reverse controls for tanks -FIX THEM please

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  1. What does that have to do with how it drives. They are getting it close to the real thing. Stick to the topic and don't troll
  2. How do you know how a magnetically suspended hovertank drives? Did you ever see one irl? Drive one?
  3. mcm

    Wait... so you're saying if you have one tread locked, and another one rolling, your bearing will shift the same direction whether the rolling track is going forward or backward in the "real thing?" And that switches when your momentum flops from forward to reverse, so that your turn is magically reversed at that flop point?
  4. My Magrider doesn't misbehave as I'm running your faction mates over...
  5. I have reported this as a "Bug" both in Beta and in the live game, hoping to get some more people up there to see it. A Tanks is *NOT* a car! Trying to make it drive like one is un-intuitive and incredibly frustrating!
  6. Dear god this needs to be fixed. My poor gunner is like "DAWH GOD WHATS HAPPENING!" as I back up unintentionally over an Entire Squad. Needless to say it was Hilarious, but still please fix it.
  7. why is it so hard that when I hit D (on the right) I want my tank body to rotate right??!!! why the heck does it start spinning on me when i reverse direction without taking my finger off of the same damn key? this gets me shot in the side when i'm trying to turn my front towards the enemy all the time.
  8. Signed. Left means left, right means right.

    Make it a control settings option: "Invert tank controls when reversing." Enable it by default if that's how you want people to experience it, but let us choose.
  9. When you are backing up in a tank say you are turning you *** end to the left. Your left tracks are moving slower then your right track. If you are turning right it does the opposite. If you are going forward the lefts are going faster then the right. Now if you are at a end stop and you turn right the left track go forwards and the right track are going backwards. Go to 3rd person you will see what i'm talking about. The track won't lock. Go play world of tanks, they do the same thing
  10. lol are you serious?

    this is not the way tanks drive in real life

    you have two levers one for each track both with forward and reverse, in theory the controls are reeeeheeeeelly broken because you should be able to spin on the spot really fast as one is forward the other in reverse

    the fact that it drives like a car has passed you by.

    not to mention the other things that need fixing like:

    a tracked vehicle will stop in few meters when braked

    a tracked vehicle will not slide or skip around like they do in this

    a tracked vehicle will not pound out every pot hole like it does in this, they glide, or go up, or down they dont *bumpety bump

    if it was upto the planetside team modern military would be driving around in a ford focus with a gun on top
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  11. Agreed. Why on earth does the controls suddenly invert when you reverse. Makes no sense. Completely useless and confusing mechanic.
  12. Agrees. Please fix this, or at least put in an option to turn it off. We've been complaining about this since early beta. It can really screw up tank maneuvering, usually in the middle of critical fight situations and I don't have time to completely stop turning before switching between forward and reverse.
  13. I agree, the controls absolutely need to be fixed, I love this game, and the driving model for tanks is mostly excellent, but the steering system set up for the tracked tanks is the old system used before the subtractor transmission was invented. Most older tanks could not drive one side forward and the other in reverse, so they used a brake on one side, turning could not be done from forward to reverse continuously. Because modern track drives have the ability to counter-rotate, there is no reason to limit the capabilities of the tank in order to make gameplay "easy" for people who don't know how tracked drive-trains work. Admittedly, I have not driven a tank, but I do know that most tanks have a steering wheel to simulate ordinary driving, and this may be the reason if reverse inversion is present in modern tanks. As a person experienced with tracked machinery in general, most vehicles with tracks are joystick controlled, and such joystick controls are always -- as per ISO standards -- controlled so that the side to side direction of the joystick controls the rotation direction of the drive train, not the steering direction, as in the current game controls and in old fashioned tanks.

    Most people don't play FPS MMO's with a racing wheel, so I would argue that there is no long-term advantage to forcing players to have inverted reverse controls in a tank. Ideally, as in Tanki online, I would think it would be good to have an "invert steering in reverse" check box in the settings.
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  14. Agreed, any vehicle that can turn in place shouldn't have inverted turning when moving backward.
  15. What is this thread? I do not understand.

    The tank controls work perfectly fine and actually make a lot of sense.

    When you press (W) both treads engage on the drive system. To turn left, you press (A) to disengage the left side tread and/or partially engage the left side brake. Note that the left side tread doesn't actually stop, it continues to move at slightly reduced speed. This is why you can turn at full speed without loosing much power (1-5 KPH) as well as why the turning is very wide.


    If you were to fully engage brakes on the left side (A) when at full speed, which is impossible with this game's simpler WSAD tank controls, you would slow down considerably (to about <10 KPH) and perform a short / small radius turn.

