidey" - in World of Tanks, if I stop pressing the throttle, tanks generally stop almost immediately, but driving the Lightning in PS2, it seems to continue moving at a marginal speed for another second or two. Your controls stay inverted until your vehicle comes to an absolute, dead stop, and if you're pressing A or D at that moment, *your vehicle abruptly starts wildly spinning in the opposite direction of what you intended*. As said, really awkward and unnatural.
  6. I thought i was the only one thank god.
  7. I find the tank actualy switches direction mid-travel. I expect to be going left in reverse, but it goes right, and then after a short while (maybe 5 meters) it corrects itself. Its almost as if the tank forgets which is forwards and which is backwards for a second and then gathers its senses and corrects the direction of stearing.
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  8. mcm

    I have hated this mechanic since my first day in beta. Yet another example of trying to make something already simple -- backing up -- "easier" but in the end just making it completely unintuitive and frustrating.

    Find me one person who deosn't understand turing the wheel the opposite direction when reversing, and I'll eat my forum hat.
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  9. Yea this needs to be fixed, I waws just using one and it's just impossible to control and fire, If you have ever played halo the controls should be like the scorpion IMO
  10. I agree. I was hoping this would be fixed before the game went live.
  11. Agree, please change.
  12. I remember reporting this as a bug, or at least I thought it was a bug, back in October. I'm reminded of it every play session. The only way I've found to avoid it is to always make sure I come to a complete stop before changing directions, otherwise I'll just keep going in the same direction.
  13. The current system is fine on the sunderer and flash. It is utterly frustrating on a tank that can turn on the spot.
  14. Yeah this needs to be fixed. I <3 soo much trying to back out of an area that is under fire go to turn right around a corner turn the other way try and correct cause I will be in 3rd person at that point, as I swing the turret around controls revert so I keep turning in the same wrong direction end up with my rear flashin to the enemy and explode.
  15. Yes I partially switched to Vanu because of this.
  16. This has been broken for ages now on every tracked vehicle. It's particularly bad on lightnings when you change directions too quickly and the tank gets "confused" about what the controls are supposed to do, then "remembers" and reverses direction without you taking your fingers off the keys you started with.
  17. This is one of the main reasons I'm exclusively Vanu now, the magrider has extremely intuitive controls. I honestly wouldn't mind it at all if the other factions got hovertanks (or at least fixed the controls to make them easier for people to control). Heck, as an engineer on base defense, I'll spawn a magrider just so I can drive from one side of the complex to the next and repair generators.

    Thinking about it, if there was reliable access to any sort of non-tank armed vehicle like a jeep or hover-thingy for all factions, I'm pretty sure people would be driving those around even if they weren't as strong as the tanks. The controls are just that bad.
  18. Please fix this!
  19. You people do know, that way the controls are right. That is how a tank drives in real life. Get use to it. Its not a bug
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  20. In real life, your characters don't come back and tanks don't hover on magnetic rails either.
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