Should the game be running this BAD?

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  1. When ever I play this game and I get to a remotely large battle ESPECIALLY around a large lab/structure my frame rate drops to around 23-35 frames. I am not even asking for a high frame rate. I understand that this game has a hell of a rendering job to do. But not even a solid 30 frames?

    I have...
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.40 GHz)
    Radeon 7870 (2GB)
    8 GB RAM

    I had similar performance in the beta back when I had two 5670's. I bought this new GPU hoping for a better PS2 experience. ALL my games improved drastically. For example on my old GPU I ran BF3 at 45 frames on low. Now I can run BF3 on max ultra settings at +60 frames. I realize BF3 is an entirely different game but it shocks me to see that PS2 seemed to have NO improvement what so ever.

    To make matter worse/more confusing (and its why I am making this post) is I have two friends with almost identical specs to me (if not slightly worse) and they don't get this problem. Their PS2 runs buttery smooth like my BF3 and other games.

    Why? It doesn't make sense. It would be one thing if the game ran like this for everyone with this hardware.

    edit: Also should note that increasing or decreasing my video settings does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to my frame rate, it's just as good/bad regardless of the settings.
  2. The issue is that the game is heavily CPU bound, and that Phenom II of yours isn't exactly helping (sorry to say). All things considering, 23-35 fps is pretty good considering your setup and current status of the game.

    I have an i5 2500k @ 4.5GHz and I'm hitting around 30-35 fps in 300+ player battles with a GTX680. Relatively speaking, your fps are what I would expect at this point.

  3. That's what I initially thought... my cpu isn't good enough. But why do my friends run the game smooth? BOTH of their processors are ever so slightly slower.

  4. It's still playable... and I love the game to death. I am not here to be one of those guys thats like... IF THIS GAME ISN'T OPTIMIZED IM NOT PLAYING WAAAHHH wahh wah

    I'm just a wee bit disappointed that its not really working out for me.
  5. Do you happen to know what model processors they have? Going off the clock speeds of the processors doesn't really help much.
  6. AMD isn't properly running the game, it's an issue the devs are working on. Ignore the other guy, that CPU should be able to run fine.
  7. Have you actually seen your friends machines running this game ? Because if not, then they are either lying or running lower graphics. There is a common theme on these forums where someone will complain of bad frame rates and then someone comes a long with same spec and says 'mine runs 100fps constantly'. Basically, there are a lot of bull ****ters on these forums.
  8. 1 of my friends said he didn't get the lag but I haven't seen it with my own eyes. He is my best friend how ever and wouldn't lie to me.

    The other is my co worker and I have seen it with my own eyes.
  9. I don't actually don't know off the top of my head. I need to figure out... all I know is they're are both I5's and have around the same clock speed if not ever so slightly lower.

    But I understand clock speed/name doesn't mean anything really. I need to do some more research.

    Is it just that PS2 derped and optimized intel CPU's first and are just now getting around to optimizing AMD rigs?
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  12. Wrong. My Q9450 @ 3.0ghz is getting roughly the same performance as a higher end Phenom II quad core, and is roughly on par with it in every other benchmark. The whole "PS2 isn't optimized for AMD" is nothing more than denial, as siimilar performing Intel CPUs get the same performance. Heck, even my i5 is barely pulling 10 more fps than the AMD Phenom II lineup, despite being a substantially faster processor. So no, this isn't an AMD exclusive issue. Its an "issue" with ALL processors.
  13. i5 processors are generally slightly faster than the Phenom II processors, even at a lower clock speed.

    If PS2 was optimized for intel and not amd, then I should be getting a lot more than ~5 fps over your Phenom II with a 4.5ghz i5
  14. I have an I7 2700K and same Graphic card and in big battles never go below 45 FPS.. Seems your CPU is old :p
  15. lol ok
  16. AMD processors have significantly less bandwidth than "equivalent" intel CPU's.

    Here is a very good thread about the comparison:

    I use to be an AMD fan myself, but Intel is really wooping butt this time around.

    Maybe this Analogy might help:
    In a straight drag race, AMD and Intel are neck and neck, with AMD sometimes even coming ahead.

    In an average course with twists and turns and straight-away's, Intel can handle the corners and accelerate better. It's much more adaptable to change.

    All of those hundreds of players are being both stored in RAM and calculated with your CPU. The bandwidth of the CPU allows that to happen much more quickly.

    So, ideally, if you have a Core i7 3820+ and some nice RAM speeds you will achieve great framerates.

    As time goes on, that tier of CPU will drop in price and most people will be able to run the game flawlessly.

    The reason your graphics settings don't matter is because your GPU is calculating most of that data. Lighting, resolution, shaders etc. are all GPU heavy.
  17. In beta i was trying to figure out why this was happening, i have a AMD Phenom II X6 8GB of DDR3 and a Nvida GeForce GTX 560 2gbit. After a significant amount of failure from the forums and people trying to help i decided to install the same logging software i use at the NOC i work at to log almost every aspect of what my computer was doing in specific detail. This gave me an overall idea of what the game is requiring to run on HIGH settings as im picky and want everything on high. Note that my game runs outstanding on medium but i enjoy PS2 its what i enjoy when i get off work and i work hard for my money might as well spend it before the old ball and chain spends it.

    I got tired of hearing GTX this Radeon that and i wanted to know EXACTLY what specs i need in actual numbers. The game itself can top 3gb of RAM (DDR3) on rare occasion. This happened most of the time when dealing with a magrider zerg (im NC). My processor only really used about 15 - 25 % of 6 cores when load balanced so that was not my problem. When doing the math i noticed that the common number was about 1.4 GHZ at MAX spread between 6 cores. Now onto the video card, my video card has a GPU clock at 822 MHZ which runs everything else i have on HIGH with no issue but on PS2 well not so much.

    So i began the overclocking and monitoring in increments of about 30MHZ at a time before i got to about 950 (DO NOT OC THIS HIGH ITS VERY BAD) and everything worked amazing for all of about 20 minutes until my GPU hit 75c and yeah well at least i got my logging. So here is what i have found, the GPU is a HUGE element when using AMD as this game uses CPU processing on intel machines which balances the load better but on AMD that is not supported as im sure you see it greyed out. I came to the conclusion you need a video card pushing 950MHZ - 1000MHZ to run this game on high with a FPS of 30 - 50 in any situation.

    So the overall conclusion is do not look at GTX this or Radeon that look at your clock speeds and go with that i recommend at least 1000mhz GPU clock to run on HIGH. The video memory did not exceed 1 gb so that wasn't the major factor but the GPU was also take a hard look at your processor.

    My biggest recommendation is to download monitoring software for each aspect of your computer, RAM, CPU, HDD, Network and GPU and enable some logging. Go play for a few days and come back to the logs and review your averages this should tell you whats going on. I would not bias AMD/Intel or ATI/Nvida go with the numbers not with the names.

    Optimize the game with this. I do and it works on a relatively good system at around 50+fps. Also it allowed my 8 year old clunker to start up and run at 10-25fps. Worth trying out.
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