shooting aircrafts with standard infantry guns does damage !

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  1. I've scared a noob into crashing once with the underbarrel GL.
  2. It may do damage but you also bring attention to yourself by doing it. I personally love when infantry shoot at me with non AA weapons just makes it easier to find you and send a few rockets back at ya.
  3. 2-3 guys with small arms will not rip a esf apart fairly quickly. unless you been quickly on a geological scale. That said you still SHOULD throw your bullets at enemy esfs if you have nothing else to shoot, every little bit helps. And yeah the Guass SAW is one of the beter infantry guns for it due to MASSIVE ammo supplys and decent per bullet damage.
  4. If you manage to make every bullet from the clip count vs an ESF, it's 20-30% damage, depending on ESF armor. I once managed to kill an ESF with three shotgun reloads (30 slugs) from full health.
  5. never bring an ESF to a pistol fight.
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  6. been trying this out since I discovered it, and think it has to to do with range, the closer you are, the more damage you do?
  7. I think it has more to do with bullet travel time (infantry bullets are slow compared to most air guns) and hit detection, which gets worse the further you are from the ESF.
  8. Bullets DO lose damage over range, so even apart from how acuracy gets much harder at range, damage IS less as well
  9. If I find a landed ESF I can get it to burning if not outright dead in 1 Trac-5 S reload + underbarrel GL + pistol reload.
  10. Shredded a low flying damaged ESF yesterday with mym7 minichaingun. 200 clipsize dosen't hurt either=)

    I think 4-5 guys can do good damage to ESF with smallarms, at least damage it so AA can finish it off. =)

    The problem is that most people don't bother when they know they most likely won't get the kill =/
  11. Half and half. Half don't realise, half do realise. Half of those that DO realise don't care.

    Mind you, I freak out when my Mossie gets shot by small arms. Mainly because SO MUCH NOISE OH GOD.
  12. That may change post-patch with the XP-on-damage change. Low-level flying may have just gotten a lot more dangerous for ESFs (which may not be a bad thing).
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  13. You can deter ESF spammers with some focused rifle fire, most just ignore it but a few will pull away from their spamming runs. I always shoot at ESFs, I've had a few kills doing it.
  14. He has rocketpods and I have a carbine which puts a red dot over my head the second I pull the trigger.

    Yeah, I'm not stupid. I'm not wasting my time and bullets shooting at aircraft with my small arms. Being around ESF's is already suicide, I don't need any help getting killed thanks.
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  15. I've killed a Liberator with the underbarrel grenade launcher, although it was a kill-steal and the pilot had already made his mind to kamikaze into one of our tanks (I shot it broadside almost point-blank). I know it's hard to believe and frankly I couldn't believe it happened either.

    And no, I don't have proof of it.
    The point is: while infantry weapons, besides rocket launcher, don't do much damage... it is possible to finish off aircraft or even scare (bad) pilots into crashing.
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  16. yes, this is how all bullet damage works in Planetside 2. There is also an upgrade ESFs can get that reduce the damage they take from flak and small arms fire. Most people who get it get it for the flak damage reduction but the small arms damage reduction is a nice perk. I believe it replaces flares so you don't see it often.
  17. Actually shooting an ESF is a very bad idea. I can't tell you how many times I didn't know certain vehicles/infantry was around until they popped shots off. Then I go kill them. Even 6-12 infantry assault rifles don't do too much to the planes. It sinks the health, but not enough to stop it from killing you first. Also infantry shots have a certain twang to them, so it's easy to tell that it is an infantry shooting at you.

  18. Eh.. just get 10 people to point their guns up at an enemy making an attack run and they'll be flaming very quickly.

    it isn't intended to be a deterrent if one person does it. It is a way for infantry who don't have dedicated AA to be able to fight off ESFs.
  19. TR minigun is pretty good for this.
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