Rocketspamming needs to get severely nerfed TODAY

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Phoebus, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Just a concerned player's daily reminder of this complete balancing failure.
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  2. ESF and AA support. Problem solved.

    Seriously, I'm sick of people not understanding that this is a team game. Use the turrets on the tanks, 3 of them is enough to fend off or destroy an ESF, especially one which is flying straight at you or hovering. A single skyguard in the group will make this easier. If that's not enough, a sunderer should deploy and allow 2 or 3 people to spawn as AA MAXes, or better yet just have them in the sunderers ready to go in the first place. EVEN BETTER - Have your own ESFs around, whenever I'm flying with nothing to do I always go and find a convoy to escort. Just a few moments ago I was saved from a rocket barrage by a passing fighter of my team.

    If you're playing on your own with no-one around, then don't be surprised when you are beaten. As someone said before, if you're Rock and the enemy brings Paper, then you need Scissors around to help you out. If not, you're going to lose, Simple as that.

    The only "Balance" issue here is that the enemy is smart enough to have more aircraft than your team, and is employing them to greater effect.
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  3. Except if you are in a Rocket ESF, when being on your own works perfectly fine and (if you are semi-competent) getting beaten is a suprise.
  4. But the Magrider you've got in your avatar is totally balanced, right?

    Yeah. Salty tears.
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  5. Try to explain what a Paradox is to kids and the parochial mindsets...../laugh
  6. I don't think you know what a paradox is.
  7. Oh, I think I do....
  8. [IMG]
    Pair of doc's
    Problem solved
  9. I wanna see some degrees, I don't trust the one on the left.

    Honestly using rocket pods is getting harder and harder, and most situations are black and white. It's either there is no AA at all and I go ahead and rocket spam, or there is so much I can't even get within range or do a bombing run.
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  10. Correct, if you are able to spam the rockets, then thats the opponents fault not the games. If you are doing multiple passes, and no one has addressed you yet....then yeah...again, its the enemies fault. What do they say about folks to do same thing over and over and expect the same result......
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  11. I'm sick of dense people like you that don't understand that ESF with rocketpods don't need a team; they destroy everything faster than anything else and they have the fewest and weakest 'weaknesses' in the game.

  12. whats so great about the magrider? it can strafe? learn to shoot thats where its advantages stop. "magrider is a spidertank" nope your crying already nerfed that little perk. all tanks can climb the same now.
    disadvantages fixed turret must turn around to retreat or attack flankers making rear exposed, main gun cant shoot while in cover like the NC/TR tank can

    On topic like everyone already said above me rockets are fine and its a team game. also yesterday i put a whole 34 shot magazine of hailstorm into a burster max and it was fine:eek: also it takes like 6 shots from a dalton to kill a max:eek::eek:

    one ESF with A2A rockets screws over all ESF with rocketpods also ESF probably have the most weaknesses. AA base turrets, duel burster MAX, enemy ESF, A2A rockets, G2A rockets, skyguards, liberators(rare but happens) all ground vehicle default secondary guns, A30 walkers, tanks main gun, HA standard rocketlauncher, friendly ESFs (lol)
    your responce: "all those you listed are terrible at there jobs" my responce: learn to aim. also the game is balanced around the big fights where ESFs trying to use rocketpods have constant lock-on tone and 3 invisible MAXs are about to instantly destroy him. it doesnt have to be 3 MAXs, skyguards in numbers along with everything on the list make for lots of instantly destroyed ESFs
  13. Yeah it should take 3 ESF's to kill 1 AA MAX, it's a team game.
  14. Yah that would be fine if the ESF had sky trees, sky bushes and sky houses to hide inside, under or next to.

    You see you cannot have 1:1 balance between apples and oranges like that.
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  15. If anyone will have rocketpods it should be infantry

  16. That's balanced by: MAX AA units can't hit turbo and go 300 KPH, and don't cruise at 200 KPH.
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  17. Each faction is supposed to have a unique unit that has special abilities. Not every unit needs to get nerfed because someone learns to utilize a unit to the best of its ability.

    Come on folks, big picture here. Work with me.
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  18. In a lot of cases it will take 2, it often takes more than one salvo to kill one anyway, in which case a double AA max will probably take it down while it's reloading.

    Rocket Pods also need teamwork in order to be effective, one ESF is not going to take down an entire convoy. One ESF with rockets can take down 1 tank, 1 AA MAX maybe, but that's it. You could cause minor damage to everything in the area by spreading the rockets out, but that won't actually kill anything on its own, in fact, it will barely do anything, and the damage is repairable. An ESF can only attack to kill one target at a time (unless it is a clustered bunch of infantry of course XD), so in a situation where one has found a convoy it will more often than not need assistance to cause more damage. It's like using a single tank to take on a massive group of infantry, only a few of them need to be HA for you to be screwed, but some infantry will still get killed because that's what tanks are good at doing.

    Vehicles need to pose a threat, otherwise they wouldn't be viable, back in beta there was a stage where AA was so effective that no-one spawned aircraft, and when people did, they were just seen as free kills. The way they are now is on the same level as a tank, when one arrives you know you are in danger, so you must either use a coordinated effort to take it out (Multiple HA rockets vs tank / Multiple AA vs ESF) or meet it with the same force or more (tank vs tank / ESF vs ESF) - in either case, the enemy vehicle can only do so much damage before it is put out of action (whether that be its retreat or destruction). Don't come crying onto the forums about them being overpowered when you happen to be the one guy it kills. If a single ESF was able to eliminate multiple units without help and against lots of competant AA players, then you would have grounds to complain.
  19. I sat in Splitpeak pass for an hour last night fending off all aircraft with just a single burster on my right arm. Imagine what I could have done with TWO!!!! I'll agree that rocket pods are powerful, but ESFs are so fragile, if they make one mistake they die. I personally only hate it when rocket pods melt my liberator in less than 6 seconds, but then again, is it my fault for not realizing I didn't have the airspace cleared?
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  20. It all comes down to 2 things:

    1.ESFs can kill EVERYTHING very effectively and the only thing that can effectively kill an ESF is another ESF (of which some pilots have the nerve to want to tone down by eliminating A2A missile effectiveness).
    2. ESF's are not accessible to the player base by large due to the control mechanics. Every player here did not come from another FPS with flying mechanics or Flight Sim.

    ESF's need balanced. Nothing more or less about it. Either they become friendlier to manage via flight mechanics or they are balanced across the board with other vehicles regarding strengths and weaknesses.
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