SoE is an antisemitic company?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by pretendo, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. The words "jew" and "jewish" are filtered. Care to explain why? I don't think you understand how offensive this is. A *** is a person, not a bad word.

    Jew is even filtered on the forums.
  2. I was wondering about this too. I was talking to my friend that Hanukkah was coming up in a few days and to my surprise I found that the word "jewish" filtered. Kind of awkward having to say believer of the Hebrew faith instead of Jewish.
  3. I understand what you're saying, but I'm guessing they're doing it to keep people from using it with a negative connotation. That is certainly something I've seen other companies do. It may be oversensitive, but I don't think they're blocking it because of antisemitic views. It would be known by now if SOE were overtly antisemitic.

    Look at it this way: Based on the population of the internet, all of the anonymous idiots that feel like they can say whatever they want because it won't ever get back to them, in what way do you expect people to talk about a minority on a website for a videogame that has absolutely nothing to do with judaism? I would venture a guess that it would be to make some racist comment. I have no doubt that's why it's being blocked.
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  4. Also, I just realized that when you typed it in boldface it wasn't filtered. That's weird.
  5. Yes of course, SOE is awful and will go out of its way to hurt people.
  6. I can understand the blocking of '***', but I don't understand the blocking of 'Jewish'.
  7. You yanks have some silly swear words.
    Should just follow the Brit language instead of modifying it a bit :p
  8. I don't think I want to walk around saying "OI M8 ITS 8 O BONG WOT WOT"
  9. yes this here. anything and everything that can be offensive like this is filtered or blocked. its soe. u can always turn the filter off in-game. but with the fourms its just better this way. ever heard of the show southpark? cartmen: "shut up u ***!" thats most likely the reason why.
  10. Umm, what lol?
    That's asking to compare slangs. If you think that's bad, look up "black country" slangs...
    I cor believe you aye heard it, yeow must be barmy. If yam from the black country yeow'll know what I'm on about.
    I can't believe you haven't it it, you must be stupid. If you're from the black country you'll know what I'm talking about.

    I don't talk with my local accen slangs on team speak etc, people would struggle to understand me lol
  11. I have literally never heard anyone in an online game use the word juh-ew with anything but a negative connotation and/or as a slur.
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  12. Since this game is a war simulation, I do not believe anyone would need to use those words to get their point across. Although, while having a conversation within the game, using the said words could come up in a negative fashion. However, when using the words under orthodox conditions, I do not see why such words would be censored. What kind of child would be ignorant enough to stoop that low of a level to insult another?

  13. Perhaps one in an argument where a certain person is complaining about cert prices...
  14. because people are ignorant and use the names of ethnicities as slurs does not mean they are bad words. This needs to be changed immediately.
    SOE is doing nothing short of promoting ignorance

  15. <blink><blink>

    Ummm, not to sound supercilious, but you haven't spent much time listening to gamers, have you? There are people who will use the most inane, offensive language possible just because they think it makes them look cool, tough, daring, etc. I've heard slurs in game that, if a US Congressman used, he'd be booted out of office; and have been. Language that would make Sandra Fluke beg for more insults from Rush Limbaugh as a comfort.
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  16. You can't use words that are synonyms of

    hebew faith person
    woman reproductive organ
    newbie (n oob is censored)

    Do these things really belong in the same category?
  17. Heh. I see what you did there.
  18. Its filtered cause some beanbrains think its a insult , and sorry, to say, why you upset about. Wanted to insult someone with this ?
  19. If you think SOE is anti-semetic, you should see the ProSiebenEinz gaming (The ones responsible for EU server side support and account management)
    their using Reichmark instead of Station Cash, for thier credit management.

    Short historylesson in 1-2-3:
    Reichmark (Kingdoms/Empires Mark (Currency) ) Was extensivly used by the Third Reicht. (Remember the guy with toothbrush mustache and his wannabe roman empire?)
  20. It's filtered because there is always an odd one that bring something irrelevant up and make it look like he/she's offended by something that most of people would pay no attention at all ;)
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