So Stop auto-renew and get jipped on you station cash?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Latex, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Latex

    So you Reneg on my 500 station cash because I bought 3 months then stopped the auto billing? Then send me this E-mail being all Sheisty??
    All I seem to see is this under your membership purchasing page, where it says nothing of canceling the 500 station cash per month paid.

    "This email is to confirm your recent Membership cancellation.
    As a result of this cancellation, your access to exclusive Members Only content will be removed after the end of your Membership cycle. In addition, and with immediate effect, you will no longer receive SC500 per month (granted for remaining on an auto-renew plan).
    But you don’t have to leave the game completely! Your Station Account remains active, so you can continue your online adventures with uninterrupted access to free content!
    If you miss the great Members Only quests, items, or your other characters, you can always renew your membership or purchase additional items with Station Cash.
    If you have any questions or need more help, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

    Sony Online Entertainment LLC"

    What I READ and Understand On your Membership Purchasing Page states nothing of that lil issue. and Also dont you think it would be nice if ...
    1. It was stated
    2. You stated it again when I was canceling my autorenew.

    Love the Game, but why you be all Sheisty

    "These rates will auto-renew (and be charged to your credit card) with your scheduled billing.
    * Please note : The currency used for your purchase will be based on the country associated with your account.

    Premium Membership requires the purchase of a monthly subscription ($14.99/month) or the SOE All Access pass ($19.99/month). If you purchase a multi-month membership, your resource, XP and passive cert point increases will start at the rate corresponding with the final month of the membership. For example, if you purchase a 3-month membership, you will start with a 35% increase and get a 5% increase each month after that (up to 50%); if you purchase a 6-month membership, you will immediately begin at the 50% increase level.

    If you discontinue your Premium Membership, you will lose membership benefits at the end of your then-current billing cycle unless, within 30 days of ending your membership, you purchase a new membership. If you purchase a new membership more than 30 days after ending your current membership, you will return as a member at the lowest applicable percentage tier"
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  2. Latex

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  3. Freyar

    See the other thread.
  4. mental1896

    i hope you've contacted customer service about this as well as posting here. if that's the way they do business, then they can count on NOT getting mine.
  5. Synik

    I'd also like to add I think this is really lame.

    I really don't want to be charged for more than 3 months, but now I've got to remember to cancel and if I forget and don't even play anymore by next February all of a sudden I'm going to be charged another 40 bucks.

    But if I cancel now then I'll miss out on $10 worth of station cash. Why don't you just fork over the station cash as soon as the charge goes through for all the months at once. Or at least not have the station cash per month flow stop just because we cancel the auto renew. Why would that perk be stopped? I paid for it.

    That'd be like prepaying for cable a few months in advance and then cancelling the auto renew and suddenly the cable company stops letting you watch HBO, even though that was included in the package you paid for. Or something

    ITS JUST LAME. Change this.
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  6. Freyar

    Because keeping you subscribed is why they offer the incentive.
  7. Synik

    OK fair enough. I don't mind the station cash not being given in a lump sum, but obviously if I'm no longer a member I wont be receiving any of the perks, which is an incentive to not stop paying for membership. I just don't want to forget to cancel and be automatically charged. So it's just shady and misleading to use the station cash perk in this way.
  8. Freyar

    I don't like it either, but I certainly won't say it's illegal or immoral. I see it's reason and it's understandable.
  9. Mehuge

    There was quite a lot of debate about this in this thread I made after falling fowl of this issue:

    Open a ticket and ask for a refund, they will give you a refund - mine is in the process of being refunded as I type.

    Open Support Ticket:

    I still think the whole debacle is stupid. The sub is just not worth the money without the 500 SC that it needs to be a benefit and not a bonus. Also SOE need to pull their finger out and make it clear on the purchasing pages, because at the moment its blatant miss-selling and maybe even breaking some laws (but I don't know US law so I don't know).
  10. Mehuge

    I agree, and it did happen to me with Rift I forgot I had auto-renew on a 6 month recurring and got another 6 months I didn't want. And ofc there are those that will respond to your post and tell you not to forget, to just remember or to use a calendar. The point is though, you shouldn't have to.

    Fine that SOE want to award people for having recurring subscriptions, but don't take that reward and sell it as something else to try and make the cost of membership look like its value for money. Because without the 500SC it is not good value at all.

    Additionally pre-purchasing a number of months should automatically be treated as a recurring subscription for each month of the subscription period, because after all you have pre-paid.

    It is very lame. It is down right dishonest the ways its being done. Maybe even illegal.
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  11. Synik

    Just bumping this because I'd like to see a response from someone from SOE. I don't want a refund. I do want membership...
    It is immoral. It'd be one thing if I was paying monthly recurring and cancelled auto renew. I wouldn't expect to receive perks from membership for the month after if I haven't paid for them. But they are charging me for all 3 months up front. It is immoral to promise 500 SC a month per month of membership and then not deliver on that promise just because I'm not leaving the option open for them to automatically charge me for another 3 months at the end of the 3 months I originally paid for.
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  12. Jac70

    I guess this is why you cannot get membership with Paypal.

    I wanted to get a months sub but I have no intention of being permanently subbed. I am not spending £100+ on any game. My vuew, if you get a months membership you get ALL membership benefits for that month.
  13. jordo2k1

    why sub to this ****e anyway? dont give them anything in there pocket untill they give u a playable game guys!
  14. Freyar

    Surprise: It's playable.
  15. jordo2k1

    he cancelled his sub for something,im guessing its unplayable
  16. Adeon Hawkwood

    Yeah I'm little bit pissed off about this as well. I purchased a year sub and then cancelled (something I actually do quite frequently in games as a fail-safe since it means I have to remember to re-subscribe if I want to keep it rather than remembering to cancel if I don't).

    I also have one question and one comment for Sony. Firstly if I setup a new subscription (say on a monthly basis to minimize the impact if I forget to unsubscribe) will that restore my 500 Station Credit a month benefit?

    Secondly please pass it up to your management team that this is a really, really bad idea. I've played quite a few F2P MMOs and the majority of them off $5 of Store Credit as a part of the subscription. This is the first F2P MMO that has taken the route of requiring an auto-renew sub to get the bonus and you're going to piss off a lot of customers this way.
  17. StrangerDanger

    So they stop the bonus for being on auto renewal when you cancel your auto renewal?
  18. Adeon Hawkwood

    That isn't the complaint. the complaint is that this is not specified anywhere. If you read the various pages on membership benefits they all list "500 Station Cash each month" as a benefit of membership rather than "500 Station Cash each month so long as you have auto renew active".

    I'd also add that this is definitely not the industry standard, all other F2P MMOs I've played give you $5 worth of store credit for having a subscription, no matter what payment plan you use. Technically that doesn't make it wrong to change it but it's poor customer service to imply that something follows industry standards when it doesn't, it's the sort of thing that gives players a poor taste in their mouth.
  19. Mehuge

    There are in fact two complaints. The first and most important is that this is a hidden clause, no where are you told this in the two main routes to purchasing a subscription. This is supposedly going to be addressed by SOE by updating those purchase points (though how long this will take is anyones guess, if they bother at all).

    A second complaint of mine is that it doesn't make any sense anyway, because if I understand it correctly, I can sub for a month, get 500 SC, cancel auto-renew, keep the 500 SC (as it was for membership upsell), and I can repeat that each month. So this auto-renew thing only seems to penalise those who choose to give SOE a wad of cash for a multi-month subscription up front but not want to keep auto-renew on, or more to the point a credit card on file.
  20. Krona

    Seriously this **** is ON THE THING YOU AGREE TO, it's right above where you hit continue!

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