Show off your Pilot Ribbons!

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  1. Well, us pilots don't have enough opportunity to show off our achievements to the world. Gunners can present their kills and we get our ribbons. Unfortunately though, nobody else can see and admire those ribbons. No more I say!

    Show off your Pilot Ribbons here! If you know, tell the world what vehicle(s) you used to get them!

    I'll start.
    307 ribbons as of now. ~90% of those were collected by piloting a Galaxy.

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  2. I have 79 of them, mostly from the Magrider but the Galaxy gets a fair share.
  3. Here are mine:

    442 Pilot Ribbons
    408 CAS 30 Tank Buster Ribbons


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  4. I have currently 600 Piloting Ribbons. I got most them while driving my Sunderer and some with my Gal.
  5. 408 TB ribbons is pretty epic, but completely off-set by your Shredder Copper Medal. At least go for silver, join the master race! :p
  6. Logged on in the first time in a month to take the screenshots. Mercid has probably 1000 more piloting ribbons than me, too.[IMG]
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  7. I'm a pilot not a gunner :)
  8. Solo Shredder Master Race says stop being a seatist.
  9. [IMG]
    1854..... Do I win?
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  10. Mother of Vanu.... How many hours- no, days do you have in a liberator?
  11. I only have 29 :(
    I am such a noob
  12. That is impressive!
  13. lol what the hell are you doing to get that many pilot ribbons in a Liberator, haha.

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