[BUG] Scythe Hailstorm GU13 - Now w/ More Bullet Drop!

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Rhetoracle, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Something felt a bit different lately. Am I going crazy, or do we have a case of some new 'features' on our hands here? =)

    Sorry for the shaky mossie cam. I resat it on the plat many times to no avail.

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  2. welcome to a game created by soe :)
  3. Surprised this hasn't garnered more attention given that it's a pretty large bug. Don't remember it being mentioned in patch notes that the hailstorm would have bullet drop.

    There's plenty that makes it in though without ever being mentioned so it's not too shocking. *cough* sh-tty 3rd person aircraft camera *cough*

    Here's hoping for a hotfix.
  4. inb4 someone in game gets *****ed at over op no bullet drop on the scythe.
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  5. So Vanu just use purple bullets now? That is somewhat strange, but whatever works for you guys.
  6. They were just bringing it in line with the Magrider's main gun and bolt actions. ;)
  7. Hardly makes it seem the bullets are hitting with the reticule.
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  8. This is a common misconception among those ill versed in Vanu SCIENCE! For the sake of battlefield compatibility, those weapons which for technical reasons require a primitive projectile influenced by the force of gravity, we just fire an entire battery.
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  9. Is this being looked at?
  10. Bullet drop for VS is a blessing given the other stats are "normalized"
  11. Still a bug, still needs to go. Never once saw it mentioned in any potential ESF updates or patch notes.
  12. I'm honestly fine with them taking away the no-drop "feature". I never found it to have any noticeable effect on my aim anyway so its not a great trait to have. That said, if they did decide to do that then I'd like something in return at least. As marginally useful as it is on the hailstorm to have no-drop its better than not having it at least... but I'd take pretty much any other advantage over it.

    It is almost worth having this "trait" just for the joke-factor. Vanu get no-drop on all their weapons - except of course for any of the weapons that actually would benefit from it in any way =P

    If I were to guess this looks like a bug - they just cloned the mossie/reaver guns for the VS with some new stats and effects and forgot about no bulletdrop probably (because I guess that's how they'd go about making the new weapons).

    Does anyone know if this applies to the saron laser cannon too though?
    According to this:
    (which I think is datamined from the game)
    I think that is the case... short of a controlled test it is hard to know because the drop on all of these verst fast projectile speed weapons is so little anyway in practical use that it is hardly noticeable unless you specifically look for it.

  13. This is still a problem SOE. Albeit it isn't a serious problem, it's still a problem.

    Please fix it, thanks.
  14. Made another quick vid using the Saron this time and it does indeed have bullet drop as well. It is not as noticeable as the hailstorm, but that is because the Saron has a faster bullet velocity and is less affected by drop.

  15. Probably part of the balance with increasing velocity of rounds.

    Before we had slower rounds to balance the no drop.

    They increased our velocity to par, and so we get drop.

    It's just balance guys.... and drop is hardly something difficult to deal with. I'd much rather have drop than slower rounds personally.

    ESPECIALLY considering the optimum engagement range of Hailstorm/Rotaries is much closer than default canons.

  16. Here's the thing. The whole perk of VS is no bullet drop. Now they took away the perk.

    So yeah. It's not okay.

    "increase our velocity so par, and so we get drop". Except they didn't increase mag size / RoF of the hailstorm to par with TR, or didn't increase damage / fall off to par with NC.

    This was our perk, it was meant to be above par. Now it is not.
  17. they gave Scythe noseguns higher velocity and the fastest RoF...

    that's the new advantage, and a far sight better one I'd say.
  18. They do not have the highest RoF.....

    The velocity difference is 50 m/s higher than TR or NC rotary. I'd take no bullet drop over that 50 m/s any day of the week.

    So sick of undocumented changes
  19. Hailstorm has always been functional and felt kind of blah to me. Undocumented stuff whatever my feelings on it are should still be addressed.

    Overall I feel slightly weaker with the rotary update in my scythe, though with more time to adjust I am sure I'll be just dandy in the near future. Unless it changes again and then me jimmies will be quite rustled.
  20. My main issue is I thought the higher velocity and faster reload speed was intended to be paired with our lack of bullet drop. Those stats give us advantages at long range but nothing at close range. The compromise was to give us the lowest DPS rotary, but then they decided to tack on bullet drop weakening the point of it all.

    The rotaries are close range weapons by design, so if you're going to buff a factions rotary at long range it has to be noticeably effective. I'm sorry but a 50 m/s velocity boost and a .25/.50 second faster reload speed by itself isn't a fair trade against a larger mag size/higher dps/higher damage per mag M18 and a lower damage fall off at range/even higher dps Vortek. It's unacceptable that the hailstorm perks only affect long range fighting, but the Vortek currently does that and close range better. And before any fanatical and delusional Reaver pilots come in with a bunch of hitbox nonsense... all I'm saying is that the Hailstorm should at the very least be on par with the Reaver at range, you can keep your close range advantage.

    Since this has been around as long as it has I'm assuming at this point it's not a bug and was totally intended by SOE. If it is a bug it needs to be fixed, if not I'd at least like an official response on the matter since, as far as I know, has not happened. All we want is our dropless guns restored, otherwise you're better off just evening out the damage and giving us the same 650 m/s velocity everyone else has.

    You should not be fine about this at all fellow Scythe pilots, think about it.

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