So, Someone want to explain why the Airhammer is great against everything?

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  1. I've been saying this since before December 26th and people have been calling me r3tarded since.

    How the tables have turned. Baddies gonna bad.
  2. If a reaver gets behind you with a rotary and you don't react you have the potential to get 1-clipped even faster than the air hammer can kill you from much further away than the air hammer can 1-clip you.
  3. Vulcan cannot aim straight up. Fly upwards come down on top and you have free reign all over them. Stop coming in low and remaining stationary to get your easy kills and you will find the Vulcan to be a lot less effective, This is why majority of prowlers are one manned because against anyone on the ground who knows anything about the prowler will ruin it and any Pilot should know not to get low or close to your ground targets and KEEP MOVING!
  4. I don't see how this is any worse than getting a full salvo of rockets up your ***, and if you let a reaver get within 20 meters of your plane from behind, well too bad you had it coming. Its extremely high risk to fly close to a furball where any number of TR or VS planes will be trying to lock on or saddle a Mustang user to get these high risk, close range passes. Its also nowhere near as good at infantry busting as a Light PPA or Banshee, with the PPA for all intents and purposes is like having a second set of rocket pods and can cause entire squad wipes, and the Banshee is like having a Hailstorm rotary with AOE properties. So good on some of the NC guys for figuring out a dark horse cannon for knife fighting and doing something different rather than just "herpa derp A2A missile teim!".
  5. MrK

    I love the AH for a simple reason : less strict aiming discipline. I tend to favor the burst, low RoF because I've issues tracking target for long bursts with Vortek. AH let me chose when to deliver the damage package.
    But it makes you a vulnerable target pretty fast. Very good in combo with rotary users, provided you have the procedures to avoid crashing into each others.

    Little question : if you use the Scythe AI (Light PPA?) in the same fashion you use the AH, don't you end up with a similar result? This gun looks like also doing amazing damage to air targets, and staying close will warrant a hit, isn't it?
  6. Don't even talk about using the PPA for A2A.

    The projectiles are slower then rocket pods ANd do very poor damage. Think M18 Banshee vs. Lib damage on top of being hard to hit.

    You can chase down ESF's and Libs w/ the ppa but you have to lead the bottom of your screen to hit soemthing 30m away and does pretty poor damage. You'de be better off with anything, including pods.

    LPPA is not rocket pods.
  7. MrK

    Well, you do the same @20-30m with AH, ie. put your target at bottom of screen ;)
    I don't know, it seemed pretty hurtfull when I received a few on my Reaver. But yes, I didn't die to it, so you're very probably right, I was just asking :)
  8. AH is pretty mediocre vs tanks, with the obvious exception of rear armour where anything that can hurt them at all hurts them a lot. In fact I should probably stop calling it 'armour'.

    It can kill infantry if you're close enough but frankly I think it's a better dogfighting gun than anti-infantry gun. Also while it can do decent damage to liberators, note that liberator hulls do pretty decent damage to reavers...
  9. Nah, i'm not being overly defensive. Back in Beta when rocketpods vs. esf was rampent, i was really scared that the PPA would be a hidden sleeper a2a beast, doing massive damage if you could land. I was worried it would melt Gals and Libs. It takes well over a magazine of hits to even damage them severely iirc. It's pretty balanced so no worries.
  10. It got a buff against aircraft and turrets (lol) in Game update 1. Potentially a nerf against Sunderers in the same patch (hard to say if they count the Vulcan as a heavy machine gun).

    Air hammer does a lot of damage because it's a shotgun. It can also be risky to use because you have to get so close to do anything because it's a shotgun.

    Seems to take about 10 shots to drop a turret. More for a Sunderer. The damage on tanks is ok, but not particularly amazing unless you can hit the rear (which generally involves being low and close enough to easily get hit by the main cannon) and it's still not anywhere as good as rocket pods. It's good for close range dogfights (or ambushing with stealth, assuming they're deaf and don't hear you coming) and serviceable against infantry - when you aren't getting spammed by lock ons at least.
  11. That wasn't a buff to their damage, that was an aircraft reduction in resistances, which also made Basilisks viably effective _-_

    The increase in damage probably only reduced kill shot counts from 25 to 20 or sommat. Nothing major D:
  12. I'll double that lol with a rofl.
  13. Hah.

    I wish the useless banshee was this good yet NC complain about airhammer all day ;p

    But PLEASE keep coming at me head on with my lib with ur air hammer instead of coming at my side. (hint: It's a bad idea and the 6 or 7 who have tried have found this out)

    But remember. These are fools who think a weapon with that much drop off and range issues needs to be weak.

    Airhammer is made from the same bread n' butter so I hope they don't touch it.

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