Shameless Self-Promotion

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Cryosin, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Just gonna use this forum to promote some of my older Youtube videos. For all the new players out there, here is me turning the world purple during beta/tech test:

    Using the Scythe as a roadkill:

    15+ person killstreaks, 2 hour magrider runs, aircraft sniping and all that jazz:

    The above video's where very Mcgeivered, so the quality isn't top notch. My next video is in progress:

    I now have a dedicated computer for recording and streaming, so expect top notch quality in the future videos, even better than the teaser!

    my streaming channels: (multiple streamers from my outfit) (my own personal channel)

    Thanks for checking out ;)
  2. Epic. But then again you're onf of my outfit brothers so you must be epic. :) *waves*
  3. The epicness does not end with me, AT all the way (>-_-)>

    Thanks Hamster :)

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