Smoke grenades!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Pantokrator, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. These things are phenomenal for assaulting doors in tech labs, etc. They are really effective at creating confusion and allowing units to rush in. You'll still suffer causalities, but won't face the concentrated fire like usual. Definitely worth the 200 certs.
  2. And you can see through smoke with HS/NV scope)
  3. If you really want havoc, use the underbarrel smoke launcher instead of regular smoke grenades. 2x grenade round = far more coverage/density. Smoke launcher -> grenade = usually don't see the little flashy and don't try to move.
  4. great i was just going to ask.
    what about "Q" (report enemies). do they still get red dots over their heads?
  5. I have the HS/NV scope for my default gun (Cannot remember the name of it). I want to get better at LA, would you say the smoke nades are a must have?
  6. I really like the underbarrel smoke launcher combined with HS/NV sight. If your enemy uses HS/NV too you will give up the suprise but in any other situation this is fun.
  7. What you want to do is let a friendly throw a flash and then you throw a smoke,ultimate confusion!!!!
  8. How well do you see if you have been flash-banged? ;)
  9. Smoke grenades aren't a "must have," as they can be situational at times, but they are important for me when I'm assaulting a base with a few other players, or attacking a bigger lab. Not many players have them unlocked/use them yet, so they come as a surprise to a lot of enemies when they're put in use.

    I think of the LA as the soldier with many options. The more ways you have at your disposal to approach a situation, the better.
  10. It's just a flash, no bang, no disorientation.

    How much you're blinded depends on how close you were when it went off. They've got a larger explosion radius than a regular grenade, but not by a whole lot. If it was at your feet you can't see ****. If you were on the outskirts of the blast, it's basically like jacking up your gamma a few notches. While I love the concept I honestly have a really hard time justifying using mine.
  11. What if multiple LA's threw flash-bangs at the same time?
    * Sounds like something a outfit could use to breach the defenses at tech plants.
  12. It is. We've used it a few times to do just that, and it IS effective, particularly since flash grenades don't have a warning indicator like regular grenades do. I'm just not sure if it's actually more effective than pitching regular grenades in most cases.

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