So are Skyguards not hot garbage anymore?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Maderas, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Just wondering before I potentially waste certs on it.
  2. Wait a while and get some forum feedback.
  3. +5% damage may seem little but i was already getting kills with it. Consider that it fires a LOT of rounds. Can't wait to test.

    Plus i think Skyguards are considered garbage because there's always only one, if any.
    If TWO of them accompanied any tank-sunderer column, ESF would EVAPORATE the moment they begin their lolrocketpodding run.

    My greatest terror is still the Lib with Tankbuster.
  4. Damage is up by 5%, yes.

    But the accuracy still sucks snake-balls. Still a waste of certs imo.:(
  5. Projectile velocity got buffed...
  6. If you think SG was that bad you never mistook my lightning for a good thing to fire rocket pods at. Seriously, it was never as bad as people said it was, it just took a lot of getting used to due to low projectile speed. Its range was actually incredible if you could lead accurately, and the damage was about where it needed to be.

    Now you won't have to lead so much and the damage will still be where it needs to be, but a little better.
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  7. just got back from game, basically here is the current deal

    Libs: Same bomber, but can ACTUALLY DEFEND THEMSELVES (Didn't manage to kill any ESF's but i was able to fend them off)
    AA Turrets: Better watch out, these guys HURT (like they are supposed to)
    Skyguards: Actually useful again! (you actually have to aim with these)
    Rocket pods: useful against tanks.....(LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE)
    A2A Missiles: Hurt just as they did before, but now require lock on, which makes sense
    Burster Maxes: Hurt like always
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  8. I tried the new and improved skyguard but couldn't hit anything! The faster projectiles have really messedup my ability to target correctly!

    The overall accuracy of the weapon is still rubbish, in fact the bullet spread looked a little worse after the patch (could be my imagination). Either way, I don't think 5% damage increase is going to make that much of a difference.

    What really annoys me about the skyguard is that it is so boring to use. If there are no ESFs about then you just sit there twiddling ya thumbs. It needs a 2nd ability to engage some other type of target.

    I rarely use the skyguard now, I find the lightning with stealth, racer chassis 2, IR smoke and the L100 AP to be a much more effective Anti-Air platform. I've taken out more ESFs, Libs & Gals with it, plus I get to hunt other tanks too and play the 1 hit kill infantry sniper roll too.
  9. Old Skyguard VS bad pilot == dead skyguard.
    Old Skyguard VS good pilot == dead skyguard.
    Old skyguards VS lots of pilots == lots of dead skyguards.

    New Skyguard VS bad pilot == dead air chav.
    New Skyguard VS good pilot == air chav running.
    New Skyguard that cant aim VS pilot == dead skyguard.
    New skyguards VS lots of pilots == 50/50.

    Any yes, as the chap above me posted. The air chavs are the only vehicle in the game that get 2 weapons for 1 pilot, enabling them to damage every unit in the game. The skyguard needs something more, even its a crappy 1 barrel bassalisk.
  10. New skyguard is pretty solid. Doesn't own the skies like it originally did, but I found it more effective than pulling a MAX, and that's really what I was hoping for.

    And I agree that it really needs either a secondary gun, or the ability to do halfway decent damage to infantry and light ground vehicles. Real world militaries have used AA guns against tanks and troops since World War 2; they should at the very least shred infantry.
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  11. I'd like to use a trial on the new skyguard but I still have to wait TWENTY FIVE DAYS before I can trial it again for 30 minutes.
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  12. Skyguard has been crap since the end of beta. The HA lock on launcher is a lot better, especially if you have 2-3 other people using one. Much cheaper too.

    TBH I'd like to see the skyguard get a secondary weapon, or dual lock on missiles instead of flak (as an option).
  13. doesn't shred infantry? It's a friggin chain gun! I would think it'd annihilate infantry.
  14. fixed that for you
  15. The only chaingun we have in this game worth talking about is arguably the Vulcan, as it actually... you know... eats infantry... and tanks... and aircraft... but only very close of course!
  16. You can target infantry, but you have to back your *** up against an incline to be able to actually point the thing down enough to get a beat, and even then it's a crap shoot on actually hitting them
  17. Can't let it be all that great against infantry or you ruin the point of HE rounds.
  18. How would that ruin the point of HE rounds? Even if a Skyguard could aim lower it has no chance of locking down an entire corridor or spawn like an HE AoE shell can.
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  19. Actually, its ammunition is flak, so if the shells don't explode the weapon isn't as effective. Since the shells themselves are probably designed to be better at exploding than penetration, it might not be terribly effective against shields at the least, maybe even the armor.

    Think about it this way: its basically a grenade launcher that only explodes in proximity to objects of sufficient mass. If the grenade hits a guy with thick steel plates covering his body, but doesn't sense enough mass to explode, its not terribly dangerous unless a lot of shells are hitting him. Now, if this guy is wearing future armor/shielding, it takes even more shells to hurt him significantly.

    Now, if the flak shells could be switched out for something more conventional, it could trade accuracy against long range air targets for increased effect against light vehicles and infantry, but since there are already weapons that sort of do that, there isn't much of a need to make that sort of change.
  20. It does do ok damage against infantry. Problem is that said infantry has to be standing on a box or something or else your turret can't aim low enough to hit them. Not the most accurate either against them.

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