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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by furballhero, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Thanks for the feedback on this guys. Please feel free to open a topic over on the Gameplay section however, since this board is for resolvable account/billing issues - CS Can't change the way the game works, we can only fix it if it breaks ;)
  2. Mansen

    That's what I've done - except I use the re-useable ones. I have a loadout for each continent on all classes and vehicles (took forever to setup o_O)
  3. RaZz0R

    well yeah, but its an issue when it costs me 1000SC for a damn single use camo! Thats a ****** billing issue and has really cheesed me off for buying **** in this game
  4. Copasetic

    It doesn't work like that. If that happened to you it must be some kind of bug and I'd open a ticket with support about it.
  5. Infinity24k

    Maybe I am not the sharpest knife in the draw but I still don´t get how Single Camo works.
    First I thought that single camo means that you can use it once and after logging out of the game it would be gone but this seems to be wrong. Instead you can buy a single use camo and apply it to either a vechicle or a class in one loadout slot.
    It will be bound to it even after relogging and you can play with that camo as long as you want to until you remove it. Then it will be gone forever. But every time you equip the loadout with the single use camo it will automatically cost you 50cert?

    Did I get that right?
  6. Freyar

    A single-use Camo:
    • Can be applied to two different load outs.
    • Will remain on that loadout (even through logins) until you change it.
    • Will disappear if you remove it from the loadout.
  7. WaRadius

    "Single Use" obviously means you can apply it only once.
  8. RaZz0R

    Yes you got that right. I got one and applied it to my tank, main load out - after 3 hours of play I found it cost me close to 1000 sation cash.

    BUT - to buy the full time camo is only 500 station cash! So it should be capped at 500 and then you just get to keep it instead of taking the 50 SC every time you pull your tank \ class
  9. RaZz0R

    and cost you 50 station cash every time you use that loadout - so NEVER put it on a standard load out that you use all the time.
  10. Freyar

    Where did you see that?
  11. Pantokrator

    Can someone with SOE just come in here and clarify this? I find it kind of confusing, too, and it seems with the conflicting accounts in here, others do, as well.
  12. RaZz0R

    When I saw my SC had dropped by about 900 from pulling a prowler over and over in a big fight.
  13. manfromh

    That's probably a bug. I've been using single use camos on my weapons, Sunderer and Reaver for several days, and I don't get billed 50SC each time I spawn one.

    Here's how it is supposed to work: Buy a single use camo for 50SC, use it on two items (weapons, vehicles, classes, depending on which camo you bought), loose it only when you remove it.
  14. RaZz0R

    I'll test it again tonight then. and keep a very careful watch on things. BR16 atm which is giving me 3 custom load outs!
  15. RobotNinja

    Single-Use Camo might seem self-explanatory but like another poster said it could be taken different ways, as apply once or locked to a specific vehicle/class. Let's be honest. There are a LOT of things in the SC Shop that are vague/unclear. There are a lot of things on the Shop/Membership page on the website that are also vague and unclear. SOE/PS2 devs need to tighten their shot group when it comes to things players are spending money on.
  16. Mansen

    Camo not being one of them - I honestly don't see how people can interpret it incorrectly.
  17. Kediec

    Single use camo purchase of 50 SC gives you a package which includes 2 applications of a camo pattern that can be applied to 1 item ( per application ) .
    If you later change that camo for something else , you lose the Single Use application you had previously applied .
    There is no constant charging of 50 SC everytime you pull a loadout with 1 on , if that happens , your bugged . I have a few single use camo's applied and have never been charged more than the 1 time payment of 50 SC per package.

    To me , Single use is very clear , you get to apply it to one item only which is permanent ( per application ) If you then change it for a different camo pattern or remove it, then it's gone and you have to rebuy

    Permanent camo ( 500 SC ) is usable on as many items as you want , and interchangeable without having to rebuy .
  18. Tracid

    Guys I read through this thread and bought a 50 SC (On sale for 25 SC) single use camo tonight.
    I am also a little confused.
    So I applied it to my medic loadout. Fine, thats what I got it for.
    I am reading these can be applied twice? How so? When I go to my magrider for example it is not listed to be able to be applied
    I did notice I can "unequip it" from my medic loadout.
    So if I unequiped it, I could use it once more (say on a magrider). And If I then unequiped it from the magrider it would be gone forever leaving both my medic and magrider with their original skins?
    If I unequip it from my medic so I get charged SC again? And am I only getting one application of it because I bought it on sale for 25 SC?
    Thank you
  19. DaPuschel2

    It's nice to hear that.

    Also i don't want to offend you since you're sure not involved into the process, but shouldnt there people at SOE who give such thinks a thought before , or while, developing a business model? Because in not a single game i can remember in the short history of microtransactions was it the case that you bought something for money, then bought something other and overwriting the first.

    I can't imagine that nobody there thought that it would maybe a bad idea and offend a lot of customers.
  20. Kediec

    No, you bought an Infantry Camo, which is why it doesn't show as available for your Magrider. Vehicles have seperate camo, as do eapons.

    When you buy a 500SC camo ( permanent ) it has the infinity sign "∞" in the top right of its image.
    When you buy the 50SC camo (single use 2 application pack) it has the number " 2" in the top right corner. When you applied it to your medic you used 1 application, so you should still have 1 application left of it. (note, if you applied to to 2 different medic loadouts ie Loadout 1 and Loadout 2, you would have used both applications).

    If you remove it from your medic, you will lose that application.

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