    Now I say simpler tank controls because we don't have an acceleration, clutch, brake and gear control for each tread. But since we want everyone to be able to drive a tank without having to take a full blown tutorial course on how to use the 6-10 button controls to make it move, we use WSAD and let the game automatically handled some of the stuff. I personally wouldn't mind learning it for fun, but I'm pretty sure it would be hard to keep track of in combat situations for a while and be too steep of a learning curve for most considering how many are having issues with even the current control system.

    Now say we are moving forward (W) and braking our left side track (A), we see that the front of the tank turns to face the left. In physics this makes sense.

    Suddenly, you decide that you want to back up now, fast, and and continue turning the front of the tank to face the left. Most people use to basic vehicle or BF3 driving would immediately press the reverse (S) and brake right side track key (D).

    But what happens? The front of the tank starts turning to the right! Why?

    Because you are still moving forward. The moment of 70+ tons of tank didn't just magically evaporate once you pressed the (S) key, so the tank continues to move forward for about 1 - 2 seconds before the brakes and drive system can build up enough power to go into reverse.

    During that time, you told the tank to release the brake on the left side tread (A) and then told it to brake the right side tread (D). However, both treads are still moving forward. As we know, braking the right side tread (D) while moving forward causes the front of the tank to slide right, which is exactly what we see happening.

    Some people then try to compensate for this by switching back to braking the left side (A), but as soon as the drive train gets the tank to stop and start reversing it causes the front of the tank to once again swing to the right. This is because braking the left side (A) while in reverse turns the front to the right.

    This rapid switching between which sides to brake when transitioning from forward to reverse can confuse people who are not use to it. It took me a while in beta to realize that this is what was going on since I've never experienced tank momentum like this in other more simplified games (BF3 has tanks at full speed magically stopping on a dime, where as really it takes at the least one tank length to stop even when using full tread-lock).

    If you have trouble keeping track of the reverse / forward brakes, you can get a Rival Combat chassis for upgraded braking to reduce the amount of time spent in transition (and in confusion?).

    Another thing to note is that it takes about 1-2 seconds longer to go into reverse while you are turning than when you are going in a straight line. Going in a straight line allows you to engage both tread locking to full simultaneously, where as turning to the left requires that the left side tread be braking more than the right side. Since applying the left side brake more than 100% is physically impossible, the right side brake can only partially engaged which results in you not using 100% of your braking power and taking longer to slow down to enter reverse.

    Also, just because you have your turret looking backwards does not mean your tank tread controls have changed. You still have to keep the same rules in mind, only that you are now looking backwards.

    Really people, it's that simple.
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  16. Yes that is my experience too.
    I can drive a tank forward or reverse no problem, but its when you change direction while manoeuvring it gets weird.

    And I dont care about long lectures about how a real life tank track works, or how they used to control it with two levers in the good old WWII days.
    Its annoying and serves no purpose in game, after all this is hardly a simulator.
  17. Driving in reverse, totally reverses what your directional buttons do. Its annoying. You slide down a hill, or back up. All of a sudden, your wheel turning right now juts left, turning your rear straight toward the enemy or causing you to jump off the cliff.

    This is obnoxious as eff.

    And actually, the tank controls literally reverse when going backwards. You can have your turret facing forward. Go try it, I've been experimenting with this issue since beta and it still has not been fixed.

    The sweep of a right turn would fall into a half circle curve ( Driving backwards should continue to bring your tank to the right, but in reverse. Instead, it becomes left.... / Which is incorrect.
  18. Hey so, I just went to make a demonstration video and the lightning (and most likely the Vanguard etc) have been fixed finally. Peace is restored. :) Even if I no longer drive much, for lack of hill climbing.
  19. read thread please

    the controls are bugged, you can move forward without a problem, well done i think we have established that

    now put your tank in reverse! and hold down the S reverse and press down the D so you would expect the right track to back track causing the vehicle to reverse to the left and front to spin to the right

    with me so far, the right track is back tracking bringing the vehicle round to the right

    the forward controls i can live even though they should be inverted but technically it is saying you are turning right so this would be a pilot thing

    NOW try this go backwards with D now go forwards with D pressed, backwards and forwards your tank will move in random directions

    frankly if you havnt spotted flaws then you havnt driven the tank enough to know

    btw you see the amount of people saying they are bugged > than the people saying it isnt?

    what does this tell you?

    the lightning reverses like a car the controls reverse
  20. There's only one but thou. We don't have separate control over each track, so they had to adapt a control scheme that people are familiar with, and most people are familiar with how cars turn.

    Holding reverse and D(right) is not the same as only having the right track reverse and having the left one stop(or go slower), it's reversing while turning right, which to me seems pretty intuitive.
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