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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by furballhero, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. furballhero

    Its a good idea, and the camo patterns look awesome BUT

    It needs to be CLEAR that single use means: When you put single use camo on armour or weapons that it isnt LOCKED to that item forever its only locked on the item until you put something else on, and then the single use disappears!. I spent 100 SC to find that out. Also it would be a nice feature that if you go to put different cam pattern overtop of a single use camo theres a window that says: IF YOU APPLY THIS CAMO, YOU WILL PERMANENTLY REMOVE YOUR PREVIOUS CAMO, PROCEED?

    Because im a ruhtard, and people like me need things like this to be very clear, nobody likes to throw away money.

    Or here's an even better idea, why not have single use camo simply permanantly LOCK to that item (like I originaly thought single use meant), so you can switch back and forth between your different camos, but only the ones youve placed on that specific weapon/armour.
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  2. Shardath

    Lack of knowledge isn't stupidity, it's simply the cause of not being informed enough.
    Not really your fault, bro.
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  3. CitizenSoldier

    I had no idea what single use meant (because there was no description), so I didn't get anything.

    Was it a single Use and an hour later it's gone?
    Single Use for the faction it was first applied too?
    Single Use per character?
    Single Use per character class?

    I mean really, single use could mean just about any da*mn thing in the world.
  4. Mansen

    I really don't see how this thread keeps appearing.

    You apply camos one at a time in this game - how on earth could one time use possibly mean anything other than "you get to put it on this item once". But I digress... o_O
  5. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Although technical/billing support does not have the ability to make these changes, I'll be happy to forward your suggestions to the appropriate department. I'll keep you posted once I get any info back!
  6. DeltaGun

    I havn't bought single use and I did not know that's what it meant. I thought single use was permanent to one weapon, and the more expensive camo is applied permanently to all weapons.
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  7. Stocking

    I certainly agree that there should be some sort of confirmation pop-up when removing the camo. I didn't want to risk testing to see that myself.
  8. Freyar

    The shop (in general) needs a redesign. Weapons, camo, etc are all (for the most part) for specific things, so there's no reason to not afford a paper doll (rather than a bad screenshot) for the camo or material. You should be able to sort one-time use and permanent camos from one another.
  9. hammyhamm

    Click "Preview" on the right side of the screen when you have the item selected

    Permanent camouflage can be discerned by sorting low-high price (single use are cheaper). Furthermore, the infinity symbol ( ) in the top-right corner of the camouflage square indicates an infinite-use camouflage.
  10. RaZz0R

    Please do!!

    I used a "Single use" Camo on a tank - and it stayed there after the first use... so I assumed it meant "Single Use" for one vehicle. After playing for a while I went to buy the cammo only to find out it had taken away 1000SC for a single use item!

    It didn't say - Single use of this item is 50SC, and if you keep it equiped its 50SC each time you use it!
    I could have bought the item for 500SC damn it!
  11. Jourmand1r

    If i put a single use camo on my medic and then switch my loadout to another loadout, will the camo still be on the first loadout?
  12. RaZz0R

    Yep - check it
  13. Crisaron

    I lost 50 SC for a freaking single use camo?

    You can even remove it to swap between terrain type!

    I believe there needs to be a more informative description. both on buying and on removing.

    CAMO Are stupid because of that

    EDIT. The fact that the Alpha package CAMO is not like that also proves you can allow camo to be removed.
  14. Jac70

    I think the system is a good one. If you just want to skin one of your characters you can do it without dropping 1000 SC. The explanation of how it works could be improved though.
  15. Vreki

    Alpha squad is permanent camo, there is nothing special about it.
    Single use camo is like a coat of paint. You can apply it once, but if you put another coat on top of it then its gone.
    For unlimited use on all vehicles and loadouts, you need to buy the permanent version.

    Other things to be aware of:
    *Camo for Weapons, armour and vehicles are three independent items.
    *Camo is not shared between loadouts, so if you use two loadout on a vehicle then you need two single-use camos
  16. Copasetic

    You can equip one single use camo to each of your loadouts, so you can have up to 4 different ones for each class or vehicle that you can switch between freely. I agree though that there needs to be better information ingame about what "single use" actually means, and it would be nice to have a preview like you do with some items. You shouldn't have to pay 50 cents to preview how a camo looks before buying it.
  17. MixedupJim

    If that's true than that's pretty neat. You can have different cammos for each environment for only 150 per vehicle. Sounds like a good deal to me :)
  18. RaZz0R

    Yeah, but if u dont remove it from the load outs its 50SC each time!!
  19. Sento

    Pretty much everything in the game needs a better description. Everything is super vague or even straight leaves information out. I have no idea why this hasn't been fixed yet people complained about it since the beta. I can't see it taking more then a day or two to fix. All they need to do is type up new descriptions for stuff and swap them with the old ones.
  20. Freyar

    Which shows just the patch, or some screenshot of the object, not used on a model of something interesting. (An actual 3D model.)

    I should be able to filter one-time use out. I should also be able to filter weapon and single-use out as well. I have made mistakes already trying to buy a full compliment of suit camos because this filtering system is terrible.

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