SMG cause camera shake?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Lakora, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Not sure if this goes for both Jump Jets or only for Drifters but whenever I use my drifters with an SMG the camera and weapon start shaking as if it was an earthquake. So no longer the smooth ride that it used to be...

    If anyone else has experienced this with SMG's mind posting a vid since for some reason I can't get the darn recording to work ingame n I don't have fraps.
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  2. works just fine for me
    didn't have any issues
  3. That's how the jetpacks are meant to work.
    Imagine trying to use one in real life. It wouldn't be smooth as silk, it'd be really turbulent.
  4. Bla bla bla ...
    This effect just appears woth the smg and drifters. A carbine is smooth as before.
    Thats at least the case for nc. Can a vs or tr please check this out? Wanna see if its general bug or just nc related
  5. Confirmed for the TR variant. I have also noticed that when I run step down on uneven ground, or jump and land, if aiming down sights instead of the weapon coming up smoothly like every other gun in the game, it pauses for a second, sticking in the pointed down position before it comes up.
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  6. Well seems to have been fixed with the hot fix. So it's all good now apparently, unless they managed to bug something else out with LA.
  7. Getting this exact same problem, even after this hotfix. Seems to happen when you first jetpack off the ground, but if you let go and jetpack again mid-air you don't get the shake. Guess i'll hold off on using SMG on light assault until it is fixed.
  8. Shakes for me post-hotfix.
  9. Haven't tried it after the hot fix, I have barely played since the patch because of the performance issues, but this happened to me yesterday with the normal jump jets and the Eridan. Was also happening in my Magrider since the nerfs, everytime I'd turn the crosshair would jitter like crazy...
  10. Yep, but I think I know why it didn't shake for me. If you let go than start jetting again it will be smooth. So most likely I had let go for a mili-second n reignited the jets.
  11. No, what I'm having is only noticeable while actually using the jetpack.

    Also just tried it with normal Jumpjets and it seems to happen there as well just at a smaller scale since you're still moving upwards while with drifters you're basically falling... If I could get the ingame video thingy to work I'd record it but for some reason it only spits out XML files and blank AVI files.

    EDIT: Oki, figured out that you had to upload from ingame. :D Oki so the quality is completely horrible but was as good as I could do without having to wait for 20 days... Crappy upload speed.
  12. You set your video to private.
  13. Eh... I did? How? Eh? Never uploaded to youtube before so... xD Sorry gonna see if I can fix that and it should be fixed... I hope.
  14. MCG shakes your camera when firing. Not that much, but a small wiggle-waggle of your crosshair. Don't know if it's really related though.
  15. i have this problem but it might just be connery also noticed that sometimes when i scope in on an smg the aim will be much higher than it should be
  16. The same thing is happening with the jumpjets. I like it, thought it was intentional, kinda gives a feeling of authenticity. Should get toned down a bit though.
  17. Yeah, I don't mind it but a tiny bit toned down. Cause currently it just feels like you're stuttering forward even if you're not.
  18. It's only SMGs that cause this, though. And like Lakora said earlier it goes away if you let go of jetpacks mid air and re-engage them.

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